Month: March 2023

How Many Times a Year Do Termites Swarm?

Not only in India but they shook anyone with terror across the globe. That’s why millions of homeowners look for the best Anti Termite Treatment. However, subscribing to the best pest control services for termites is not enough. You often need to be aware of other essential aspects of termites and their infestation, especially the […]

15 Big Reasons to Take Up Home Cleaning in Summer | HiCare

As a homeowner, there are numerous advantages to house cleaning services. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a clean, beautiful home? Cleanliness is godliness for real. When you stay in a clean space by practising regular home cleaning, you increase productivity and boost morale and the positive vibes for your family. However, many […]

Things You Did Not Know about Rats: Facts and Types

The Norway rat, roof rat, deer mouse, cotton rat, black rat, white-footed mouse, common house mouse, dormouse, wood rats, white rats, and hamsters are among the various varieties of rats found across the world. The rats and mice we usually see include Norway rats (Rattus Norvegicus), black rats (Rattus Rattus), and house mice (Mus Musculus). […]

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean the Whole Day

Bathroom is that one portion of the house which gets dirty most easily and most frequently. Its steamy and slippery nature makes it an ideal spot for the accumulation of both dirt and mud. The situation becomes particularly more problematic in modern day flats where to save the space even the toilets are attached to […]

Is Your Kitchen Even Dirtier than Your Toilet?

Yes, you have read it right. The latest researches show that the kitchen sink is the dirtiest portion of the house. It is most likely to harbor disease causing bacteria. It is even dirtier than the toilet bowl. Also, merely washing it isn’t enough as it leaves behind microscopically small food particles which can turn […]

Things that Cockroach Pest Control Company Don’t Want You to Know

A majority of people who look for how to get rid of cockroaches end up booking a cockroach treatment for their homes. Cockroaches are indeed the most commonly found insects in India that can eat up anything organic. Lack of cleanliness, debris, spilled food, improper garbage disposal, and water leakage are some of the main […]

How to Get Rid of Dengue Mosquitoes: Know Causes, Symptoms & Prevention Tips

It all begins with a bite! Well, we all know that Dengue is an epidemic that needs undivided attention at all costs. Every year Dengue fever affects millions of people worldwide and so yet again it has made a comeback with the season. Monsoon is right here and what it brings along with all the […]

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