Month: January 2024

Cockroach Life Cycle – Egg, Nymph and Adult

The life cycle of cockroaches is like a tale of transformation and survival that takes in the unseen corners of our homes. The cockroach lifespan is largely impacted by the environmental conditions and the varied species. From an egg to the cryptic nymph stage and emerging bold as an adult cockroach, this six-legged pest can […]

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes to The Home?

The presence of mosquitoes in and around our homes is an age-old nuisance, isn’t it? There are so many factors that could lead to an increase in the mosquito population. For instance, temperature, water, and color. Yes, mosquitoes are quite sensitive towards certain colors and get attracted to some particular colors.  How to get rid […]

What Animals Eat Mosquitoes or Mosquito Larvae?

Mosquitoes with their itchy bites and their role as carriers of diseases, often vex human beings all across the globe. However, nature has provided a solution to every problem and the solution for the mosquito menace comes in the form of predators that can keep a tab on the mosquito population.  You can plan better […]

How Climate Change Affect Mosquito-Borne Diseases?

Are you aware of the number of diseases spread by mosquitoes? Well, the list of mosquito diseases is quite extensive and keeps evolving from time to time. From dengue to malaria and chikungunya, several mosquito-borne diseases can bring havoc to a person’s life.  Unfortunately, these days mosquito diseases are on the rise and one can […]

What Mistakes Cause Mosquito Infestation in Your House?

Do you feel your house is hosting numerous uninvited mosquitoes? The constant buzzing and bites – is not the party you want to be a part of, will you? This happens probably when you are making some mistakes that cause mosquito infestation in your home.  So, how to put a full stop to the mosquito […]

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