Month: April 2023

5 Best DIY Termite Pest Control Methods For Your Home

You can’t see them but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Or your walls. Or your furniture. We’re talking about termites, a species of pests that don’t harm humans much, but our homes. Lakhs of rupees are spent each year in damage control due to termite issues. So, we thought it might be helpful […]

Bird Netting is Cost Effective Way to Prevent Bird Damage

Birds are a beautiful addition to our surroundings, but they can also cause significant damage to our properties, crops, and structures. From agricultural fields to residential gardens, bird damage can be a nuisance and a financial burden. Fortunately, bird netting offers a practical and cost-effective solution to keep birds away and prevent potential damage. In […]

Common Diseases Caused by Harmful Insects

Do you know several human diseases are transmitted by harmful insects? Yes, these seemingly harmless creatures possess tremendous potential when it comes to spreading bacterial, viral, and parasitical infections. You will be scared to know that a plethora of pathogens can be transmitted by insects or pests around us. Mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, and rats […]

World Malaria Day 2023: Know the Important Causes, Symptoms & Prevention Tips

Since 2008, every year April 25th has been celebrated as World Malaria Day across the globe. This day is observed mainly to spread awareness about effective Malaria precautions. World Malaria Day 2023 Theme The theme for Malaria Day 2023 is “Ready to Combat Malaria”.  Believe it or not, India is one of those countries that are […]

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Kitchen?

Every house has a kitchen, which is a storehouse of food. So, why will cockroaches stay away? Yes, the area that is most prone to cockroach infestations at home is your kitchen. You will easily spot small cockroaches crawling here and there inside the cabinets, countertops, and walls of this room. Therefore, we know you […]

How to Remove Cockroaches from Home? (5 Simples Steps)

Do you know that cockroaches are the most commonly found pests in our homes? Capable of breeding rapidly and spreading infections through contamination, cockroaches can be a real nuisance for you and your home. So, the question comes how to get rid of cockroaches? There are several methods and approaches people try to control cockroaches […]

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