5 Corners of your home that pests love!

Monsoon has just arrived and one cannot deny the fact that it is more like a festive season for pests, bugs, rodents and other such creatures posing extreme threat to you and your family's health by residing in corners of your home. In metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc. these pest problems are bound to take a toll on normal living aa you rarely get time to keep a regular check on these bugs in the corners of your home. Hence, cockroach, bed bugs and termite control is essential too!

After that hot, humid and torturous weather, rains do bring in relief but they also bring along a bag full of problems, we mean pests! In spite of successfully eliminating these pests within the corners of your home, with monsoon at your doorstep, these bugs and mites are bound to return. They not only damage your home, household belongings, furniture etc. but take away your peace too. So, don't let these rains turn your dream home into a breeding ground for these pesky pests, dirty roaches and rodents. Let not the damp weather dampen your happiness!

Once these pests invade your home, they manage to infect every nook and corners of the home affecting your health. Hence, to know which corners of your home can these pests invade is the first step towards winning the battle against them.


    1. Kitchen
    2. Living Room and Bedroom
    3. Basement / Attics and Garages
    4. Bathroom



Kitchen is the busiest place in the house and the place that is like a "Come, feast on the food, pests!" for them. A proper sanitation and control prevents pests and rodents from indulging in the food you prepared for your family instead.

Tips to prevent pest invasion :


    1. Store food in airtight jars
    2. Throw away trash from the bin daily
    3. Keep your cabinets clean of any crumbs and spillage
    4. Check drainage and pipes for any leakage and repair if needed
    5. Clean, clean, clean! Keep the kitchen as clean as you can



The second most prone places for rats and roaches, the basement of your house, can easily become a home to these annoying creatures too. They are happiest if they can hide under heaters, furnaces, washers and all dark places as they can easily escape from you.

Tips to prevent pest invasion :


    1. Keep the areas lighted up as the pests won't hide where there is no darkness
    2. Keep the basement clear of any dirt
    3. Don't keep the area damp
    4. Repair all leakages and dripping appliances to prevent musty smells and moisture that may attract bugs and rodents



Food and shelter are what those bed bugs find in your living rooms and bedrooms. These spaces in corners of your home offer those pests everything they want from tasty snacks that you would have once snacked upon to comforts like a cosy bed or a corner for them to infest.

Tips to prevent pest invasion :


    1. Wipe all surfaces to prevent the formation of dust and cobwebs
    2. Make sure there are no food crumbs lying anywhere
    3. Keep all doors and windows shut
    4. Keep the furniture away from walls
    5. Do a regular check of beds, mattresses, pillows, cushions to see any sign of bed bugs
    6. Keep a check on any kind of termite activity



Just like basements, even attics and garages are places where you store stuff that you rarely use. Hence, these become one of those places where pests and insects love to roam around. Most often there are small openings that go unnoticed giving away to these pests. Even those cardboard boxes invite a lot of pests as they love to feast on them!

Tips to prevent pest invasion :


    1. Get rid of all cobwebs to keep spiders at bay
    2. Use plastic boxes to store things instead of cardboard boxes
    3. Regularly inspect stored items for any termite damage
    4. Ensure the wire mesh is covered completely
    5. Don't let the garage be damp in any way
    6. Make sure all unwanted entrances are sealed



Well, the bathroom is the place where you go to freshen up. What if you find it invaded through pests? The soap scum, mildew and moisture attract a lot of pests to bathrooms. Keeping it dry and clean will let you have a pest-free space.

Tips to prevent pest invasion :


    1. Maintain proper sanitation in the bathroom by regularly cleaning it
    2. Ensure there are no stains and smells; these attract a lot of bugs and insects
    3. Make sure you dry the moisture from the bathroom
    4. Seal all the cracks and leakages that let these pests in


So, who would love to own a home infested with bugs or other pests? Not you at least, right? So get started today for a pest-free home and get the most out of beautiful monsoons!

Monsoon is indeed the time for pest invasion. Hence, targeting these spots in your house can help you make a big difference in terms of pest invasion. Take a step today and safeguard your family from pests and also harmful chemicals used to destroy them. Make the pest control decision's because a healthy home makes a healthy YOU!

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