Month: August 2023

How Long does Termite Treatment Last? – Liquid vs. Bait vs. Tenting vs. Heat

Are you fed up with seeing wooden dust and mud trails on walls due to a termite infestation at home? We understand your plight and concern to save your wooden furniture and house from these wood-eating pests. The good news is that you can book a termite treatment at home near me to get rid […]

10 Factors That Determine the Cost of a Pest Control Treatment

India with a tropical climate and a vast coastline is a hot spot for all sorts of pests and insects. From cockroaches to termites, from rats to mosquitoes, from bed bugs to wood borers, you will get all kinds of insects infesting residential and commercial spaces in various Indian cities.  Thanks to the pest control […]

How to Clean a Kitchen: A Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Even those who are fond of cooking hesitate when it comes to kitchen cleaning. Yes, we do agree that it is a tedious task, and one often gets disappointed seeing no brilliant results and shines after a DIY kitchen cleaning. So, how to clean the kitchen? The best option is to book kitchen cleaning services […]

HiCare – Undoubtedly The Best Pest Control Company in Chennai!

Facing pests in Chennai can be a big problem for people who own homes there. These pests can include bothersome cockroaches and stubborn ants, as well as more harmful termites and sneaky rodents. They can turn your peaceful home into a place of struggle. Not only can they harm your property but they can also […]

Amazing Facts about Insects

There are insects everywhere. Every day, we come across them. But how well do you understand insects? Insects are essential to the health of our ecosystems. They decompose organic materials and nourish our soil, among other things. In the food chain, they offer food for larger creatures. To get you started, there’s an universe of […]

10 Best Home Remedies for Mosquito Bite Itch

Whether you stay indoors or outdoors, you will keep falling prey to intolerable mosquito bites, especially during warm and humid weather. Do you know that when mosquitoes bite us, they suck our blood and in return release anti-clotting agents that cause itching and a small red bump immediately after the bite? Many people rely on […]

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