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Summer is the best time for Termite Pest Control because their infestation is not noticeable without evidence, and evidence is abundant in summer | HiCare

There is another one-word other than Monday that can give a nightmare to anyone, and that is – Termite. One of the main reasons why termites are challenging to deal with is that their infestation cannot be detected until they have done considerable damage; and, of course, have set up large colonies. That being said, anti termite treatment is essential before or during the Indian summer season. Termite Control Service will rescue you from bearing many financial burdens that termites can cause.

Why summer? Well, as stated above, summer is the best time for termite pest control because their infestation is not noticeable without evidence, and evidence is abundant in summer. It is believed that during summers, most species of termites swarm, leaving behind discarded wings on windowsills, in light fixtures, and so on.

An interesting fact that may send some chills down your spine is termites don’t swarm because they’re trying to establish a colony in your home. Instead, they swarm because their already-established colony has grown to its maximum size, a solid reason to enroll for professional pest control services for termites.

The problem of termite infestation is a headache itself, and on top of it, the damage they cause is problematic. By the time you realize that these highly irritating pests have settled in your home, there are already hundreds of thousands of comrades in arms, munching away at your home. Termites do reproduce quickly. A single pair of termites can reproduce too many of them to create a colony and sustain it. If you left them untreated, in a few summers, you could have several colonies working on destroying your house.

However, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, as the problem is challenging, but there is a solution to it! That is termite pest control. Now, finding the most effective and pocket-friendly Termite Control Service may give you a hard time. Furthermore, if you have shortlisted the local pest control services for termites according to the list provided by the internet to your query termite treatment near me, the credibility and reliability are also in the question.

We repeat, you don’t need to panic in this situation as we are here for you with a solution that will take off the most crucial task in the selection process of anti termite treatment. We at HiCare have something to offer in this case that will not only help you get rid of a termite infestation but also fit your budget. We have listed a few key highlights of Anti Termite Treatment that you may be looking for on the web.

Key highlights of HiCare’s Anti Termite Treatment

Features of the service:

Our Anti Termite Treatment comes with a one-warranty Backed Service.
Our trained experts thoroughly inspect your home to identify the severity of the infestation while keeping your preferences in mind if there are any.

Process of the service:

Our three-step process includes the following:

Drill– HiCare technician drills holes of a diameter of 1.2cm in the walls of the house at the skirting level – 1-foot distance

Fill – Then, Termin-8 solution is filled in these holes to control the termites inside the house.

Seal – In the final step, holes are then sealed with white cement.


An audit service is followed by a service visit. Generally, our expert professionals visit the customer’s home after four months of the first service visit. For the first service, two experts visit while for the audit, only one technician is allowed for the inspection. For the service visit, our technicians may take 2 to 3 hours.
(Note: The total amount of the time for the service may differ according to the size of your apartment or property.)


For this service, we have categorised the guidelines into two sets; pre-treatment communication and post-treatment communication. In both groups, HiCare technicians share everything that is essential to know and things that need to be done before and after our service visit.

Terms & Conditions

  • Service efficacy will be visible after 21 days of service.
  • After booking a service slot with us, the client needs to take the service within 30 days of the scheduled date.

Safety Precautions

As we understand that the safety of one’s family is their top priority in a time like this when the world is fighting with a deadly virus, we make sure each of our staff members follows the appropriate Covid-19 protocols without fail! From wearing face masks, shields, gloves, shoe covers to undergoing various screenings regularly, we try to keep our technicians and your ailing family members safe from the adverse effects of the Coronavirus.

On the other hand, each product and chemical used in our scientifically designed Anti Termite Treatment are 100% safe for kids, elderly people, and pets.


Within the contract period, if you have a complaint after a service, our technicians will make sure they resolve it, without any extra fee.
Another bonus point for our customers is to promote contactless
service, we provide an additional 5% discount for online payments.

Why HiCare?

There are possibilities that this thought has crossed your mind while we gave you a peek into our Termite Control Service. There is a lot that you may not know about us; that makes us stand out of the crowd. With a legacy of 16 years in the hygiene solution industry, we have served more than a million residential and commercial properties. The list of our happy clients includes a handful of well-reputed brands, including Starbucks, and Amazon, among many others.

The process of booking an Anti Termite Treatment with us is pretty simple. Set your browser history free of the query termite treatment near me, and visit our official website. You can either book us digitally or give us a call at 8828333888.

Enjoy the sheer joy of feeling secure in your home, and join hands with HiCare in your fight against the termite colony at your home.

Why is Summer the Best Time for Anti Termite Treatment | HiCare

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