Month: February 2023

Smart Ways to Clean a Fridge Inside and Out

You rely on your refrigerator to store all kinds of foodstuff, but do you take good care of this most frequently used home appliance? If your answer is no, then you are putting your family at a big risk of suffering from diseases due to food contamination through a dirty fridge. Fridge or refrigerator cleaning […]

How To Check Termites In Used Furniture

Furniture shopping for your house or workplace is typically a fun experience. While new furniture meets all of the standards, used furniture gives a vintage touch to the overall design of the space. However, if second-hand wooden furniture is infested with termites, the discounted price can cost you an arm and a leg. Although termite […]

Why You Need Office Deep Cleaning Services in Summer

Ever since the Indian government started uplifting Coronavirus-induced restriction, many offices in metropolitan cities have been unlocked to resume the work. To ensure the safety of the employees’ health, a handful of offices opted for commercial pest control services and office deep cleaning services. Office pest control services keep the spaces pest-free and give a […]

Tips for Deep Cleaning during summer | HiCare

Being a member of an Indian household, we all are well aware that festivals like Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, are not just about new clothes and firecrackers. Deep cleaning of our house is an integral part of the celebration of these festivals. However, home cleaning once a year is not enough. As the summer of […]

10 Quick Tips About Professional Mosquito Control

Professional mosquito control is one of the growing needs of households in India. With the number of malaria cases rising, rain and humidity often bring along the annoying and blood sucking mosquitoes with them. So what can control them? Diy mosquito sprays, nets of mosquito killing bats? Whatever might be your mosquito treatment for home, […]

6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Termites

If you know anything about termites, it’s probably that they are nasty, horrible creatures that can devastate your home by eating through all the wood they can reach and can be terminated only by pest control services for termites or termite control services. Termites never sleep, so they are able to eat their way through […]

Everything you need to know about mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito season has arrived. It brings along the infamous blood-sucking insects with their increased breeding, feeding, and biting. You can’t enjoy the rain without getting unpleasant mosquito bites if you open your windows to sense the breeze. These bites are not just annoying but could also be precursors to a range of mosquito-borne diseases and […]

7 Tips for Controlling Difficult Cockroach Infestations

Spotting a cockroach in Indian homes is a common scenario. The country with tropical weather that is quite favorable for the roaches to dwell in is home to several species of cockroaches. Perhaps, this is the reason for the high demand for cockroach pest control treatments in India. People prefer relying on professional cockroach treatments […]

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