HiCare wishes you all a very happy and clean Republic Day 2020!

This Republic Day let’s take an oath to keep our homes and citizens safe from all pests and disease with the help of Hicare.

Once again, it’s time to celebrate that day that comes only once a year, but a day that gets the entire nation to respect the motherland together. The occasion is the 71st Republic Day of India and we at HiCare are here to give you a small Republic Day message. A message hoping you continue to love and respect this country that has given us so much. What began with Mahatma Gandhi and hundreds of freedom fighters many decades ago is now our own. It’s our duty and responsibility to continue to carry forward the legacy of our forefathers and keep showing the world what a beautiful and diverse country we live in. We wish you all a Happy Republic Day 2020!   HiCare is committed to keeping this country a clean and green one, and it’s not for nothing that we are India’s number one pest control and home hygiene brand. Not only are we providing the highest quality pest control services, but we’re also the most trusted company when it comes to home cleaning services and kitchen cleaning services. This year, while a thousand salutes go off amidst several patriotic songs at the republic day service, let’s take an oath to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in our homes as well as nearest surroundings. They say cleanliness is next to godliness and for us, the first step always begins at home. Our Prime Minister launched the ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative in 2014 and everyone should make sure they reinforce this while wishing each other happy republic day on 26th January 2020! It was the day our constitution came into place in 1950. As citizens of this great nation, we should strive to always follow the highest levels of hygiene in our country. With a population of over a billion, it’s tough to ensure every inch of the country is spic and span. Hence, we should begin at home. HiCare helps us maintain these highest levels of hygiene at home. If ever we need help, they provide in-depth home cleaning services which include bathroom and kitchen cleaning services. Keeping diseases at bay is also important, which also begins at home. When you spot cockroaches or mosquitoes at home, you can avail of the best pest control services from HiCare, and we’ve also promised to get you these services at the most reasonable prices, while also offering EMI options and festive discounts for those who need them. On the occasion of the 71st Republic Day of India, HiCare promises to keep up the highest levels of quality. Research and development have always been key for us, evolving as quick as this great nation does. Keeping our customers satisfied has also been a major goal, and so far, we’ve managed this pretty well. It was just a few months ago that we launched India’s first-ever advanced cockroach management AMC service. Through this, cockroaches stayed away from every household. Why, you ask? It’s because we provided free non-corrosive drain cleaning and mint fragrance cockroach-repelling garbage bags along with our cockroach control service. This eliminated all ways of cockroaches returning to households. Similarly, the research is always on to ensure all of our services and products are always of the highest quality. This includes bird netting, air purifying and all other services. Being part of the NPMA and being HACCP-approved helps us stay honest to customers, while also using only the highest quality Bayer chemicals. We’re committed to keeping homes and citizens safe from all pests and diseases. Once again, we wish you all a happy republic day 2020!

HiCare wishes you all a very happy and clean Republic Day 2020!

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