What is the Importance of Outdoor Pest Control?

Some of us know very well how to maintain a hygienic home. Sometimes we make sure everything in neat and tidy and ready for guests, 24×7. However, locality matters too. You can’t live in the middle of the ocean and not get wet. Similarly, if you are living in unhygienic surroundings, personal or home hygiene […]

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Why are homes in India so often infested with Cockroaches?

  They’re not the best companions but we often find ourselves stuck with cockroaches. India is the world’s second most vastly populated country after China. It’s understood that this land will then not only be populated by humans. We have plenty of animals and annoying insect and reptile species in this country. That brings us […]

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HiCare Launches India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

cockroach repellent mint garbage bag

Now get cockroach repellent mint garbage bags and enzyme drain cleaning with your cockroach control service from HiCare. India’s leading pest control and home hygiene brand, HiCare, through its continuous research and development, has now launched cockroach control annual services that include threefold protection – 1) pest control, 2) yearlong supply of cockroach repellent, biodegradable mint garbage bags, […]

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Presenting the best cockroach busters in the city of Bangalore

pest control for cockroaches in bangalore

Are you a resident of Bangalore suffering from a cockroach issue? Google “best pest control for cockroaches in Bangalore“ and you will be surprised to see how many pest control companies pop up, all claiming to be the best and all claiming to be ‘number one’ in cockroach control in Bangalore. HiCare is one professional pest control […]

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American Cockroaches – The Largest Species of This Pest

american cockroach

We’re sure that everyone knows what COCKROACHES are. Moreover, if you’re reading this blog, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen a cockroach recently too. And, you’re probably wanting to know how to get rid of American cockroaches and other species. So, let’s not waste time explaining what cockroaches are, as everyone knows these are horrible creatures, […]

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7 Facts About: Why Cockroaches Are So Difficult To Control

Cockroaches Why They Are So Difficult To Control

From 300 million years, Cockroaches are reputed for being the most annoying creatures in human history. There are about 4000 subspecies in the cockroach family. And at least 30 sorts of roaches are found in and around the Human Habitat. About cockroaches, four of them are well-known pests to humans themselves. They are namely German […]

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