Our Top Selling Gift for 2018 – ‘Deep Cleaning & Pest Control’. 2019 Gifting options.

Another year has come and gone. 2018 was a fantastic year for HiCare. We launched many new products and services and made booking services much easier too. The number of positive feedback messages we have received was overwhelming, which made us know that 2018 was truly a hit.   Now, however, it’s time for 2019 and […]

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Breathe in the purest form of air with the best air purifiers from HiCare

Breathe in the purest form of air with the best air purifiers

Clean air is a non-existent commodity in most areas and big cities of India. Hence, the entry of Air Purifiers in today’s market. Air purifiers are being used widely in offices and other commercial establishments, but are equally important in houses, because they quickly and quietly clean up the allergens and other particles which pollutes […]

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Benefits of Using An Air Purifier

Benefits of An Air Purifier

Air purifiers have become increasingly important given the ever rising pollution levels in India. High PM2.5 and CO2 levels threaten health, both outside and inside the house. You need air purifier for your home: to create a clean indoor breathing environment for your family and to minimize allergens we talked to real air purifier users and to experts and asked their opinion so […]

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