All you need to know about coronavirus!

People are scared. People are panicking. All around the world, millions are unsure of what to do and how to combat this new disease called novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.However, we’ve noticed this trend of people being unaware and we want you to be informed about all you need to know about coronavirus.

How to treat termites? Can we do termite treatment ourselves?

Be it any pest you may find at home. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rats, or anything else. The first question is always about how you can get rid of them. Your mind starts ticking to find ways to repel them. Or kill them. When it comes to termites too, we want to know about DIY (Do It Yourself) options...

4 Ways to Keep Pest Away from Your Workspace

When you spend the maximum time of your day at your workplace, it is important to keep it as clean as your home. Having pest in your office could push away your clients and possibly your employees as well. The simplest way to keep pest away in your workspace is by calling a pest control service or dealing with them on your own with these easy DIYs.

Top reasons you should hire a professional pest control service.

Plumber, electrician, mechanic, lawyer, teacher, etc. All of these guys are known as they are because they specialize in a certain job. Similarly, a professional pest control service is best done with the experts. Just like we don’t want to do our own plumbing, we shouldn’t do our own pest control either.

30 Minutes Flat to a Sterilized Germ Free Home!

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time, the government and health authorities keep telling us. Stay at home, they keep telling us. Practice social distancing, they keep repeating. Most of all, they’ve been instructing us to sanitize, and stay as safe as possible from something known as the coronavirus.

Pet Friendly Pest Control- Importance And Safety

Controlling pests while ensuring the safety of your pets could be tricky. Thus, avoid these 10 mistakes before opting for any pet-friendly pest control service.

How to Keep Pigeons Away

How to keep pigeons away? Easy expert tips to get rid of pigeons from home, balcony, etc. Learn the safest & permanent solution for pigeon birds at HiCare

Top 3 Importance of House Cleaning in Diwali

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights. Know some of the major factors which describes the significance of cleanliness during Diwali at Hicare

Signs of Termites in the House?

How can you tell whether a structure is termite-infested? There are several significant hints. For additional information, read HiCare's blog.

How to Get Rid of Flies - 7 Ways to Keep Flies Away

Are you noticing more than the acceptable amount of monsoon flies buzzing around your house lately? Well, you are not wrong; it's this beautiful rainy season to be blamed! With so much moisture around and humid temperatures, it gives a perfect environmental condition for monsoon flies to breed. Take preventive measures and learn the best ways to keep flies away.

Who Is Responsible For Pests in House?

Well, who can answer this question better than you yourself? Ideally, pest infestation in a house is very depressing. So, rented house or your own property“ who is responsible for pests in house? The responsibility generally lies on both of them, the landlord as well as the tenant, because the pest infestation is going to affect both of them in the end.

Mosquitoes: The Deadliest Animals!

Have you ever wondered which is one of the deadliest animals in the world is? Well, you might say its snakes, sharks, crocodile etc., but the answer depends on your definition of dangerous. Hence, based on the number of humans that are killed every year, the answer is Mosquitoes!

Tips For A Pest-Free Home In The New Year

Get the best tips for a pest free home in the New Year at Hicare. Follow these helpful tips for keeping pests away from your place in the holidays.


Monsoon and Mosquitoes are believed to have a deadly affair! Yes, trust us on this. As the monsoon sets in with all its glory, mosquitoes also simultaneously gear up with their gang to attack your home probably leading to mosquito infestation. They take all efforts to make your life miserable followed by their hiding places; they are very good at hiding. So, when you track one or two mosquitoes somehow, the rest of them always seem to be waiting in some other corner.

Is Pest Control Safe For Babies?

Is pest control safe for babies? Find out the things you need to know about baby safe pest control along with the benefits & important tips at Hicare.

Interesting Facts about Cockroaches

Roaches are not something you would want roaming around in your house. Hence, disgusting, creepy, dirty; usually the words you use to describe these cockroaches. But Did you know - cockroaches are older than dinosaurs? Here are some more interesting facts about cockroaches you need to know.

Why You Should Not Skip Pest Control In Winters

Pest control in winters is quite important. Here are 6 reasons to continue pest control in the winter season and why is it necessary at Hicare.

Get Rid Of These Travel-Savvy Pests While Holidaying

Prevent bed bugs: Time for summer vacation & you might plan a holiday trip at some place where you want to go. But beware of those travel-savvy bed bugs.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control

DIY vs Professional Pest Control: Understand all the differences between do it yourself and professional pest control methods at Hicare.

Can Anything Save You From Mosquitoes?

Protection against mosquitoes: Know the sources of the mosquito & how you can protect yourselves with the best tips & treatment methods at Hicare!

Termite Infestation - 5 Places You Shouldn't Overlook!

Termites are a costly nightmare. Before being found, they cause havoc for a long time. If you don't know where to begin, check these 5 spots you shouldn't miss.

Health Problems Caused By Cockroaches

Health Problems by Cockroaches: Get a better understanding of the health problems caused by cockroaches and the importance of their eradication at Hicare.

BLOCK Mosquitoes from Your Life!

Get a detailed overview on how to get rid of mosquitoes from your life. Here are few preventive measures on how to block and kill mosquitoes at Hicare.

5 Corners of your home that pests love!

Even in the cleanest homes, common pests such as ants and moths may not always be visible. Read on to learn about the 5 pest-friendly corners of your house!

Bye to Diwali, Hello to Cleaning

Bye to Diwali, Hello to cleaning: Currently , the most serious topic going all around is a DREAM OF HAVING A CLEAN INDIA, GREEN INDIA. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi always talk about having a clean India & so he has also taken some major steps towards it by organizing the campaign of Swatchh bharat abhiyan.

Diwali cleaning checklist!!!

Diwali cleaning checklist: Diwali is around the corner & this festival has lots of preparation to do. So here are some of the checklist which will help you to get all your work done easily.

Get Expert Tips On Rodent and Roach Control!

Rodent & Roach Control Tips : Learn how to eliminate & prevent their infestation with effective rodent and roach control methods by experts at Hicare.

5 Quickest ways to clean your house before Ganesh Chaturthi

So here starts the festive season with one of the most enthusiastic festivals i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi. The most important part of every festival along with other arrangements is the cleanliness. As it is rightly said, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Why Mosquitoes Love To Bite Some People More?

Yes, you heard it right, mosquitoes also have taste preferences! Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others? When it comes to feeding, they are choosy too. Some people tend to be bitten more frequently than others. Have you ever noticed why mosquitoes bite certain people and others are totally spared of the same? And how sometimes mosquitoes bite some people and not others in your family too?

5 ways to keep your house clean and pest free

With spending so many hours at work, one wants to reach home and relax. But. making it a habit is not at all a good idea. Keeping home untidy and dirty is the main cause for the pest to breed at your place. Read about 5 simple and effective ways to keep your house clean and pest free.

4 tips to effectively cleaning your house this Ganesh Chaturthi

Learn the art of effectively cleaning your house this Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are some of the ways through which you can manage to clean your house at HiCare

Top Mosquito Borne Diseases

Out on a vacation or for a weekend trip with friends or at home, you are, at some point in a time bound to wake up with those itchy red marks left behind by mosquito bites which may result in many mosquito-borne diseases.

Top 8 Reasons Behind Dengue and Tips to Get Rid of Dengue Mosquito

It all begins with a bite! Well, we all know that Dengue is an epidemic that needs undivided attention at all costs. Every year Dengue fever affects millions of people worldwide and so yet again it has made a comeback with the season. Monsoon is right here and what it brings along with all the beautiful showers and weather is breeding time for mosquitoes that spread dengue. Yes, and trust us, Dengue is no joke! Don't ignore the bone-breaking illness it causes. There are ways on how to get rid of dengue mosquitoes.

Learn the art of effective cleaning this Ganesh Chaturthi

Learn the art of effective cleaning this Ganesh Chaturthi We all crave for a clean house 24/7 throughout the year. But we hardly manage to stand by this because we know surviving in the 21 st century has just made us so packed that we usually don't have time for such sort of cleanliness.

5 Myths about Bugs in the Office

There are a number of bug myths out there that have stood the test of time. Here are 5 common misconceptions people have about bugs in the office

4 Ways to Keep Pest Away from Your Workspace

It is essential to know ways to keep pests away from workspace. At Hicare, learn about the four best methods you can opt to keep your office pest-free.

Give Your Car a Complete Makeover

Give Your Car a Complete Makeover Car Cleaning by Hi Care All the automobile and car lovers understand how essential Car Cleaning is for them. After all, we all will love to move around the city in a sparkling clean car which looks brand new throughout the seasons.


Alas! Monsoon is here in its full swing and one thing we cannot deny is the beauty it brings along in our surroundings. It's like nature is rejoicing for you. Amidst such beautiful happenings, there lies a dreadful part we all face every year. And that is none other than the stepping in of those uninvited guests into your home the mosquitoes.This makes MONSOON AND MOSQUITOES A DEADLY AFFAIR!

7 Hidden Places in Your Office Pests Make Their Own Homes

It is very necessary to have a hygienic environment for everyone in the office. Having to deal with pest should be the least of your concern.One pest is capable of ruining your entire reputation, Learn in this post about 7 hidden places in your Office pests make their own homes. Get rid of them now!

Monsoon is beautiful, but there come the PESTS!

Monsoon in India is the most awaited season of the year due to its pleasant weather. However what we cannot ignore is a host of health problems it brings along. Just like everything has a positive and negative side, so does monsoon in India, bringing relief after summers but also a weather favourable for monsoon insects invasion too. Monsoon season in India becomes a perfect breeding ground for monsoon pests and rain insects leading to a lot of diseases affecting all!

Monsoon, Why is it the time for you to deep clean your home?

We are obligated to clean our house once a day and at least once every two months. Here are some reasons why you should deep clean your home in monsoon.

Home cleaning services, deep cleaning, bathroom cleaning service,deep cleaning services, house cleaning services

Spring Cleaning: Assembly Line Vs. Room by Room

Spring Cleaning: Assembly Line Vs. Room by Room A lot of people might wonder what can be the best, fastest and efficient way to approach spring cleaning? A few of us might go room by room cleaning it from top to bottom.

Cleanliness: The shortest route to perfect health

Who hasn't heard the famous quote ' prevention is better than cure ', in such simple words it explains one of the most vital lessons of life. The lesson that all of us mostly tend to forget. It is the reason why so many of us nowadays suffer from diseases and disorders.

Is your kitchen even dirtier than your toilet?

Yes, you have read it right. The latest researches show that the kitchen sink is the dirtiest portion of the house. It is most likely to harbor disease causing bacteria. It is even dirtier than the toilet bowl. Also, merely washing it isn't enough as it leaves behind microscopically small food particles.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to keep your bathroom clean the whole day

Bathroom is that one portion of the house which gets dirty most easily and most frequently. Its steamy and slippery nature makes it an ideal spot for the accumulation of both dirt and mud. The situation becomes particularly more problematic in modern day flats where to save the space even the toilets are attached.

Life cycle of the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the one that transmits the viruses that cause dengue and chikungunya. Learn more about the Aedes Aegypti Life Cycle at HiCare.

Monsoon Disease Alert - Common Symptoms of Dengue To Look Out For

Dengue fever is an infection with flu-like symptoms transmitted by mosquitoes. Find about the dengue symptoms, causes and tips for preventing dengue fever.

Know more about Dengue Fever Treatment and Cure

Dengue fever Prevention is always better when it comes to dengue, as there is no specific medication available. Learn more about Dengue Fever treatment.

Brilliant Cleaning Service by HiCare Team

Feedback's are encouraging and even essential for any company to keep scattering its good work. Here we have our customers sharing their honest feedback. As we are in the home cleaning industry, each and every feedback matters to us and we strive to give a professional cleaning service each time.

What is house cleaning?

What is house cleaning? Using eco-friendly chemicals & the best equipment along with professional techniques & experts is house cleaning. Know more at Hicare!

5 Everyday Things you're probably forgetting to Clean

Between and under the sofa cushions Even though you must be changing the sofa cover on a regular basis, it is not yet entirely clean from dirt and germs. With a lot of household chores on your daily to-do list, you might miss out on some spots where daily dusting and cleaning are mandatory.

5 Best Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning the carpet is the most concerned topic for all those who are care-taking members in the family. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at home plays a pivotal role in everyoneâ's life and therefore, we have brought to you the five best and easy carpet cleaning tips and how to clean your carpet in an affordable manner.

8 Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

We all are aware that carpets are expensive and so we all want to save them from dirt and grins and maintain them for the long run. Regular cleaning of a carpet is an essential task and not all of us can manage this very well.

6 Tips To Keep Your Marble Floors Bright, Shining And Clean

Know how you can clean and keep your marble floors clean with these handy tips. Understand these 6 tips to keep your marble floors bright, shining & clean

5 Simple Homemade Floor cleaner DIY Recipes

Know how to prepare your own floor cleaning solution at home and with a little practice you can be a master at preparing it each time at Hicare.

5 Easy DIY Kitchen Cleaning Tips By HiCare Experts

The kitchen is one of the areas that requires regular cleaning and is prone to catch dirt, stain, and dust soon. Therefore, these tips will help you can save up on your extra expenses by preparing your own kitchen cleaning solutions while saving some time to just relax in the house.

5 Tips to How to Clean Upholstered Sofa Like an Expert - HiCare Experts

Wiping down your upholstered sofas, chairs, and furniture can be a tough job at times and often a headache for those who are not aware of how it is done correctly. Yet, there is something more agonizing like getting the dried stains cleaned from your upholstery which might take a lot of time and effort.

5 Expert Tips to How to Clean Car Interior, glass on your own

It is always worth to take good care of your car and maintain cleanliness inside out. A regular wash and great maintenance can make a huge difference which reflects indirectly on the resale value of the car. At times, not everyone can afford professional car cleaning service and care takers.

What Do You Know About Different Types of Pests?:

Get to know the types of pests that exist along with detail information about the different pests. Learn about all the various pests that exist at Hicare.


Global Pest Awareness Day

Global Pest Awareness Day: Started on 6th June 2017, the world pest awareness day raises awareness about pests & their management. Read more at Hicare!

Complete Life Cycle Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are the major problem across the world. They are easily spread, proliferate fast and Bed Bugs control is very difficult.

Do you face Bird Menace in your Residential Building?

Pigeons are at every nook and corner of the city. Whether it's a bungalow or an elegant balcony, you'll witness an out-staring pigeon. The seamlessly peaceful bird affects drastically on you and your family's health and do you wonder how to get rid of pigeons menace while ensuring no harm to them? Read to know.

World Asthma Day - It's Time to Control Asthma

World Asthma Day is observed every year on the first Tuesday of May. Read the article to know more details about this chronic inflammatory illness.

25th April World Malaria Day - Efforts to Control Malaria

On April 25th, World Malaria Day is held to raise awareness about the global effort to eradicate malaria. Here are several malaria prevention efforts.

Guide to Keep Your Collectible Books Termite Safe

Termites eat wood & paper including books, currency notes, etc. kept in a safe or locker. Click here to know how to protect books from termites at HiCare.

The Health Hazards of Air Pollution

Indoor and outdoor air pollution can result in everything from asthma episodes to lung cancer to death. Read below the health hazards of air pollution.

The Health Hazards of Poor Air Quality

Air pollution is becoming the leading cause of premature mortality. Here are some of the health risks associated with poor air quality that we must know.

The Insider's Guide to Winter Pests

Winter Pests - Winter is almost upon us and with it comes loads of festivities followed by parties, fancy dinner plans and get-togethers. What many people forget to realize is that winter also brings into our house the dangerous pests and insects although for most pests summer is a favorite period.

Dangerous Indian Insects- Quick Facts

Here are some of the dangerous Indian Insects that can kill humans as well as animals due to the high amount of venom. Click here to know more at Hicare.

Tips For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Pantry

A pantry is the center of the kitchen where all the spices & flavors are stored which could be a breeding zone for kitchen pest. Know how to keep pests out of your pantry at Hicare.

Summer Cleaning Chore Checklist

When summers are right at the corner, we hardly get any time for home cleaning as we are in the vacation mode. Here we have a summer cleaning chore checklist for you so that you can go smoothly in these months while keeping tabs on the essential areas.

How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning To-Do List

Removing the 3 Most Common Carpet Stains - Carpet Cleaning

Protecting carpet from accidental stains and mess is the toughest job, especially, when you don’t have the right tool or knowledge of how to get rid of it. Every strain requires adequate amount of time and a precise chemical at the right temperature with the correct mechanical action.

DIY Professional House Cleaners At Home

When summers are right at the corner, we hardly get any time for home cleaning as we are in the vacation mode. Here we have a summer cleaning chore checklist for you so that you can go smoothly in these months while keeping tabs on the essential areas.

Efficiently Cleaning the Bathroom

Are you planning to clean your bathroom sparkling clean ? We have brought amazing bathroom cleaning tips and hacks that you have never known at Hicare.

The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tricks We Learned This Year

The art of organizing and cleaning a house is a never-ending task. Every day we come across new tips and tricks to improve our house or how can we effectively clean our carpet. However, to make your work easily, the professional house cleaning hacks we would like to share with you.

5 Home Cleaning Tricks for the OCD inside You

Make use of a binder clip as a sponge stand to air-dry instead of getting all mildewy. You can kill the germs and viruses from your sponges by heating it in the microwave for 2 minutes. To get rid of the sticky and gunky surface of your toaster , apply a few drops of water, cream of tartar, wipe with a sponge.

Have a small home? Make these things multi-task for you

There are a lot of people who have to stay away from their parental houses and families to pursue their careers. At times, they tend to share homes with other mates while moving in mid-sized rented houses so that they can save on their expenses.

Is your sofa dust and allergy-free?

In every living room, you will come across some kind of a seating arrangement that is comfortable like, a sofa or comfy chairs and cushions. The sofa falls under a one piece furniture category that is likely to be used. However,sofas and cushions are often relentlessly exposed to dust from the air along with the germs.

How Safe Is Your Home For Kids

Home is an ideal place where you can relax, and spend joyful time with your family. It is one of the playing destinations for kids. Even if you keep all the hazardous stuffs away from the reach of your children, your house might be a potential hazard for your kids.

3 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Nothing can beat the feeling of being in a clean and tidy house. Cleaning has never been that simple for anyone of us because, especially to those who have kids in their house. Cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment in the house is in our hands and this gets tougher when maids are not around.

Do air-conditioners help clean up indoor air pollution

Air conditioner systems might work excellent in keeping your home cool but fails to make your home pollutant-free. Here are few facts associated with health risks with air-conditioners.

Where does indoor air bacteria come from?

Researchers from University of California, Berkeley, set out to find the main sources for air bacteria in our homes and it came out to be in kitchen surfaces, carpets and toilets.

Reasons for owning an air purifier across the world

Different strokes for different folks. Or, “there are no two identical lives in the world, as the German philosopher Wilhelm Leibniz put it. No country or region in the world has the same natural environment, lifestyle, value, or culture. So, how does the air purifier of a country or region vary from another?

House Hazard

Polluted air has been linked to some of the greatest challenges within the health area today. Many health issues can be caused by pollution. It is strange and the reality is the indoor air is often more pollute

Best Ionic Air Purifiers

If you suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies, indoor ozone can make your condition worse. Acting as an irritant, ozone can trigger asthma, deaden your sense of smell, increase sensitivity to pollen and mold, and possibly result in permanent lung damage. Hence ionic air purifiers are recommended.

Air Humidifier or Household Health Hazard?

Humidifiers are a great solution for skin and breathing problems caused by dry air. But it should be regularly maintained. All Blueair filters are made using hydrophobic polymers, meaning the fibers will not absorb any water and are naturally resistant to bacteria growth thus maintaining air humidity.

Cockroaches Hide In Your Toaster, Coffee Maker & Microwave

Know tips to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen and also the kitchen appliances. Get the best methods to remove cockroaches from your kitchen at HiCare.

Home Buyers & Owners Beware "Your home can have hidden Termite & Bed Bug infestation"

Know the important warning signs of termite infestation to look out for before renting or purchasing a home. Here are a few tips for homebuyers at HiCare.

Professional Car Pest Control keeps Cockroaches & Bed Bugs Out

Mice in your cars can be more than just a nuisance, it can be dangerous. Follow these tips to get rid of mice & rats and protect cars effectively.

Did you know your old furniture attracts termites?

Buying used furniture is one of the most common ways people bring termites at their home. Here are a few things to check termites in used furniture at home.

Pigeon Prevention And Deterrent Tips

In both American and India, especially in major urban areas, the fearless, pesky, "bully-bird" the pigeon, has grown and multiplied into a disease-speeding menace. People often feed pigeons, thinking that they are docile, friendly pets, while in reality, they are dirty, disease-carrying and property despoiling pets.

Beginners Guide to Limitations of DIY Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, strictly stay away from DIY. Do it yourself pest control is not only harmful but it also limits the process of pest control in various ways. Read on to know the Limitations of DIY pest control and reasons for avoiding it.

What Do You Know About Different Types of Pests?

Different bugs create various types of damage. It helps to know what kind of harm a bug produces if you can recognize it. Read to know more about pests.

Complete Life Cycle Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs control is very difficult and that results in rapid growth of bedbug infestation, Read more about bed bug life cycle here.

Different Types Of Biological Pest Control Agents

The biocontrol is a method to control the population of pests & to produce pest-free yields. Know the different types of biological pest control at Hicare.

5 Insane But True Facts About Pigeons

Pigeon is one the most common species found across the globe. Having adapted to all type of habitats, pigeons are present almost everywhere barring the torrid deserts and subzero Arctic and Antarctica. In today's world, pigeons are mostly branded as pests owing to their overpopulation in the suburban cities

How To Install Birds & Pigeon Spikes

With the ever-increasing number of pigeons in the metro cities, it is important to take control of them and the nuisance that they bring about in our homes. One of the best, as well as a cost-effective solution, are bird spikes, a setup which makes it unpleasant for the birds to land.

7 Genius Tricks to Keep Birds Out of Your Home

Use these 7 techniques to help avoid, halt, manage, prevent, and control birds from ruining your view by taking over your balcony.

Protect your Home and Garden from Birds

Indian homes are a major victim of unwanted guests in the form of pest birds like pigeon and crows. Although from a distance birds look serene and glorious, these invasive creatures can be pretty disgusting up-close.

Bird Netting is Cost Effective Way to Prevent Bird Damage

Birds have always been one of the most peaceful and beautiful creations. Be it the humble pigeon who has been a human's companion for thousands of years or the tiny little sparrow whose chirping pacifies our soul. But when these beautiful birds get too involved in our lives, necessary measures must be taken.

Winter Pest Control Tips From The Experts!

Winter Pest Control Tips: Many people are ignorant about the fact that winter also is a major pest season. Although there are some pests that are less active during the winters, that doesn't mean your house is totally safe from the pesky creatures.

The Insider's Guide to Winter Pests

Winter is almost here, which means celebrations, like parties, lavish dinner arrangements, and get-togethers. To make sure your house is safe read this guide.

Pests and Diseases: How Climate Change Affects Pests?

Increase in carbon dioxide leads to an increase in pests and diseases. Elevated carbon dioxide levels increase the levels of simple sugars in leaves and lower their nitrogen content. Hence insects will consume more greenery (leaves) to meet their metabolic requirements for nitrogen. Higher temperatures from global warm

Thorough Pest Inspection Can Save Your World!

Preventive Pest Control is always better than dealing with the problem later and hence Pest inspection at regular intervals is recommended. It is helpful in early detection of pest infestation. Pest inspector will also guide you on any possible infestation threats. 

Visual Bird Deterrents and their shortcomings

A unique type of Visual Deterrent is predator decoys more specifically hawk decoys or owl decoy. These smokescreens scare the likes of pigeons and sparrows away in the fear of being attacked by their prey.

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Solar Panels

Keep pigeons away from solar panels: Installing bird nets are the best and an eco-friendly way to get rid of pigeons and to keep the annoying birds away. The nets should be ideally mounted when the solar panels are first installed to ensure that the birds are kept at bay from the start.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons? Safely Get Rid of Pigeons from home

One best way to get rid of pigeons from your balcony is blocking them entry to the places where they nest or prefer perching. And the best approach to deny them access is bird netting. The chief advantage of Bird Netting is that they are customizable and can be mounted literally anywhere...learn more...

11 Indoor Mosquito Repellent Plants And Flowers

There are a variety of plants and flowers you can grow to keep mosquitoes out of your house. Read the article to know which ones are suitable for you.

The Most Bed Bug Infested Cities Of 2017

Find out the bedbug infested cities in India. The hot & humid climate coupled with seasonal rainfalls has been a catalyst in the rapid increase of bedbugs.

Essential Guide To Bed Bugs Removal, Prevention and Treatment

It is far easier to detect bedbugs than to get rid of bedbugs. This article provides simple tips to prevent treatment & also few techniques to kill bedbugs.

Don't Let Bed Bugs Hold You Back from Travelling

To Avoid the bedbugs nuisance, make sure that you are always prepared to get rid of bedbugs.4 simple tips to keep bedbugs away while you are traveling.

How To Deal With Wasp Insect In Your House

Dealing with a wasp inspection in your house can be dangerous. Read to know how DIYs can help but it's to be safe and let the professionals at HiCare guide you.

Amazing Facts About Insects

There are some incredible facts about insects that you may not have known about and will astound you! Reading these amazing facts will leave you speechless.

Things You Did Not Know About Rats: Facts And Types

Believe it or not, rats are highly intelligent, affectionate, and loving mammals. Read the blog to know more interesting facts about these little creatures.

Types of Cockroaches And Tips To Control Them

Types of cockroaches: Read about the different types of cockroaches found along with secure solutions & best ways to get rid of them at Hicare.

Few Lessons We Learnt About Pests and Pest Control In 2017

Pest Infestations has seen a huge growth in the last couple of years due to changing climatic conditions. The demand for Professional pest management has taken an upward curve over the past few years. Keeping this in mind Hicare, the top professional pest control company in India has upgraded its approach

Types Of Spiders And Interesting Facts About Them!

Spiders have never really been our favorite creatures as pets or to admire from a distance. The best way to keep them away is to prevent any harborage sites. This article summarizes some commonly found types of spiders and few interesting facts about them.

Importance of World Health Day

World Health day - One should have a healthy diet, good exercise, adequate sleep and avoid exposure to various diseases. In the case of an outbreak of diseases, or in mosquito-endemic areas a professional, safe, pest control service can eliminate the pests.

Benefits of Using An Air Purifier

Ther are a lot of benefits of an air purifier for your family and home but it may or may not have disadvantages. Knowing the benefits and disadvantages will help you correctly know what to expect from your Air Purifier and which air purifier to buy.

Pest Control Should Be Mandatory For Restaurants- Our Expert Advice

For every restaurant, Pest Control and Cleanliness form the basis of their standards. Hence, pest control for restaurants should be mandatory. Know more!

5 Funny Yet Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches have been around for a long time. Check out 5 interesting yet fun facts about cockroaches such as their racing in Australia & others at Hicare.

Bed Bug Facts And Myths Debunked

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to make sure you pay attention to every minute detail in the house before finalizing the deal. Also, beware of pest infection while buying a house.

Checklist For Pest And Their Signs Before Buying A New House

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to make sure you pay attention to every minute detail in the house before finalizing the deal. Also, beware of pest infection while buying a house.

All About World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year on the 20th of August to build awareness about the danger by mosquitoes. Learn more about the day at Hicare.

World Environment Day -15 Tips How to Contribute

Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, with a new theme. Do we ever stop to think how the best things in life are free: trees, fruits etc

Amazing Ant Facts

Ants are amazing creatures, in spite of their size. Some interesting facts about ants: ANTS ARE AS OLD AS DINOSAURS: Archaeologists estimate that Homo sapiens(modern humans) have been on the Earth for some 200,000 years. Learn more!

Earth Friendly Approach To Pest Control- An Essential Guide

Eco-friendly pest control is getting more popular as they are persistently designing better eco-friendly pesticide to eliminate pests while safeguarding people & environments.

Beginners Guide To Fly-Borne Diseases And Prevention

Flies: Know every detail about a fly like how they look, breed, feed and how to prevent fly-borne diseases. Check out the complete guide at Hicare.

Tips For Travellers To Stay Safe from Chikungunya

Chikungunya Virus: Be prepared, Stay Safe Mosquitoes spread many types of viruses & parasites that cause diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, & Zika.

Complete Guide To Diseases Spread Because Of Cockroaches

Diseases caused by cockroaches: Cockroaches infiltration gives rise to different health problems. Know the various diseases spread by cockroaches at Hicare.

7 Facts About: Why Cockroaches Are So Difficult To Control

Why cockroaches are difficult to control? Check out the top seven facts or reasons for difficulty in cockroach control at Hicare. Click here to know more.

Cost of Underestimating Termites- Myth Busted

Termite Control: Termites are the most invasive species. Know how it can be harmful to ignore their infestation. Get to learn more about termites at Hicare.

Entomotherapy Essential Guide To Medical Uses Of Insects

What is Entomotherapy? Insects have long been used in both traditional & modern medicine. Know the different times with medicinal use of insects at Hicare.

Tips To Clean Up Pigeon Droppings

Get the best tips to clean up pigeon droppings in on around your place. Know its importance along with the methods you can implement at Hicare.

Various Types Of Ants

From the common to the unusual, here's how to tell the difference between the many varieties of ants you'll find. Learn about the many kinds of ants.

5 Most Common Monsoon Diseases: Treatment And Prevention Tips

Raindrops after a hot summer season are nothing less than bliss. Here are some of the monsoon diseases that ail our body during this period.

Dengue Fever In India: Identification, Symptoms And Prevention List

Dengue fever in India: It is a viral disease borne from mosquito bites that have become the latest nightmare in the country. Learn more about Dengue Fever.

Integrated Pest control: Safe and Alternate Methods

Integrated Pest Management IPM is a managed pest management system that: eliminates or mitigates economic and health damage caused by invasive species...

Facts about flies you did not know

Flies are among the most annoying and hated animals in the animal kingdom it's a tie between them and mosquitoes. Many facts about flies are unknown to you.

7-Point Checklist for Mosquito Prevention at Home

Mosquito prevention at home can be done by following the checklist of top 7 methods provided at Hicare. Learn thow to get rid of mosquitoes in the house.

Difference Between Rat And Mouse For Beginners

Difference between rat and mouse might appear similar, but they belong to two totally different species. Both species show a varied type of dissimilarities

Bed bugs bugging you even while flying?!

Bed bugs will jump on your clothes and baggage to join you across the world. HiCare is a scientifically planned plan to keep you safe from Bed Bug infestations.

Leptospirosis Virus Claims Mumbai Teenager's Life!

Leptospirosis: Kandivali slum dweller was only 16 years old when he was pronounced dead. Mumbai teenager was the succumb to this new issue of Leptospirosis.

American Cockroaches - The Largest Species of This Pest

American Cockroaches are spread around the whole world. Find every information about their infestation along with facts & tips to control them at Hicare.

Breathe in the purest form of air with the best air purifiers from HiCare

Learn about the best air purifiers at HiCare. Get to know the prices of the air purifiers available along with their specifications and choose the best!

Get HiCare to give your Sofas and Bathrooms a Makeover this Diwali

Get your Sofas and Bathrooms makeover done this Diwali. Learn more about Sofa & Bathroom Cleaning services in detail at Hicare!

HiCare a one-stop shop for bird netting solutions

Birds are a beautiful part of nature but HiCare has the perfect solution for those birds that could be a nuisance. Learn about best Bird netting solution

HiCare has the right stuff to bust the dust at home this Diwali

With plenty of home care and deep cleaning options, HiCare becomes your best bet this festive season. Learn more about Diwali Home Cleaning.

Who is the best pest control service provider in India?

Hicare, one of the best pest control service providers in India, offers various pest control services at affordable prices. Check out the services now!

Say bye bye to Bedbugs in Bangalore. Say Hello to HiCare!

In the city of Bangalore too, bed bugs issues are not uncommon. The number of people wanting to know how to get rid of bed bugs in Bangalore is far too high

Avail of the best pest control services in Pimpri-Chinchwad now!

Pest control services in Pimpri-Chinchwad became highly accessible after HiCare grew its network to all major cities in India, even this one in Maharashtra.

Presenting the best cockroach busters in the city of Bangalore

Pest control for cockroaches in Bangalore: Hicare is one of the best pest control service providers in Bangalore. Check them out & Book your service now!

Considering Herbal Pest Control in Bangalore? Contact HiCare

Herbal Pest Control in Bangalore: Complete Guide to choose the best herbal pest control providers in Bengaluru. Get details of Herbal Pest Control at Hicare

KNOW how to find the pest control service in Mumbai NOW!

Looking for tips on how to find pest control service in Mumbai? At Hicare, check out the key points to choose the best pest control service in Mumbai!

Searching for affordable Pest Control in Bangalore? Stop right here!

Looking for affordable pest control in Bangalore? Know all the Do's & Dont's in finding the best pest control services in Bangalore. Check out Hicare now!

HiCare - Undoubtedly The Best Pest Control Company In Chennai!

There are many pest control companies in Chennai, but how many are reliable? Find out the best pest control companies in chennai at Hicare

Good pest control service in Hyderabad? Look no further

Pest control services in Hyderabad: Hicare is one of the leading pest control companies in Hyderabad. Check out their best pest control services here.

Who are the best pest control services in Hyderabad?

Know the best pest control service providers in Hyderabad at Hicare. Book your pest control service now in Hyderabad for a healthy space around you!

Ouch! Bed Bugs bit me in Bangalore. What do I do?

Bed bugs in Bangalore: Learn in detail about the bed bugs in Bangalore city. Know all the tips to control their infestation at Hicare.

Our Top Selling Gift for 2018 - Deep Cleaning & Pest Control'. 2019 Gifting options.

Looking for innovative gifting ideas for all occasions in this year 2019? Learn how HiCare customers replaced traditional gifting ideas with HiCare services

Finding the best pest control service provider in India? Easy!

Searching for the best pest control service provider in India? Click here to find out the best, trusted & certified pest control services in India.

Wondering where to find expert pest control services in India? We have the answer!

Expert Pest Control Services: Looking for a pest control expert in India? Click here & learn how to find expert pest control service providers in India.

How to find good pest control services for my home?

Pest Control Service: Do you know how to choose a good pest control company? Get a detailed overview to find the best pest control company in India.

What are the charges for pest control services in India?

Pest control charges in India: Check out the pest control services cost for Mosquitoes, bedbugs, termite, cockroach & all other pests. Know more here!

How much does bed bug treatment cost in India?

Bed bug treatment cost: Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. Hence, know in detail about the charges for bed bug pest control in India at Hicare.

Why NOT local pest control? What are the harms?

Learn about the harms of local pest control service at Hicare. Also, get to know the differences between a professional & local service & choose wisely!

Reasons to choose professional pest control over traditional DIY methods

Get top 5 reasons to choose professional pest control over DIY methods. Also, understand the advantages of professional pest control at Hicare.

Who Said You Won't Need Pest Control This Summer?

Understand the need of pest control in summer & how pests enter your place. Find tips to avoid them & the best pest control service at Hicare.

Help Ka Time Aagaya! Top Reasons You Know it's Time for Pest Control

What are the signs of an infestation? Read the blog to learn the top signs that pest control is needed in your house before the damage can't be undone.

Is Pest Control really as expensive as we think it is?

Is pest control expensive in India? At Hicare, find out the common myths about prices related to pest control services in India.

HiCare Launches India's First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

Now get cockroach repellent mint garbage bags and enzyme drain cleaning with your cockroach control service from HiCare. Learn more!

Expert Tips on Selecting the Best Pest Control Service

Selecting a professional pest control company is necessary & we are here to help you through the process of pest control company selection. Get expert advice on choosing a pest control service provider

Must Follow Do's and Dont's of Pest Control

Do's and dont's of pest control: Learn the tips to eradicate all pest issues at home. Find a list of factors to keep in mind for a pest control at Hicare.

What are the top 5 qualities of a good pest control experts?

Understand what qualities should pest control experts possess. Get to know how their expertise can be helpful as well as their best qualities at Hicare.

Understanding the process of bed bug pest control treatment

Understanding the bed bugs treatment is necessary so that you know the risks involved in it. Click here to learn the process of bedbugs control treatment .

Symptoms, causes and everything you must know about bed bugs!

Learn everything about bed bug bites symptoms & the root causes of bed bug growth at home. Avoid bed bug bites with Bedbug treatment service from Hicare!

Steps to finding the best professionals for pest control

Professional pest control: Choose the right expert for your pests issue. Check out the process of finding the best professionals for pest control at Hicare!

Learning some of the best ways to repel Bed Bugs

Ways to repel bedbugs: Check out some natural tips to prevent bed bugs at your home. Click here to learn the best ways to keep bed bugs away at Hicare!

Having bed bug problems? Here are the top 5 pesticides to be used

Pesticides For Bed Bugs: Check out the types of pesticides used for bed bugs treatment. Hicare uses these top pesticides for their bed bug treatment service

What is the most effective type of termite treatment?

Check out the most effective types of termite treatment for your home. These termite control methods will help you eradicate them permanently. Check now!

Termites - symptoms and causes and all you need to know!

Learn the symptoms and causes of a termite infestation. Interior damage isn't the only thing these little creatures cause, read to know more!

Most popular pesticides used to control termites in India

Pesticides for termites: Some of the best termite control pesticides are Chlorpyrifos 20% EC, Lindane 20% EC etc. Check out all the pesticides at Hicare.

PRO TIPS: How to get rid of termites permanently?

Check out the article and know how to get rid of termites permanently. These preventive measure will definitely keep away the Termites completely. Check now

HiCare's Cockroach Prevention Guide

Cockroach prevention: Check out the Cockroach prevention guide which shares tips to stop cockroach growth. Learn how to prevent Cockroaches with Hicare now!

How to get rid of cockroaches permanently: Pro Tips

Tips to get rid of Cockroaches: Cockroaches eradication is problematic. Know how to kill cockroaches & get rid of them forever at Hicare.

Why are homes in India so often infested with Cockroaches?

Cockroach infestation in Indian homes is a significant problem. Discover the major reasons for infestation of cockroaches in Indian houses at Hicare.

How to get rid of big flying roaches?

How to get rid of flying roaches? Check out this blog to learn how to get rid of big flying roaches permanently. Choose Hicare for roach control services.

Easy to practice 'Mosquito Prevention' Guide!

Mosquito Prevention: Mosquitoes spread a lot of diseases, & it is better to stop their breeding early. Know how to repel mosquitoes with the best mosquito prevention guide at Hicare.

Can all mosquitoes cause the deadly dengue fever?

Dengue Mosquites: Check the details of types of mosquitoes which causes dengue fever. Also check the preventive measure taken to curb dengue fever mosquitoes

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Bed Bugs Problems?

Permanent bed bugs solution: Check out this article to know the step by step solution for eliminating bedbugs permanently. These tips will definitely work!

Why Pest Control After Monsoon Season Is A Must

Pest control after monsoon: Here are the top reasons to have pest control done after the monsoon season to prevent dangerous pests. Learn more at Hicare!

How to get rid of Bedbugs from your homes?

How to get rid of bedbugs: Check out the best ways to kill bed bugs at your home effectively. Get rid of bedbugs permanently with Hicare's bedbug service.

Choosing between Herbal OR Chemical Pest Control...

Herbal vs chemical pest control: Check out how chemical pest control is different from herbal, including its pros & cons. Choose Hicare for best result!

What is the Importance of Outdoor Pest Control?

Outdoor pest control is considered as important as cleanliness at home. Check out the importance & effect of outdoor pest control at Hicare.

Top reasons you should hire a professional pest control service.

Professional pest control services: Here are the top 6 reasons why you should hire a professional pest control services for better result. Check out now!

Ever Wondered Which Pests 'Pest Control' Can Manage?

Have you ever wondered which Pests can pest control manage? Click here to know what all pests a pest control service providers manage with quality chemicals

How do professional pest control exterminators kill bedbugs?

Professional Pest Control Exterminators: Click here to know the steps on how professional pest control exterminators kill bedbugs. Call hicare now!

How to treat termites? Can we do termite treatment ourselves?

How To Treat Termite Problems: Learn these 4 easy steps to know how to treat termites & find symptoms of termites all by yourself. Click here to know more!

Expert Tips - Top 5 Remedies for Bed Bug Bites!

Remedies for Bed Bug Bites: Want to get rid of bed bug rashes? Check out the top 5 natural remedies for bed bug rashes and get rid of itchiness.

What are the most surprising unknown facts about Termites?

Facts About Termites: Termites are a problem for every household. Check out eight fascinating termite facts you probably didn't know about at Hicare.

HiCare wishes you all a very happy and clean Republic Day 2020!

This Republic Day let's take an oath to keep our homes and citizens safe from all pests and disease with the help of Hicare.

Did you know Australia Day is also the day of Cockroach Races?

Ever year, Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January. Know about the major attraction .i.e. the racing event of cockroaches in Australia at Hicare

Coronavirus: What are some preventive measures?

Coronavirus preventive measures: Here's a list of preventive measures to be taken for coronavirus which is spreading like a wildfire throughout the world.

Personal hygiene at home to fight back Coronavirus

Personal hygiene: Check out some of the personal hygiene tips to be followed at home to prevent you and your family from Coronavirus. Stay healthy always!

How do you know you are detected with Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Symptoms: Check out the basic coronavirus symptoms in humans along with a fever, fatigues & shortness of breath. Know more at Hicare.

How does pest control help keep Coronavirus away?

There are many articles on how to protect yourself to keep coronavirus away. Know how to avoid the disease from spreading & how pest control help to keep virus away at Hicare

All you need to know about coronavirus!

Here is all that you need to know about coronavirus (COVID19) including it's symptoms, how does the disease spread & how to protect yourself from the virus at Hicare.

5 home measures to implement to stop Hantavirus

Know the main reason for the spreading of hantavirus & make sure to implement our home measures to stop hantavirus revolve around rodents too at Hicare.

How do you know if you have Hantavirus?

Hantavirus Symptoms: Hantavirus is known to be spread through rodents, know what are the symptoms and signs of hantavirus and how to prevent at Hicare.

5 things you should know about Hantavirus

What is Hantavirus? Get detailed information about hantavirus, which is a diesease caused by rodents. Learn 5 important facts about hantavirus at Hicare.

What are the steps to take for stopping Hantavirus?

Steps to Stop Hantavirus: Hantavirus is not a widespread epidemic like corona as yet, but still here are few steps on how to prevent hantavirus at Hicare.

30 Minutes Flat to a Sterilized Germ Free Home!

Do you just clean or disinfect your home? Know how does disinfecting homes help and protects your house by killing the virus at HiCare. Read more.

Quick Sterilization Through Silver Nano or Herbal Disinfection

Disinfection: Get a detailed overview on what are the reasons for using the herbal disinfection and silver nano disinfection methods at Hicare. Know more!

How To Make Your Office Space Safer For Your Team During COVID-19?

Checkout the key guidelines in which office spaces can be made safer for your employees in this COVID-19. Know how to disinfect your office at Hicare.

Does Pest Control Through Pesticides Have Side Effects On Us?

Check out what are the side effects of pesticides on humans health and how these pesticides can enter your body through at Hicare.

Step-by-step guide on how to get rid of Bed Bugs from a mattress

Check out step by step guide on how to get rid of Bed Bugs in a mattress at HiCare and ensure your home stays happy and healthy.

What Is The Best Non-Toxic Way To Control Termites?

Non-Toxic way to control Termite: Learn how to kill and get rid of termites without using chemicals at Hicare. Click here to know more.

Roach Begone: How To Kill Those Nasty Pests

Cockroach Repellent: Check out the natural cocokroach repellent gel in india and get rid of those nasty pests permanently at Hicare.

What chemicals kill termites?

Do you hear strange clicking sounds in the silence of night like a Morse code for the dead? Do you wake up to small but strange heaps ?

Why do mosquitoes bite?

She doesn't care whether you are a male or female. She doesn't care what your preference is. She relentlessly stalks you. Follows you wherever you go

5 Smart Things to Spark up your Home this Diwali.

Start by getting rid of old stuff in the house. Better still, donate them. Newspaper and magazines. Clothes you won't be wearing.

Are cockroaches bad for asthma?

Cockroaches aren't just bad to look at but turns out they are bad for your health as well, especially if someone in your is asthmatic. 


Do Cockroaches Cause Any Diseases

Not all insects need to bite or sting for them to be extremely dangerous, just look at our beloved cockroaches for example.

Know your Termites at Termites 101

Now you must be wondering why should I read about some disgusting, weird, white wood chomper insect like termite when there are far more fascinating insects.

5 Ways How Employees Can Help In Workplace Pest Prevention

Keeping the office or commercial premise safe is the top priority of the company management as well as the facility management team.

5 Common Food Pests Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

Biryani with a hint of cockroach droppings, chicken noodles with ant topping, Russian salad with bread and fly crumbs. Your delicious cuisine, highly trained staff.

Cleaning, Sanitising, and Disinfection: What's the difference and why is it important for schools and colleges?

Due to the reopening of these, cases of COVID-19 amongst students and staff too are rising thus making cleaning, sanitising and disinfection is a priority for school management and parents.

10 Worst Pests For Hospitality Business And How To Deal With Them

Any hospitality business plays a host to a number of people, day-in and day-out. Be it a hotel, lodge, resort or a simple bed and breakfast.

Back In Action, With Every Safety Precaution

Covid-19 has been 2020's biggest threat. Right from the beginning, it has been a threat to humans and the world has suffered a lot.

Places birds infest when they check into hotel premises

Who wouldn't like to check into a nice cosy hotel? Turns out, we humans are not the only ones to do so.

How to control the top 3 pests in a Restaurant - Great insights on Restaurant Pest Control in India

Protect your reputation, your client's health, and the bottom line of your restaurant with these pest management tips.

Training your staff to fight bed bugs

Training your staff to fight bed bugs   Since its inception, bed bugs have been a persistent problem not only for the households but hospitality businesses too.

Back in action with proper precautions

People had paused their normal lives. A tiny virus had shaken the world. And it is after almost a year that we are on the verge of getting back to normal life

Expert tips - Top 5 DIY pest control methods for Termites

You can't see them but that doesn't mean they can't hurt you. Or your walls. Or your furniture. We're talking about TERMITES

Learn how to keep your furniture safe from termites!

In today's day and age, we don't usually have too much time free from work. Tending to a home is a full-time job and it's difficult to watch every details of our homes.

Hire a professional for cockroach control? Or not?

Cockroaches are one type of insects that never give up. They say cockroaches can endure a nuclear blast and that's true.

Here's some help in choosing the right cockroach control products...

Cockroaches are among the dirtiest insects to look at. Making matters worse, they are also the toughest pests to get rid of.

Donating Plasma: All you need to know about plasma donation

Plasma is separated from our blood in labs which can then be injected into patients to help them get better. Convalescent plasma is the plasma that is extracted from a person’s blood who has recovered fully from the infection.

Importance of Chemical Pest Control and Methods -HiCare

HiCare is a leading pest control & hygiene management company that is now digitized & present to provide ease to customers for booking pest control online.

Say Goodbye to Termites with Professional Termite Pest Control

Professional Pest control service provider like HiCare pest management company that puts years into researching the best possible ways to tackle your pest problems.

Professional Pest Control Protection During the COVID-19 Crisis

Professional pest control industry is accountable for the protection of public health, food & property for homes & businesses across the globe. HiCare is best when it comes to providing pest control treatment safely & healthily.

Modern technology of mosquito control

Mosquito are dangerous that none of these seem to be of great help? Let's dive in to understand why you need professional mosquito pest control. HiCare uses modern technology to get rid of them.

Bed Bug Advice From A Pest Control Technician - HiCare

Can't sleep through the night due to bed bugs? Get the right advice from HiCare's expert pest control technician and sleep through the night peacefully.

Benefits of using home cleaning services in Navi Mumbai - HiCare

During times of testing, HiCare ensures a healthy living for you with its home cleaning services in Navi Mumbai. Affordable cleaning home services with HiCare.

Professional office cleaning services can improve your business - HiCare

Your local office cleaning services might not be able to deep-clean and disinfect your premises like HiCare's professional commercial cleaning services can.

Quick Guide To Get The Best Commercial Pest Control Service Provider - HiCare

HiCare is one of the best commercial pest control services in India. With decades of experience & WHO approved chemicals, HiCare ensures pest - free homes to all.

Mosquito pest control: Get Rid of Mosquitoes - HiCare

Prevent disease spreading mosquitoes from entering your house with mosquito pest control. Get HiCare's trained technicians & 3× mosquito control service.

Pest control - Types of Services – HiCare

Looking for types of pest control service? Get affordable pest-control services at home. Experience the safety of WHO approved chemicals with HiCare pest control.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes cause dangerous diseases which can be prevented by HiCare's professional mosquito control treatment. Book our best mosquito pest control services today!

Best home sanitization services in Mumbai

Amid the pandemic, getting home sanitization service like HiCare's professional home sanitization services has become crucial to protect our loved ones. Book now!

Book cockroach pest control service online in Pune

Looking for cockroach pest control in Pune? HiCare is the best pest control online that provides pest control for cockroaches with its 3× technique. Call 8828333888 now!

A Unique Way to Use Home Cleaning Services In Your City

Whether you're looking for home cleaning services in Chennai or home cleaning services in Delhi, you can stay worry-free with HiCare's efficient home cleaning services.

Top bird netting service in Pune

HiCare bird netting in pune is important to keep you and your family safe from diseases and flu caused by birds. Book our bird control netting service today!

10 Quick Tips About Professional Mosquito Control

Finding the right pest control services for mosquitoes is difficult. Here are 10 tips on how to find the right professional mosquito control treatment for home!

3 reasons a professional mosquito control is necessary for you | HiCare

In this article, we’ll be going 3 reasons why you should consider professional mosquito control is necessary for you.

5 Helpful tips and advice for exposure to mosquito|Hicare

This article provides some Helpful tips and advice for exposure to mosquito. Mosquito pest control is one of the quickest ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Are you looking for mosquito pest control service near you ? book with HiCare

HiCare provides the Best Professional Pest Control Services for both Homes and Businesses across India. Book Now or Call on 8828333888

Book online mosquito pest control service in Mumbai | HiCare

Get High Quality Mosquito Pest Control Services in Mumbai at Affordable Prices. On this article few reasons why you should consider getting mosquito pest control in Mumbai.

How to protect yourself from mosquito in spring | HiCare

In this blog, we discuss How to protect yourself and family from mosquito's in spring. Learn more about how to deal with the mosquito's in spring.

How to take care of mosquito bites | HiCare

This blog gives you few common tips that can avoid you from mosquito bites & how to choosing the professional mosquito control services. Read some effective ideas here.

Things to consider when you selecting a mosquito pest control company

Choose right pest control company for trusted services because have to keep safe our family and make it entirely assure a wise choice.

Why cockroach pest control is important? | HiCare

This blog introduces why cockroach pest control is important? Learn about some more reasons why you should consider pest control for cockroach

3X Mosquito control service by HiCare

This blog we explain how we go about the service in detail. and This commences the service officially and the experts go ahead with providing you with our 3X mosquito control and an experience you will never forget.

Top things to Keep Termite Infestation Out Of the home | HiCare

Learn about Ways to Keep Termite Infestation Out Of the House including How do we do the termite control at HiCare? To book with us, you can call on 8828333888 or visit

Tips for Finding the Best Cockroach Pest Control Service

You Need to Know how to find the Best Cockroach Pest Control Service online. Contact the Professional Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai with HiCare.

Best Termite Control Services providers in india | HiCare

Learn more about top termite pest control service providers in India. In this article we will take a look at how to choose the Best Pest Control and Termite Control Company in India.

How to keep cockroaches out from your home | HiCare

Check out this helpful information on how you can keep cockroaches away from your house. Reach out to learn more about.

Top 8 Signs of a Termite Infestation in your House | HiCare

Knowing how to deal with Termite damage, HiCare will help you with 8 signs of a termite infestation to stay a step ahead. Find out more about us.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pest Control Service | HiCare

Take a look at how to find the best pest control services in Mumbai and what things to look for in your chosen company. Click here to know more.

Top things you need to know about termites | HiCare

Learn more about why you would need to conduct pest control for termites . Book Termite Control Services by HiCare and keep your house and furnishings safe from these crawlies.

Top reasons why Termite Pest Control is important | HiCare

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the Top reasons why Termite Pest Control is important for your home. Click here to view.

How to Protect Your home from Termites | HiCare

In this article, we explain how to protect your home from Termites and a three-step Termite Control process that will not only solve the termite problem for a short span but also curb them from invading your home again. Get more info.

How to Choose the Cockroach Control Service Provider | HiCare

This article is about common diseases caused due to the cockroaches & we learn how we can solve this by HiCare services. We use European standard approved gel & spray. Learn more

The Zika Virus: Why do you need to know

This article is all about Zika Virus and its symptoms, to avoid it call Hicare's 3X Mosquito pest control solution. Know more here.

7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Bed Bug Pest Control | HiCare

In this article we will explain the factors that you should consider for choosing the best pest control for bed bugs. For more information click here!

10 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Home Cleaner | HiCare

Are You ready to find the best professional home cleaner? Check out some of the top 10 reasons why you should hire HiCare as a professional home cleaner.

10 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Bathroom Cleaner | HiCare

The most important factors to consider when you are selecting the best bathroom cleaner. Read & know more about choosing the best bathroom cleaner - HiCare. Click here.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Bathroom Cleaning Company | HiCare

In this article we explain the benefits you get with a professional bathroom cleaning service. Here are a few reasons to convince you. It's time to opt for a bathroom deep clean service!

Benefits of Regular Kitchen Cleaning Services for Your Home | HiCare

Are you looking to get regular kitchen cleaning services for your home? HiCare offers professional kitchen cleaning services. In this article, we will explain some of the benefits of deep cleaning for kitchen.

Get Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning Service in mumbai| HiCare

Book Curtain Cleaning Services Online at HiCare. Get Professional Curtain Cleaning Services In Mumbai at your home with affordable prices. Read more!

Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks | HiCare

Learn Our Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips & Tricks. In this blog, we have listed down the benefits of regular kitchen deep cleaning services. Read more now!

Get the Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Mumbai at Your Budget

Book best Sofa Cleaning services in Mumbai at lowest price. This blog will clear some reasons why it's important to have regular sofa cleaning services.

Benefits of Professional Deep Cleaning Services | HiCare

In this blog, we explain the top reasons how hiring a Home Deep Cleaning Services provider can help you in home cleaning and maintaining your spotless home. Learn more!

Things to Consider When Selecting a Pest Control Company | HiCare

<p>Look for a best pest control company. Here are some things to look for when finding and selecting the right pest control company to solve your pest problems. Find out more.</p>

Tips for Choosing the Right Bed Bug Pest Control | HiCare

Are you looking for the right bed bug pest control service? Learn here to Tips for selecting the right bed bug pest control. Get more info

Why Deep Cleaning Is More Important Than Ever | HiCare

This article includes the reasons as to why Professional Deep Cleaning Services are important as well as as how can HiCare help you to solve your cleaning problems? Read more.

Why Do We Need Professional for Deep Kitchen Cleaning Services

In this blog we, look at why do we need professionals for deep kitchen cleaning services and what are the benefits of kitchen deep cleaning services. Check it out here!

Everything you need to know about mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito-borne diseases spread when an infected mosquito bites a healthy person. Zika Virus, Dengue Fever & Malaria are common diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Book best Mosquito Pest Control Services in Mumbai | HiCare

Get the best Mosquito pest control service in Mumbai for homes and offices with HiCare. Check out a few reasons why professional mosquito control is required.

Helpful tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites | HiCare

Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of malaria cases each year. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to protect yourself from any type of mosquito bite.

How mosquito can affect your health | HiCare

Mosquitos are quite literally the most dangerous animals in the world . Mosquitoes can infect humans with the Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue, malaria, and other diseases.

Book deep home cleaning service on HiCare for 2021 festival season

Looking for Home Deep Cleaning Services near You? Get Your Home Cleaned By Trained And Professional Home Cleaning Experts At HiCare. Book Home cleaning at festive offers.

Get Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services Near You | HiCare

Bathroom Cleaning Services - Get high quality, trusted & professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in near you by HiCare. Make your bathroom and toilet clean & fresh.

All you need to know about mosquito bites | HiCare

Everything You Need to Know About Mosquito Bites. Mosquitoes are some of the most hated insects of the outdoors. Find out more about mosquito bites here.

Why you need scheduled cleaning service for your home | HiCare

Here is a list of reasons why you need to schedule a cleaning service for your home & let the professionals take over your space. Choose HiCare's Deep Cleaning Services.

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Find best pest control services in Mumbai near you for residential homes and commercial offices. Get a quote by Professional Pest Control Services with

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HiCare provides Home cleaning service in Mumbai @best price so you can keep your home looking its best all year round! Packages available for Kitchen, Sofa, Carpet, Bathroom, etc.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Pest Control Service - HiCare

By hiring a Professional Mosquito Pest Control Service, you spend less time worrying about pests. Leave the pest problem in their hands & enjoy your family time with HiCare!

5 Things That Happen When Mosquito Bites - HiCare

Mosquito bites are not only annoying but dangerous. Here are 5 things that happen when a mosquito bites you and how to prevent them. Learn more here.

6 Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes From Your Home - HiCare

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes inside the House. Here are best 6 ways in which you can keep these mosquitoes from entering your home.

Do You Really Need Pest Control In Winter? | HiCare

Do you truly require pest control in winter? Yes. Winter mosquitoes control is important for ensuring that there are no mosquitoes breeding or hiding in home corners in winter.

How To Find The Best Pest Control Service - HiCare

Are you looking for the Best Pest Control Services in Mumbai? Then HiCare Pest Control is the best choice. We know how to protect you & your family. Book Now 8828333888

Manage Winter Pest Problems | HiCare Pest Control

Winter pests include Cockroach & Mosquito. Learn how to manage winter pest problems. Contact HiCare Pest Control to schedule your service at 8828333888.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Entering Home

Mosquitoes are not only pesky insects, they can carry potential viruses. Fungi that is dangerous to humans. Here are some tips to avoid mosquitoes.

How To Protect Yourself & Your Family From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of Chikungunya, West Nile cases each year. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to protect yourself & family from mosquitoes.

8 Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes - HiCare

We at HiCare understand mosquitoes, and these 8 interesting facts about mosquitoes can help you enjoy your yard and avoid mosquito bites. Get more info.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Pest Control Services | HiCare

Looking for Pest Control for your spaces? Here are top 10 pest control tips and tricks to help you keep your house clean and disease-free. Read on to know more.

5 Reasons Why Mosquito Pest Control Is Important In Winter

Mosquito Problems in winters. Here are 5 reasons to schedule a winter pest control appointment today. Book the Mosquito Pest Control Services Mumbai on 8828333888 or

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Termite | HiCare

<p>There are many different termite facts that you may find surprising. At HiCare Termite and Pest Control, we're sharing with you top 5 interesting termite facts. Read more. </p>

10 Tips For Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

No one wants cockroaches invading their home. So here are 10 tips that you can use to make your home a place where cockroaches don’t want to be.

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Book Deep Home Cleaning Services in Mumbai at the lowest price & get the best house cleaning services for Kitchen, Bathroom, Sofa, Carpet etc. Book today! Call 8828333888

Pest Control Service: Everything You Need To Know About

Pest Control Service can be used to get rid of all types of common pests and bugs like cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, and so much more!

Important Things You Should Know About Termite | HiCare

Termites can destroy homes from the inside out. Here are 5 different aspects about them. Choose HiCare - best pest control service provider for the best termites pest control

How to Protect Your Kitchen From Cockroaches | HiCare

Are you tired of seeing cockroaches in your kitchen? Implement these hacks and tricks on how to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen and turn your home cockroach-free.

Pest Control Services For Termite In Mumbai - HiCare

HiCare Pest Control, a professional pest control company offers all types of pest control services in Mumbai. Call up the best professionals of pest control for termites on 8828333888

Signs of Termite Infestation? | HiCare Pest Control

Termites are able to cause significant damage to homes in India, learn the early signs they leave behind and how HiCare Pest Control can help.

Why Is Pest Control Important? | HiCare

Pests can be everywhere. They could be in both residential and commercial settings. This is why it is important that you hire the services of professional pest controllers.

Why You Should Choose Professional Pest Control Services

Professional home pest control services are not just more secure and more effective than DIY options, they can also save your time and money. Learn more here.

Are Bed Bugs Bites Dangerous To Your Health? | HiCare

Learn about the dangers of Bed Bugs bites to your health, how to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, and how to get rid of them. Check it out to know more.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Bed Bug Control Service

Pest Control Service has a lot of benefits. See here to know why hiring a professional Bed Bug Control service is necessary from your home. Call 8828333888 now!

Top 10 Facts You Need To Know About Mosquitoes - HiCare

HiCare knows mosquitoes, and these 10 interesting facts about mosquitoes can help you enjoy your yard and avoid mosquito bites while protecting yourself & your family.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control Service | HiCare

If you are trying to get rid of pests, professional pest control is your best option. Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring Professional Mosquito Pest Control Services.

How To Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs | HiCare

A few simple and easy tips & tricks that can help you to keep your home protected from Bed Bugs. Just call 8828333888 or book Bed Bug Pest Control at HiCare.

Why Is Pest Control Important In Home or Office | HiCare

Pest problems are a very common issue we all are facing these days at our home or offices. Here we will discuss - Why Cockroach Control Services are important for the homes.

Facts You Should Know About Mosquito Bites and Pest Control

Mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases. Read on to learn more about mosquito bites facts, how to treat mosquito bites and how to prevent mosquito bites. Click here

8 Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation At Home | HiCare

Bed bugs can infest your home, mattresses, clothes and more. To protect you & your family from painful bites and irritation, read about the signs of bed bug infestation

When Should You Take Cockroach Control Services | HiCare

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in the world. Read why Cockroach Pest Control or Cockroach Control Services are not an option but a mandatory choice.

Choose The Best Cockroaches Management Services In India

HiCare provides top-quality pest control services to residential and commercial clients in India. Call 8828333888 or visit our website to book Pest Control Service today.

Why Is Cockroach Pest Control Service Necessary? | HiCare

Let's talk about the top 5 reasons why Cockroach Pest Control Service is necessary for your home & office. To discuss them in detail, read further

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Important | HiCare

It is very important to go for regular professional pest control treatment for your and family's better health and well-being. Learn for more details.

The Benefits Of Pest Control Services | HiCare

There are many benefits of Pest Control Services. Hiring someone to eradicate your house's pests is the quickest & safest way to solve your pest control problem.

Affordable Cockroach Pest Control Services In Mumbai Within Budget

Cockroach Control Price at HiCare is one of the most affordable rates. Book a service with us within a few minutes or just give us a call at 8828333888.

COVID-19: Can Mosquitoes Spread The Coronavirus? | HiCare

Worried about mosquitoes spreading coronavirus just like they spread dengue and malaria? Read on more to find out the real answer.

How Do Mosquitoes Spread Disease? | HiCare

Mosquitoes spread disease through their bites. In this article, we will guide you on how mosquitoes bite, and spread diseases. Click here to continue reading.

What Types Of Diseases Can Be Spread By Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes are very dangerous. Diseases that are spread to people by mosquitoes include Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria, etc.

Bed Bugs Silent Killer | HiCare

Most bugs are just a nuisance but some are more dangerous than others. Do bed bugs transmit diseases? Check out this guide to find out.

Travelling For New Year, Your Clothes Must Have Caught It | HiCare

Bed bugs love travelling just like you do. So if you're travelling for a New Year Party or trip, there's a high chance they're coming home with you.

Can COVID-19 Be Transmitted Through Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes are responsible for a number of potentially deadly illnesses, but they’re highly unlikely to be playing a role in the COVID-19 pandemic. Read here.

How a Cockroach Treatment Can Help for the Summer | HiCare

Find top-class reliable cockroach & general Pest Control Services at your convenience and protect your house from cockroaches this summer | Pest Control for Cockroach | HiCare

Why is Summer the Best Time for Anti Termite Treatment | HiCare

Summer is the best time for Termite Pest Control because their infestation is not noticeable without evidence, and evidence is abundant in summer | HiCare

Protect Your Home This Summer With Bird Proof Netting | HiCare

Advantages of Bird Netting and how to safeguard your home this summer with bird proof netting by HiCare | Anti Bird Netting | Bird Control Netting

5 Big Reasons to Take Up Home Cleaning in Summer | HiCare

Here are 5 big reasons why you should take up a Home Cleaning Service in the summer | House Cleaning Services | House Cleaning Services near Me | HiCare

Cleaning Services to Keep Your Kitchen Clean in the Summer | HiCare

Here are a few aspects you should consider before booking a service slot with any hygiene company that provides Kitchen Cleaning Services | HiCare

Tips for Deep Cleaning during summer | HiCare

Home Cleaning can be a struggle during summer. Here are some tips and tricks for deep cleaning with ease | HiCare

Why Is Termite Infestation A Disaster During The Summer's | HiCare

HiCare Termite Pest Control company will take a detailed survey of your house and will help you to get rid of termite through the best Anti-Termite Treatment.

Importance of Car Cleaning Services During Summer | HiCare

HiCare, a trusted and well-reputed hygiene solution company in India, offers one of the most affordable and quality Car Cleaning Services.

Why You Need Office Deep Cleaning Services in Summer | HiCare

Why is Office Deep Cleaning Services important and what are its benefits during the summer season. Here you have all the information on office pest control.

Best Pest Control For Cockroaches For Your Home in Summer ! HiCare

The pest infestation could be exhausting during summer.That’s why Pest Management Services are a must before the scorching heat of summer hits.

How Many Times a Year Do Termites Swarm? | HiCare

Book a service for Anti Termite Treatment with HiCare and save your property and the health of your family with just one click | HiCare

Termite Species And Where They Are Commonly Found - HiCare

There are about 2,750 known species of termites distributed widely across the globe. And, approximately 300 species are found in various regions of india | HiCare

Do Mosquitoes Like It Warm Or Cold- HiCare

Hicare's Well-Planned 3x Mosquito Plan Promises to Keep These Flying Beasts Out of Your House | Mosquito Control Treatment | Mosquito Treatment for Home

Why Are Pigeon Nets Important During Summer?

This Write-Up Is Specially Dedicated to Discussing Why Anti Bird Netting Becomes Crucial During the Indian Summer Season | Pigeon Netting for Balconies- HiCare

How Many People Suffer From Mosquito Diseases in India- HiCare

With our integrated 3X Mosquito Plan activated, you can keep your home mosquito-free while keeping the windows and doors open during peak hours! - HiCare

11 Best And Effective Ways To Kill Cockroaches Instantly- HiCare

Here Are 11 Best and Effective Ways to Kill Cockroaches Instantly with the Help of Our Cockroaches Pest Control Services | Best pest control for cockroaches.

Which Pest Control Service Is Best For Cockroach Management | HiCare

Don't let the terror of a cockroach colony stop you from living comfortably .Choose HiCare and enjoy the benefits of our Pest Control Service in just a few clicks.

How Pest Management Improves Quality Of Life- HiCare

HiCare provides a wide range of pest management services; from cockroaches to bed bugs to termites, etc. Along with these, we also offer deep cleaning services.

Do You Need To Do A Pest Control Service? Signs And What To Do Next. |HiCare

This comprehensive write-up will give a brief list of pests signs to look to confirm an infestation and how to tackle the pest problem | pest control service.

How Do I Pigeon Proof My Balcony? | HiCare

HiCare Provides best pigeon netting Services, can visit to our official website and either book with us online or give a call on the number mentioned on the site

What A Mosquito-Free World Would Be Like? Take A Peek Here

A mention of mosquitoes can give a hard time to anyone. However, have you ever wondered what will happen if they disappear over the night? Learn about it here.

If Nuclear Events Can't Kill Cockroaches, Why Can Insecticides?

Here is a complete guide shedding light on - how cockroaches can survive a nuclear apocalypse but not chemicals used in pest control methods.


Handling a cockroach infestation on your own could be challenging. Here are a few home remedies you can try. If the infestation is severe, call HiCare.

How To Disinfect Your Home | Home Disinfection Service - HiCare

With viruses and bacteria present in the environment, keeping the home disinfected becomes an essential part of the cleaning routine for your family's safety.

Causes And Ways to Control Monsoon Pests

Monsoon season can give you a nightmare if a group of pesky pests invade your home. Check out the causes and ways to control monsoon pests effectively.

How to Prevent Termites Spreading In Your Home- HiCare

Termites are pesky pests. If they invade your home, you may have to endure a financial hazard. Here's how you can prevent termites from infesting your property.

6 Fun Facts On Termites - HiCare

Termites could be a big problem for any homeowner. Apart from damaging the property, there are many things you may not know about these silent destroyers.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are indeed irritating pests. Thus, getting rid of them, at least indoors, is important. Here's how you can accomplish this mission.

How To Check Termites In Used Furniture- HiCare

Before buying any piece of second-hand furniture, it is essential to look for termite infestation signs to avoid any consequences in the future.

Steri Care Disinfect Your Way Through Corona

With Coronavirus still being a crisis for us, keeping our surroundings disinfected is a must. Here's how HiCare's SteriHome is an effective solution.

Here's How To Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free With HiCare

The kitchen area is one of the hot spots of a home. Thus, it is important to keep it free from pests such as cockroaches, rodents, ants, and many others.