Month: September 2023

What Determines the Cost of a Termite Treatment?

It must be a shock to see your wooden furniture and flooring sounding hollow due to a termite infestation. These tiny termites can eat up your entire house foundation, making it hollow deep within. But, sadly not everyone considers booking a termite treatment fearing it is a costly affair. It is not always that to […]

Why do mosquitoes bite?

She doesn’t care whether you are a male or female. She doesn’t care what your preference is. She relentlessly stalks you. Follows you wherever you go. You try to wave her off and even get rid of her friends, but she continues to pursue you. This drives you to the point where you ask yourself […]

Types of Spiders and Interesting Facts about Them!

We have never truly considered spiders to be our favorite animals as pets or to observe from a distance. Their way of life (sticking to a wall and constructing nets) and hunting techniques are quite unsettling. However, because of the mythology around them, they are even more repulsive than they are.  Spiders come in about […]

How To Kill Termites From Your Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

Noticed termites inside your home at a wooden structure? Then, don’t assume that these tiny wood-feasting creatures will not spread to other areas of your home. Wood termites may soon make their way to your beds for a perfect hiding spot. Once they reach your bed, they might not only damage your bed and mattress […]

12 Important Questions To Ask Pest Control Professionals Before Hiring Them

Pest control may not be mandatory in our country, but it does make sense when we see insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, or termites around us. But, with so many pest control companies near me, how to pick the best one and what to ask the company before hiring it so that we don’t […]

How to Kill Mosquito Larvae Quickly in Standing Water?

Do you know that nearly 70% of our earth and our body is made of water? So, how can you prevent standing water to avoid mosquito larvae from breeding in there? This is a worrisome question and if you can get the right answer to it, you can easily prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, […]

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