Month: November 2023

15 Interesting Facts About Ants That You’ve Never Heard of

Ants are fascinating creatures that can be found in the whole world. They are social insects that live in highly organized colonies with different roles for each of ant. In this article we will explore some amazing and interesting facts of ant that you might not have known. 10 Most Common Types of Ants Found […]

11 Best Ways To Kill Cockroaches Instantly from Home

The problem of cockroach infestation is quite common in Indian households. While the permanent solution to get rid of them is professional Cockroach Control Services, multiple methods can give you quick relief from these nuisance-creating pests. So, if you can’t wait until the best pest control for Cockroaches comes to your doorstep to deliver their […]

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Small Insects in Kitchen

Home insects like house flies, ants, termites, wood borers, cockroaches, and mosquitoes somehow tend to make their way into our homes. More than any other room of the house, their presence can be riskier in the kitchen, where we prepare three meals a day. So, it is important to make your kitchen free of small […]

What Is The Best Non-Toxic Way To Control Termites?

Although termites are helpful in making the soil fertile and to balance the ecological system, these same termites can be dangerous when in our homes. Because these creatures feed on wood,  it compromises the strength and durability of the furniture. Though not only wood structures are in danger of getting infested by termites, but also […]

10 Precautions to take Amidst Massive Rise in Dengue and Malaria Cases in Mumbai

Monsoon showers may cheer us up, but what else does it bring along? It also brings along the increase in cases of vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. This is exactly happening in Mumbai at the moment, where there is a massive surge in the number of these mosquito-borne diseases. So, is there any […]

5 Insane But True Facts About Pigeons You Should Know About

Did you know this fact about pigeons that they are amazing athletes? Pigeons have been known to fly at a speed of 60 miles per hour or more. That too without stopping for food or water. Due to their speed, they have inspired an internationally recognised sport, pigeon racing. If you think this is crazy, […]

6 Tips to Keep Your Marble Floors Bright, Shining and Clean

Who wouldn’t admire having a beautifully shining marble in the house? Well, we all do wish. Like most of us think that it is just not possible to maintain those pristine marbles for years, despite a regular floor cleaning service. However, we have brought researched data for you on how to keep marble floors clean […]

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