Disinfection Services

Service Details

  • Offerings
    • Inspection along with customer consultation
    • Process
      • Complete Surface & Spatial disinfection using silverĀ Nano Technology
      • AYUSH approved Chemicals which helps in Boosting Immunity
      • Need not vacate the premises during the service
    • Visits
      • One time service
      • Duration: 20-40 minutes (depending on the area configuration)
    • Terms & Conditions
      • Our Spatial treatment is a precautionary treatment and will disinfect only the premises
      • Do let us know if there is or was any COVID patient at the residence
      • We do not offer any service guarantee
    • Safety Precautions
      • 3-Level Covid Suraksha Kavach
      • Chemical is safe for kids, elderly people & pets
List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
1500 /-
(Cash on Delivery)
1425 /-
After 5% discount through online payment
5% off on online payment
Yearly service comes with year long protection assurance.
Hicare Genie

Our disinfection treatment is a combination of misting the complete premise & wiping all critical touch points of your home with disinfectant wipes. This combined treatment will ensure your complete home is sanitized and disinfected from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

Our chemicals are 100% safe to use and there is no requirement for the client to vacate the premises during treatment.

This service will disinfect any contaminated surfaces in the house. The surfaces are safe as long as no further external contamination has happened to the surface. Precautions need to be taken though, to protect yourself and your family by following preventive measures like social distancing, washing hands frequently and following general hygiene practices.
  • We are CIB Approved Best in Class Chemicals
  • Our service is 100% Safe for the elderly, kids and pets
  • Extended warranty option
  • Our motto is the eradication of the root of the problem, instead of working on the surface.
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