What Is The Best Non-Toxic Way To Control Termites?

Although termites are helpful in making the soil fertile and to balance the ecological system, these same termites can be dangerous when in our homes. Because these creatures feed on wood,  it compromises the strength and durability of the furniture. Though not only wood structures are in danger of getting infested by termites, but also […]

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What are the most surprising unknown facts about Termites?

Facts about termites

We’re not going to come on and deliver some ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ facts today. However, we’re going to discuss some facts that there’s a high chance you didn’t know before today. Facts about termites and facts about white ants – you’ll have much to think about when you’re done reading this article! Before […]

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What is the Importance of Outdoor Pest Control?

Some of us know very well how to maintain a hygienic home. Sometimes we make sure everything in neat and tidy and ready for guests, 24×7. However, locality matters too. You can’t live in the middle of the ocean and not get wet. Similarly, if you are living in unhygienic surroundings, personal or home hygiene […]

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PRO TIPS: How to get rid of termites permanently?

How to get rid of termites permanently

Chew, chew, chew and keep chewing. That’s the motto for termites and they don’t stop until they’ve chewed their way right through your walls. Or doorways. Or even chairs, wooden units, cabinets or other items of furniture. Basically, they will ruin your furniture unless you identify this termite issue soon. Knowing how to get rid […]

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