Termite Control

What is the Difference Between White Ants and Termites?

Although tiny in size, pests have the potential to wreak havoc on homes and properties, causing significant damage and financial strain. Out of the numerous pests; people often get confused between white ants and flying termites. A pest control service can help tackle both these similar yet distinguished pests; but the confusion comes in deciding, […]

How to Prevent Termites When Building a New House?

Buying a new home or constructing one is a matter of great joy, but do not overlook the most critical consideration while investing in a new home; called termites! These tiny yet remarkably destructive pests can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of a building leading to costly repairs. Strategic planning along with effective pest […]

Termite – Evolution, Paleontology, Classification

Do you know termites are believed to have evolved from roach-like ancestors? These wood-eating silent destroyers, also known as termites prefer to live in rotten logs and enjoy feeding on cellulose. Perhaps this is the reason, why one is advised to book a pest control service or an anti-termite treatment to get rid of termites […]

How Termites Affect the Environment?

You ought not to take termites lightly just because they appear tiny in size! Their collective impact can be enormous and can cause significant damage to homes and ecosystems. Termites can be controlled with the help of timely pest control service but understanding how termites affect the environment is crucial to mitigate their destructive impact.  […]

Termite Behavior – What Pest Control Pros Should Know?

Whether you agree or not, but termites, the silent destroyers, pose a significant threat to homes and structures worldwide. Their insatiable appetite for wood and cellulose material can lead to costly damage if left unchecked. Understanding termite behaviour is crucial for effective pest control for termites.  So, join us to explore the fascinating world of […]

Things You Could Be Doing to Attract Termites at Your Home

Are you noticing mud trail marks on your walls, hollow sounds tapping the wooden structures, and a musty smell inside your home? Then, these are possibly due to the presence of the silent destroyers – termites inside your home. If you never thought of termite control, then now is the time to book a Termite […]

5 Do’s & Don’ts of Flying Termites

The emergency of flying termites can turn a peaceful evening at home into a nightmare for homeowners. No doubt, these winged invaders, also known as the silent destroyers need to be addressed promptly preferably with the assistance of a professional pest control company. Join us in this post to understand first the 5 do’s and […]

Most Popular Pesticides Used to Control Termites in India

If you have a small idea about the use of chemicals and can get rid of termite infestations at home of your own, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Today, we’re going to go through the different termite pesticides/chemicals that can be used in the treatment of termites at home. Termite control pesticides or […]

10 Secrets to Keep Termites Away from Your Property

Wooden works and furniture are essential elements of any house. Where there is wood, there is every possibility of a termite infestation. The good news is that we have effective termite treatments to detect and eradicate these tiny pests from all the nooks and corners of a premise. Pest control for termites is the first […]

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