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The size of tiny mosquitoes may be misleading but the size of health hazards they can impose on us is huge. Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, and zika virus – all these are viral infections transmitted to us through mosquito bites. So, looking for complete protection against mosquitoes is a must.

Despite spreading awareness about the mosquito menace, there seems to be no respite from these flying pests in Hyderabad. You will find all types of mosquitoes in the city hatching openly in an infinite amount. Open potholes, drainages, and garbage piles act as mosquito-breeding grounds in Hyderabad.

So, how to control mosquitoes? The best solution to deal with the nuisance of mosquitoes is by getting a professional mosquito control service in Hyderabad. Consider HiCare, an experienced pest control company that is also the proud introducer of India’s first 3X Mosquito Control Treatment.

Reasons to Book Mosquito Control Services in Hyderabad?

No matter even if you use all types of mosquito control products, you will still not be able to get rid of mosquitoes in a mosquito-prone place like Hyderabad. For complete protection against these biting and flying pests, you need mosquito control services in Hyderabad.

The following list of reasons reveals the benefits of a mosquito control service in Hyderabad:

  1. Better sleep
  2. Better productivity at work
  3. Lesser chances of getting infected with mosquito-borne diseases
  4. Complete peace of mind without the disturbance of mosquitoes
  5. Destruction of mosquito breeding spots
  6. Happy and healthy family living inside the mosquito-free home

Why should you Choose HiCare for Mosquito Control Services in Hyderabad?

Trust HiCare for a perfect mosquito control service in Hyderabad for the following reasons:

  1. HiCare offers India’s 1st ever 3X Mosquito Control Treatment
  2. 90 mosquito-free days with just one single service
  3. 30 days money back guarantee
  4. Wide presence in over 30 Indian cities and still growing
  5. Freedom to open windows 24x7
  6. Safe chemicals approved by Central Insecticides Board
  7. Verified and trained employees

Services Covered Under Mosquito Pest Control Treatment

The three main services offered under a good mosquito pest control treatment are inspection, removal, and destruction. Let us elaborate a bit more on these three aspects of mosquito pest control treatment.

It involves inspecting for the mosquito menace in a house, removing the mosquitoes through sprays and dispensers, and destroying the mosquito breeding sites.

Go for 3X Mosquito Control Treatment from HiCare to get all these three essential services clubbed in one treatment for effective mosquito removal.

  1. Smart Air: Installing automated wall dispensers for optimized sprays at mosquito entry points after a thorough inspection
  2. Smart Walls: Conducting encapsulated wall spray treatment on the indoor walls to offer you 90 mosquito-free days
  3. Smart Water: Destroying mosquito breeding sites through anti-larvae breeding treatment

How does the HiCare Team work?

HiCare believes in doing things step-by-step, and the same approach is followed in its ultimate 3X Mosquito Control Treatment. They train their staff to provide you with the most effective mosquito pest control service in four main phases.

  1. The Booking Phase: It is the starting phase where one book the mosquito control service in Hyderabad online or using the callback option
  2. The Pre-Service Phase: The second phase is about checking the health status of the hygiene experts before sending them to your doorstep for a service
  3. The Service Phase: The service phase includes inspection, dusting, spraying, and installing the dispenser
  4. The Post-Service Phase: The last phase is all about checking the results of the mosquito control treatment for the first 30 days and complaining if you are not satisfied

Mosquito Control Treatment Time Duration and Team Size

Professionals from a reputed pest control company like HiCare generally take 1 to 2 hours for a thorough mosquito control treatment in Hyderabad. One HiCare hygiene expert is enough to conduct the mosquito pest control treatment in a 1 BHK house.

Mosquito Control Service Cost in Hyderabad

Mosquito pest control cost in Hyderabad depends on the size of the home and level of mosquito infestation.

HiCare offers the ultimate 3X Mosquito Control Treatment -MMS at quite affordable rates in over 30 Indian cities. Get 5% extra discount on online booking of the treatment.

How to Book Mosquito Pest Control Treatment in Hyderabad?

To book HiCare 3X Mosquito Control Treatment in Hyderabad follow these steps:

  1. Fill your pin code in the prompt on the website
  2. Scroll through the drop-down menu of ‘Pest Control Services'
  3. Choose the ‘Mosquito Control’ option
  4. Fill out the Online Booking Form
  5. Choose the ‘Book Now’ or ‘Callback’ Option as per your desire


  1. How to get rid of mosquitoes in the rainy season?
  2. The following tips will help you to control mosquitoes in the rainy season:

    1. Keeping doors and windows closed
    2. Wearing full-sleeve tops and full-length pants
    3. Removing stagnant water in and around the house
    4. Placing mosquito repellent indoor plants
    5. Using natural remedies to repel mosquitoes like garlic, cloves, lemon, soapy dish, and so on

  3. How much does mosquito control in Hyderabad cost?
  4. The standard cost of mosquito control in Hyderabad starts at Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 3,000 for a 1 BHK and 3 BHK house, respectively.

  5. What time of year should you spray for mosquitoes?
  6. Preferably to keep the mosquitoes away from yourself and your family, you should start spraying at the beginning of the spring season. If somehow, you miss that time, then do spray for mosquitoes during the rainy season.

  7. How often will I need mosquito control?
  8. Usually, a mosquito control treatment lasts for up to 30 days. But if you choose HiCare for 3X Mosquito Control Treatment, you will need to get another service after 90 days.

  9. Do mosquito treatments really work?
  10. Yes, to get rid of the mosquitoes, you can trust mosquito treatments offered by professional pest control companies like HiCare. They use advanced treatments and WHO-approved safe chemicals to keep mosquitoes away from your house.

  11. Which is the best mosquito control treatment?
  12. The best and fastest mosquito control treatment is fogging. In this mosquito control method, insecticides are sprayed through a fogging machine.

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