PRO TIPS: How to get rid of termites permanently?

Check out the article and know how to get rid of termites permanently. These preventive measure will definitely keep away the Termites completely. Check now

Chew, chew, chew and keep chewing. That’s the motto for termites and they don’t stop until they’ve chewed their way right through your walls. Or doorways. Or even chairs, wooden units, cabinets or other items of furniture. Basically, they will ruin your furniture unless you identify this termite issue soon. Knowing how to get rid of termites is of utmost importance, as they can cause severe loss and damage to property, especially wooden items. Moisture is one of the biggest threats!

Preventive measures:

  • Make sure your home is always nice and warm. If you have a roof, get it fixed. Broken roof tiles mean moisture seeping through and a perfect environment for termites to nest themselves and begin their work in damaging your home. While they have no direct threat to humans, the costs for repairing termite damage can get very high.
  • Air Conditioning units and vents are also strategic spots to watch for maintaining effective termite control. Water droplets dripping from these AC units can create moisture and cause nearby wood to soften, which is ideal for termite growth. Today, we’ll go through how to get rid of termites completely, from DIY methods to professional methods.

How to get rid of termites permanently?

  • Moisture hurts: As we’ve mentioned above, get rid of all sources of moisture in the house. This includes getting rid of any cardboard boxes, stacks of wood and other similar items in and around the house.
  • Block all entry points: You can caulk up and seal all holes and entry points in doors, windows, and other entrances. You can do this yourself or even by the help of a carpenter. It will also kill existing termites in these holes.
  • Use the right mulch: In gardens, people generally tend to use straw and compost and leaves as mulch, and these cellulose compounds attract termites when wet. Make sure mulch is nowhere close to your house. Also, use alternate materials such as gravel or rubber.
  • Don’t keep piles of clothing lying around: While they prefer cellulose and similar fabrics, clothing can also be a good home to termites, so make sure you pick up your piles of clothing and store them in right places, rather than just lying around the house.
  • Inspect walls and furniture: Termites make tunnels through wooden furniture and other wooden items in your homes. Further, they chew up the wood from within, leaving it spongy, papery and hollow. Check your furniture and walls thoroughly to know what has been affected already.

Professional pest control

Knowing how to get rid of termites on your own is handy but ultimately, it’s the professionals who know best. The top pest control brands in India know how to kill termites effectively, while also preventing further damage to your walls and furniture. Termite control services are a bestseller on HiCare, which is India’s top pest control and home hygiene company. HiCare uses a Drill-Fill-Seal technique which includes drilling holes into strategic places that could be infested with termites. Next, these holes are filled with the government-approved TERMIN-8 solution which kills existing termites within the holes. Also, they are then sealed with chalk and white cement, ensuring there won’t be further termite activity in this region. This 3-step process is what has made HiCare’s termite control package as popular as it is. All you have to do is make a call at 8828333888 or visit our website to book a service. You can also use your personal assistant to do the same, saying, “Alexa, Open HiCare.” Remember, the service begins at only INR 4,500!

PRO TIPS: How to get rid of termites permanently?

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