Hicare: the home hygiene expert

Hicare has come a very long way from small, but promising beginnings. Since 2004, Hicare has been India's leading and most trusted provider for residential and commercial pest control: from termites and woodborers to cockroaches and others we safely eliminate all unwanted pests. No one knows, or gets rid of pests, the way Hicare does. We even have excellent bird netting solutions and air purifiers that take the species out of your home! We are now a formidable player in the home hygiene space, providing professional, safe and fast Home Cleaning Solutions to give you a sparkling "good as new" feel to your home. Our trained technicians use only the latest technology, techniques and equipment. They are background verified for your family's safety. Hicare's network, encompassing over 200 cities across India is unparalleled. Our reach and strength increased rapidly due to Hicare's innovative approach and safe advanced technology that enable long-lasting elimination of pets from residences or commercial premises. Hicare is India's only HACCP certified Pest service provider, with strict enforcement of company guidelines for pest control. Government regulations and licensing control are strictly adhered to. Hicare respects nature and life and offers complete safety for your entire family: children, pets and elders. With a dedicated 24x7 call center, Hicare is regarded as easy to reach to its customer.

Small Set up to Pan India Player

In 1987 Transelektra Domestic Products Limited launched a popular brand of popular and effective household insecticides called "GoodKnight and Hit" in India. This startup drove the business to a Rs. 500 million brand (in sales) in just seven years, after which Godrej group bought it in 1994 for Rs. 1 billion.

Hi-tech Pest control: a first in India

In 1994, Godrej Industries bought TRANSELEKTRA from Arumugham Mahendran and R. Mohan and renamed the company "GODREJ HI-CARE" with A. Mahendran as MD, holding 5% stake. In 1998, it became Godrej Sara-Lee a global company with 50% revenue coming from India. In 2004, HICARE was founded by Godrej to provide odourless very safe, high-tech pest control in India for the first time.

"Father of mosquito repellent" acquires Hicare!

In 2009, Hicare (in which A. Mahendran controlled 80% stake) shifted focus to the B2B space. It was christened ISS Hicare and became India's second largest pest control service provider operating in 27 cities, serving over one lakh residential and 10,000 commercial customers. ISS Hicare became a very large foreign employer in India with over 53,000 employers. In 2014 India Value Fund investors and A. Mahendran acquired Hicare from the Danish Multinational ISS Global.HICARE becomes a total Hygiene CompanyA Mahendran became the chairman of Hicare, now a wholly Indian Company. By 2015, Hicare expanded into Home Cleaning and became pan-India player in the home and commercial Hygiene space. Hicare now served both residential and commercial customers with both technical pest control and professional cleaning services. By 2016, Hicare became India's second largest Pest control service provider and India's No. 1 Professional Home Cleaning Company.

New Leadership takes Hicare forward !

In May 2015, Hicare came under the leadership of a dynamic duo, CEO Himanshu Chakrawarti and COO Joydeep Sarkar. In March 2016, Hicare strengthened its presence in the Home hygiene space. This service complemented the pest control services and had 20% growth each year! In July 2016 India was reeling under mosquito-caused epidemics. Over 1 lakh cases of dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya laid citizens low. Hicare responded instantly by launching India's first Anti-dengue and Anti-malaria pest control (targeted service). In February 2017, Hicare expanded its Home Cleaning Service into the B2B space with investments of over R. 100 crore.

In 2019 HiCare came under the leadership of experienced ad visionary duo Mr. Krishnan Govindan and in 2020 Mr. Sumit Nadgir.

India's only HACCP Certified Company

Hicare provides for residential and commercial pest control for domestic pests, mosquitoes, termites, bird netting plus professional Home-cleaning, Car cleaning and air purifier. Another feather in HICARE's cap was becoming India's only HACCP Certified Pest Service Provider.

Products that purify and de-pestify!

Since 2015 Hicare has been focusing on the product solution market (in both consumer and business space). Hicare launched the latest fly trappers, mosquito killer machines and a high tech range of air purifiers for homes and businesses.

Partnership with World's leading brands!

Hicare partnered with Bayer India to co-create solutions in the household insecticides space. We are the biggest portfolio for Bayer in India. In 2016, Hicare partnered with Diversey care and Karcher Machines for specialized chemicals and cleaning machines. In 2016 Hicare launched India's first Dengue-malaria control Service in partnership with Bayer and DND Turbo Liquid Vaporizer for a"one of a kind" mosquito pest control service and product combo for homes. In 2016 epidemic of Dengue Malaria, Hicare tied up with Housing societies in Gurgoan and launched a door to door education cum Demo service to help residents eradicate mosquito breeding sites at home. In 2017, the air purification systems were launched in partnership with Blueair Purifiers of Sweden

State of the Art Training Centres

Hicare set up India's first Pest Control Services Training centre in Bangalore in 2016. The specialized Home cleaning training centre was launched in Mumbai in 2016. The state of the art training centre offers training for all the specialized services offered by Hicare with in-depth classroom sessions and live demos.

We keep adding more pincodes!

Since 2016, Hicare is on an over drive for its pest control and home cleaning service to be nearer to many more customers and is looking to cover all the major as well tier 2 cities in the country.

Brining Global Expertise to India

Hicare has partnered with Bayer and SUMITOMO chemicals (of Japan) to co create the safest, most effective, long lasting pest solutions all approved by the Central Insecticides board of India.Hicare was the official Hospitality Partner for pest World East 2016 held in India at Goa in 2016. This annual event held by Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) highlight pest management challenges specific to the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and India.In 2017 HICARE partnered with the leading Air Purifier brand from Sweden - Blueair Air Purifiers as the official Direct-to- Home Seller in India in the home and commercial space. Hicare was the official sponsor of India's first Air Quality Control & Monitoring Summit held in Delhi in May 2017.As customer journey in services sector is shifting online and in app, HICARE was the official sponsor of the Retail Leadership Summit held in Mumbai in Feb 2017 focusing on Collaborating to Win the Connected Consumer.

Elite Clientele

In 2015 HICARE won large scale on-site pest control accounts for The Parliament House New Delhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport and Delhi Metro.Between 2013-2015 HICARE won the account for prestigious brands likes Coca Cola, StarBucks, Metro Cash & Carry, Burger King, Big Bazaar, Citibank, Microsoft, Taj Hotels, and ITC Hotels.

Safety for the World's Largest Pilgrimage

Keeping the divine Kumbh Mela and the lakhs of pilgrims from all over, safe from the mosquito menace is no easy task. Hicare rolled out India's very first Vector Management program by partnering with Simhastha Kumbh Mela- the world's largest religious gathering, where devotees take a holy dip in River Ganga. From 22nd April to 21st May 2016, Hicare was the official Pest Control Solution provider for the entire Mela.