Cockroach Control Services in Noida

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Noida is an advanced city in Uttar Pradesh. Unfortunately, it is also advancing when it comes to pest infestation with insects like cockroaches. Thanks to the availability of pest control services that help rescue homeowners from the cockroach menace.

Various companies offer cockroach pest control Noida but we recommend you not waste your money and time by choosing inexperienced companies.

Choose the experts by opting for pest control services from HiCare, a leading digital hygiene and pest solution provider in India.

Cockroach Control Services in Noida

Cockroach control in Noida is not an option anymore, but a need that every homeowner has to stay protected inside the home. Cockroaches if left untreated may not just contaminate your food, but make your home ugly too.

So, the best option is to rely on trained professionals to detect and remove cockroaches using the most efficient techniques.

Choosing HiCare for Cockroach Control Services in Noida

Consider HiCare for cockroach pest control Noida, as it offers hassle-free pest control solutions with 24x7 online transparency and digital monitoring.

The company follows a one-nation-one-price for almost all the services offered without ignoring the standard protocols, and infestation trends.

Some other reasons to choose HiCare for cockroach pest control in Noida are:

  1. 28 years of experience in pest control
  2. Presence in more than 30 Indian cities and still expanding
  3. Offers India’s 1st and only 4D Cockroach Control Treatment
  4. Verified and trained employees
  5. Boasts of premium clientele including the Taj Hotels, the ITC Hotels, Amazon, Apollo Hospitals, Citibank, The Parliament House, International Airports at Pune, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, and so on
  6. Served over 10 lakh happy homes and over 25,000 businesses all across the country

Features of HiCare Cockroach Control Services in Noida

Following are some amazing features of HiCare Cockroach Pest Control that make it worth trying for total cockroach removal:

  1. Scientifically designed cockroach pest control treatment
  2. 100% safe cockroach control chemicals
  3. Minimum usage of synthetic chemicals
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Complimentary ant control treatment with 4D cockroach control service
  6. Warranty on 1-year and 2-year contracts

Types of Cockroach Control Services provided by HiCare

Type of Cockroach Control Services Service Details
1. Standard Cockroach Treatment
  • 1X Cockroach Control through European-approved Gel & Spray
  • 3 Visits
  • Manpower – 1 Per Service
2. 4D Cockroach Control Treatment
  • 4D Comprehensive Treatment - Deny Shelter, Deny Food, Destroy & Control, and Digital Monitoring
  • Single Service – 1 Service
  • 1 Year AMC – 3 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • 2 Year AMC – 6 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • Complementary Ant Control Treatment
  • Manpower – 1 Per Service

Try HiCare 4D Cockroach Control Treatment

Tried multiple ways of removing cockroaches from your home but have not been successful yet? It is time to switch to the most effective 4D Cockroach Control Treatment introduced by HiCare.

It includes 4 systematic steps focusing on the total eradication of cockroaches from every nook and corner of your house.

4D Cockroach Control Service – Four D’s

  1. Deny Shelter: Smart denial of shelter to cockroaches using natural dust
  2. Deny Food: Smart denial of food to cockroaches using special biodegradable garbage bags
  3. Destroy and Control: Smart destruction and control of cockroaches using spray treatment, special traps, and gel baits
  4. Digital Monitoring:Smart monitoring through digital medium to crosscheck the effectiveness of the cockroach control treatment

What is the Cockroach Pest Control Service Price in Noida?

The average price of cockroach control service in Noida is well within the reach of a common man. Make sure you invest this money only in a reliable and experienced pest control company such as HiCare.

HiCare offers cockroach pest control in Noida at affordable pricing. Not just in Noida, the company caters to over 30 Indian cities making more than 10 lakh homes and 25,000 businesses pest-free. You can grab a 5% discount on online booking of a cockroach control service through its official portal.

Terms & Conditions of Cockroach Control Services in Noida

  1. Efficacy of the treatment will be effective after 21 days of service
  2. Service needs to be taken within 30 days of the scheduled date
  3. Complaint service free

How to Book HiCare Cockroach Control Treatment in Noida?

To book HiCare Cockroach Control Treatment in Noida follow these steps:

  1. Fill your pin code in the prompt on the website
  2. Scroll through the drop-down menu of ‘Pest Control Services'
  3. Choose the ‘Cockroach Control’ option
  4. Fill out the Online Booking Form
  5. Choose your preferred Cockroach Control Treatment under ‘List of Services’
  6. Choose the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Callback’ Option as per your desire


  1. How can cockroaches be controlled?
  2. To control cockroaches, it is first important to detect their hideout places and from where they seek entrance to your home. For this, look out for signs to detect cockroaches, then snatch conditions that attract cockroaches to your home.

  3. Does pest control really work on cockroaches?
  4. Yes, professional pest control really works on cockroaches and helps kill them quickly. You may try various DIY tricks, but none of them can be at par with a professional approach used by pest control service providers.

  5. What is the best pest control for cockroaches?
  6. The best home remedy for cockroach pest control is using boric acid or borax which dehydrates these pests. As a result, they come out of their hideouts and die instantly.

  7. Which chemical is used for cockroach pest control?
  8. Chemicals like Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins are used to control cockroaches. While Pyrethroids are chemically produced; Pyrethrins are organic compounds found in the pretty Chrysanthemum flowers. These also help kill mosquitoes and other kinds of insects.

  9. Why Hire HiCare for a cockroach treatment in Noida?
  10. Say Hi to Hygiene and Bye to Pests with HiCare. Choose HiCare for the perfect cockroach control in Noida. The company uses eco-friendly chemicals and the latest techniques to help you deal with roaches of all kinds hiding in your home. All this can be fetched in affordable pricing and a 30-day-money back guarantee.

Cockroach Control Services in Noida
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