Month: June 2023

10 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Bathroom Cleaner

Indian homes maintain a different level of hygiene when it comes to festive cleaning. Now that Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali and so many big festivals are just around the corner, the maids and family members are swaying fast to ensure that the entire home is spotless and sparkling. You might’ve heard people saying ‘Hey, don’t […]

Why Cockroach Pest Control is Important?

Cockroaches are a big nuisance at home or any other space. They can cause a lot of damage to the health, property and belongings. It is always advisable that you call professional cockroach pest control services to remove these unwanted invaders. They know how to handle the harmful chemicals with their own techniques. Cockroaches are […]

Do Air-Conditioners Help Clean Up Indoor Air Pollution

Air conditioner systems might work excellent in keeping your home cool but fails to make your home pollutant-free. Here are few facts associated with health risks with air-conditioners. The air quality indoor is ten times more polluted than outdoors. Air conditioner are misunderstood as one of the cleaning systems for indoor air pollution. The air-conditioning […]

Best Pest Control for Cockroaches for Your Home in Summer! HiCare

During the humid weather of summer, the pest infestation could be exhausting and irritating. That’s why pest management services are a must before the scorching heat of the Indian summer hits. Amid a wide range of pests that can be a threat to your and your ailing family member’s health, cockroaches top the list. Cockroaches […]

Top 10 Signs of Termite Infestations in the House

Termite infestations may jeopardize a home’s structural integrity and inflict lakhs of rupees in damage without anybody being aware of it. To keep your property safe from termites, schedule a termite inspection with a qualified pest specialist every one to three years. There are, however, several indicators that shows the existence of termites that homeowners […]

7 Tips to Protect Your Child Against Mosquito Bites

As soon as the rainy season approaches, those with babies at home start worrying about mosquito bites. We are not sure whether it is the soft and tender skin of the babies or their inability to shoo away the mosquitoes; what makes mosquitoes bite babies more than adults? So, how to prevent mosquito bites on babies and small children? […]

Do Mosquitoes Get Attracted to Certain Blood Types?

Over the years, we have noticed that mosquitoes are smart species with their own set of preferences. Do you know that mosquitoes like biting people with specific blood groups? A lot can be sorted in terms of mosquito control if you know what attracts mosquitoes the most. So, is there any mosquito favourite blood group? […]

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