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Cockroaches are not just ugly to look at, but are powerful enough to contaminate your food and destroy the entire beauty of your home. All they need is a hole to creep inside your home and moisture to thrive.

The cockroach menace is a common issue for people living in a humid city like Mumbai that has a vast coastline. People do try all kinds of DIY cockroach pest control methods, but these pests are not at all willing to leave their homes. So, what to do and how to control cockroaches in Mumbai?

The best way to get rid of these pests is by booking cockroach pest control services in Mumbai. Search online for pest control near me for cockroaches to get information about experienced companies for the complete eradication of these creepy pests from your home in Mumbai.

Consider booking cockroach treatment at home from experts like HiCare. The company offers India’s only 4D Cockroach Control with a complimentary Ant Control Treatment.

Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

Cockroach cleaning services offered by experienced pest control companies will help you deal with the nuisance of cockroaches in Mumbai. These are services provided by trained professionals who use the latest techniques and safe chemicals to remove cockroaches from your Mumbai abode.

Search online for a cockroach pest control near me and book one such service to prevent these creepy crawly pests from building their nests and laying eggs in your home. Cockroach pest control helps minimize the chances of suffering from diarrhea due to food contamination done by cockroaches.

Choosing HiCare for Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

HiCare is a leading pest control solution provider in India. Choose this renowned digital hygiene company for a complete cockroach solution in Mumbai for the following reasons:

  1. 28 years of experience in pest control
  2. Presence in more than 30+ Indian cities and still expanding
  3. Offers India’s 1st and only 4D Cockroach Control Treatment
  4. Verified and trained employees
  5. Boasts of premium clientele including the Taj Hotels, the ITC Hotels, Amazon, Apollo Hospitals, Citibank, The Parliament House, International Airports at Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, and so on

Features of Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

Some unique features that make HiCare the best cockroach control service provider in Mumbai are:

  1. Scientifically designed cockroach pest control treatment
  2. 100% safe cockroach control chemicals
  3. Minimum usage of synthetic chemicals
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Complimentary ant control treatment with 4D cockroach control service
  6. Warranty on 1-year and 2-year contracts

Types of Cockroach Control Services provided by HiCare

Type of Cockroach Control Services Service Details
1. Standard Cockroach Treatment
  • 1X Cockroach Control through European-approved Gel & Spray
  • 3 Visits
  • Manpower – 1 Per Service
2. 4D Cockroach Control Treatment
  • 4D Comprehensive Treatment - Deny Shelter, Deny Food, Destroy & Control, and Digital Monitoring
  • Single Service – 1 Service
  • 1 Year AMC – 3 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • 2 Year AMC – 6 Services, 1 Every 4 Months
  • Complementary Ant Control Treatment
  • Manpower – 1 Per Service

Try HiCare 4D Cockroach Control Treatment

HiCare offers 4D Cockroach and Ant Control Treatment, the best pest control for cockroaches. It is the only 4D control treatment for cockroaches available in the country at present that helps remove cockroaches in four ways.

4D Cockroach Control Service – Four D’s

  1. Deny Shelter: The first D in the 4D Cockroach control treatment from HiCare stands for denial of shelter to the cockroaches by closing their entry points using silicone gels and natural dust
  2. Deny Food: The second D of the 4D treatment is about using specially designed biodegradable garbage bags to repel these creepy cockroaches from your house
  3. Destroy and Control: Next comes the third D which stands for destroying and controlling cockroaches using traps, gel baiting, and spray treatment
  4. Digital Monitoring:The last D in the 4D Cockroach Control Method is all about ensuring maximum effectiveness through digital monitoring.

What is the Duration of a Cockroach Pest Control Treatment?

Experienced pest control professionals will complete a thorough cockroach pest control treatment in your house in Mumbai in just 1 to 2 hours. The duration of cockroach control may vary depending on the area to be treated and the treatment chosen.

What is the Cockroach Pest Control Service Price in Mumbai?

The cost for cockroach pest control in Mumbai depends upon the size of the house and level of cockroach infestation.

HiCare offers an ultimate cockroach solution in the form of 4D Cockroach Control Treatment with a complimentary ant treatment and a standard cockroach control treatment at affordable pricing. The company also offers a 5% discount on online booking.

Terms & Conditions of Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

  1. Efficacy of the treatment will be effective after 21 days of service
  2. Service needs to be taken within 30 days of the scheduled date
  3. Complaint service free

How to Book HiCare Cockroach Control Treatment in Mumbai?

To book HiCare Cockroach Control Treatment in Mumbai follow these steps:

  1. Fill your pin code in the prompt on the website
  2. Scroll through the drop-down menu of ‘Pest Control Services'
  3. Choose the ‘Cockroach Control’ option
  4. Fill out the Online Booking Form
  5. Choose your preferred Cockroach Control Treatment under ‘List of Services’
  6. Choose the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Callback’ Option as per your desire


  1. What is the best treatment for cockroaches?
  2. Try the following best cockroach treatments:

    1. Place bait stations
    2. Place glue traps in problem areas
    3. Seize all entry and exit points
    4. Use a cockroach-killing spray
    5. Search and book professional cockroach control services near me

  3. Why are there so many cockroaches in Mumbai?
  4. Mumbai is situated along the Arabian Sea coast, and therefore it is a humid city. Pests like cockroaches prefer staying and growing in moisture. So, Mumbai’s humidity is the basic reason for the presence of so many cockroaches in Mumbai.

  5. What kills cockroaches instantly?
  6. One of the most effective home remedies to kill cockroaches instantly is sprinkling a mixture of borax and white table sugar. Take equal parts of both these ingredients to form a mixture. When consumed by cockroaches, this mixture will dehydrate them and kill them instantly.

  7. Which is the best season for cockroach control?
  8. Pest control experts believe that the best season for professional cockroach pest control at home is in the winter season. It is the time of the year when cockroaches find it hard to survive outside and it is easier to kill them and their eggs before they grow in large numbers to infest your home in the summer season.

  9. Will the HiCare 4D Cockroach and Ant Control Treatment eliminate cockroaches completely from my house?
  10. Yes, HiCare’s 4D Cockroach and Ant Control Treatment will help you get rid of cockroaches completely from your house. It will work in four ways to control cockroaches at home. If not satisfied you can claim your money back with this 30-day money-back guarantee service.

Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai
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