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New Delhi is one of the most populated cities in India, which is populated not just by the human population, but also by a varied pest population. Different kinds of pests are found creeping inside homes and breeding freely.

The best pest solution comes in the form of a reliable pest control service. Be it the menace of cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, wood borers, or bed bugs, an experienced pest control service provider in New Delhi will leave your house pest free after the controlled pest treatment.

Choose efficient pest control services in Delhi from HiCare. It is India’s leading digital hygiene and pest control company with an experience of over 28 years. The first company to establish Pest Control Services Training Centre in Bangalore in the year 2016.

Pest Control Services in Delhi

Why live with the uninvited inhabitants called pests in your house, when you have a smart choice to throw them out of their hideouts with an effective and safe pest control service?

There are ample reasons for which one must consider pest control services near me, and the top-most benefit is that it protects your health.

Consider booking pest control services in New Delhi to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Eco-friendly pest control solutions
  2. Safeguards your family against pest infection and allergies
  3. Offers complete pest detection and eradication
  4. Prevents wood and furniture damage
  5. Ensures a good night's sleep
  6. Enhances productivity at work
  7. Saves money spent on health treatments
  8. Saves money on home repairing due to pest infestation
  9. Prevents wastage of time in trying DIY pest control methods
  10. Offers complete peace of mind

Choosing HiCare for Pest Control Services in Delhi

HiCare is India’s only HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified pest control company. The trained hygiene experts of the company offer innovative, safe, and scientific solutions to control pest infestation at your premise.

Choose HiCare for home pest control services to enjoy the following:

  1. 28 years of experience in pest control
  2. Presence in more than 30 Indian cities and still expanding
  3. Offers India’s 1st 4D Cockroach Control Treatment
  4. Offers India’s 1st 3X Mosquito Control Treatment
  5. Verified and trained employees
  6. A clientele comprising India’s finest names including the Taj Hotels, the ITC Hotels, Amazon, Apollo Hospitals, Citibank, The Parliament House, International Airports at Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, and so on

Features of HiCare Pest Control Services in Delhi

The following features make HiCare the best pest control service provider in Delhi:

  1. Scientifically designed pest control treatment
  2. 100% safe chemical pest control treatments
  3. Minimum usage of synthetic chemicals
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Warranty on 1-year and 2-year contracts
  6. Affordable pest control prices
  7. 5% Discount on booking pest control online

Types of Pest Control Services provided by HiCare

3X Mosquito Control, pest control for termites, and 4D cockroach pest control are some of the popular services offered by HiCare. The company offers different pest control services for 6 different types of pests.

Type of Pest Control Services Service Details
1. Bed Bug Control
  • BBMS - Lite
  • BBMS - Pro
  • BBMS - Ultra
2. Cockroach Control
3. Mosquito Control
  • 3X Mosquito Control
4. Rodent Control
  • RMS - Lite
  • RMS - Pro
  • RMS - Ultra
5. Termite Control
  • Termite - 1-Year Warranty
  • Termite - 2-Year Warranty
6. Wood Borer Control
  • Wood Borer - Lite
  • Wood Borer - Pro

HiCare Pest Control Service Prices in Delhi

HiCare offers a standard cost for pest control service for 6 types of pests in all the major Indian cities. You can however grab a 5% discount by booking pest control online at the official portal of HiCare.

Terms & Conditions of HiCare Pest Control Services in Delhi

  1. Pest control treatments will minimize pest infestation in controlled conditions
  2. Efficacy of the pest control service will last long when precautions are strictly followed
  3. Efficacy of the pest treatment will take 15 days post service
  4. Important to maintain the hygiene of the house for the best effectiveness

How to Book HiCare Pest Control Services in Delhi?

To book HiCare Pest Control Services in Delhi follow these steps:

  1. Fill your pin code in the prompt on the website
  2. Scroll through the drop-down menu of ‘Pest Control Services'
  3. Choose the preferred service option
  4. Fill out the Online Booking Form displayed on your preferred pest control service page
  5. Choose the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Callback’ Option as per your desire


  1. What do pest control services do?
  2. Professionals from a good pest control company like HiCare will first detect the pests at your premise through pest testing methods and then suggest suitable pest control treatments for complete eradication.

  3. How much does pest control cost in Delhi?
  4. The standard price of general pest control in New Delhi starts at Rs. 600 for 1 BHK and may go as high as Rs. 8,000. Pest control pricing in Delhi may vary in terms of the pests infesting your premise, and the treatment chosen to control the same.

  5. What is the best pest control method?
  6. Chemical pest control is the best pest control method found effective against all types of pests like cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and wood borers. Chemical pesticides are used to control insect and pest infestation in homes and factories.

  7. What are the advantages of pest control?
  8. With a good pest control service, you choose to protect your health and safeguard your family against various infections spread by pests. You also choose to protect your premise and furniture from pest damage.

  9. Will HiCare eliminate pests completely from your house?
  10. Pest control services offered by HiCare will help eliminate pest infestation from your house under controlled conditions. The efficacy of such services will be seen at their best after 15 days of the pest control service.

Pest Control Services in Delhi
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