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Pest Control & Home Cleaning Service

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life. Keeping high standards of Hygiene prevents the development and spread of infectiuos disease-causing germs. It also keeps pungent odors away. Even simple measures can improve the cleanliness of our homes. Armed with a hygiene plan and HiCare’s expert tips you can ensure your Home / Business remains pest free!



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HiCare is a leading pest control company that uses innovative and scientifically proven solutions in all its services. It believes that “Less is More” and therefore minimizes chemical usage during its pest control services to make them 100% safe for everyone at home.

Pest control at home can be a messy affair, but not at all, if you choose HiCare. The company provides convenient and hassle-free pest control solutions to residential customers across the country. The HiCare team will use less messy chemicals and clean up the area after a pest control service.

No, there is no specific need to empty your house for a pest control service from HiCare. However, the professionals will appreciate it if you could make some space for the team to conduct such treatments inside your home. It would be better to make arrangements to shift kids, pregnant ladies, and pets on the day of pest control for their safety.

HiCare is India’s only HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified pest control company with a PAN India presence. It is a trusted name in more than 30 cities when it comes to opting for a one-stop solution for pest control and cleaning. Choose HiCare for pest control services if you want safe, effective, affordable, and long-lasting results.

Yes, HiCare is a prominent name not just for pest control solutions, but also for digital hygiene and cleaning services. The company offers a whole range of home cleaning services including, deep home cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, fridge cleaning, and a host of combo cleaning services too at affordable pricing.

HiCare believes in customer satisfaction, and for this, it provides no false promises and warranty-backed pest control services. The company provides yearly services that come with year-long protection assurance.

All the pest control treatments offered by HiCare offer long-lasting results. However, the exact duration for which these results last depend on the type of treatment chosen and the precautions followed by the customer after the treatment.

All the chemicals used by the HiCare team are safe and have never resulted in any side effects. It uses safe gels, mint garbage bags, TERMIN-8 solution, automated wall sprays, and herbal products to conduct its pest control services.
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