5 Common Food Pests Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

Biryani with a hint of cockroach droppings, chicken noodles with ant topping, Russian salad with bread and fly crumbs. Your delicious cuisine, highly trained staff.

Biryani with a hint of cockroach droppings, chicken noodles with ant topping, Russian salad with bread and fly crumbs. Your delicious cuisine, highly trained staff, fine ambience, all of the time and effort can crumble to nothing if your restaurant has a pest problem.   It’s simply because your amazing restaurants has several things that not attract customers but also pests – moisture, unending source of food, constant traffic of staff and clients coming in and out, shipments from various places, all of this and more. Without a professional pest control on your speed dial, a pest control situation can get tricky and out of hand pretty quickly.   So while there is a lengthy list of pest guests that frequent restaurants, here is a list of some of your regular pest clientele.  


These brown bugs aren’t known for their sumptuous taste if anything seeing them causes several to lose their appetite and with good reason. These ugly pests are notorious for being vectors of several disease-carrying bacterias and allergens that could trigger severe allergic reactions. They are ultra-sneaky about hiding in nooks and crannies and often coming out way past your restaurant’s closing hour or if by any chance your customers spot them, then that’s a bad review on social media waiting to happen.  


Contrary to what we see in animated movies where rats are secret Michelin Star chefs, the reality is that rats aren’t as great at cooking ratatouille as they are in cooking up diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia or their speciality Salmonella. Rats can also damage your property by gnawing at products, equipment, wires, packaging. They can enter your establish via doorways and narrow pipes and cracks.  


Nothing can quite break the feel and ambience of your fine dining like the background music of an incessantly buzzing fly. They can fly in through open doors, windows or cracks and stay there like they own the place, especially during summers. They are annoying, difficult to control and the sight of a fly hovering over your food makes you question the hygiene of the entire place and its people!  

Stinging Pests

If you have a nice, outdoor dining experience planned, a nice patio to enjoy both the view and the food, then certain pests with a sting are definitely going to ruin the mood of the day. Pests like mosquitos, wasps, bees love wandering outside looking to sting whatever and whomever they can sight. They build massive nests and look for their prey nearby. Their sting can be awfully painful and can cause allergic reactions. The only solution is to remove their nests which is a job better left to the professionals.    


Ants like most 90s Bollywood movies love to live in massive joint families. So the key to their removal is to trace back to their colonies and destroy them from the root. Using ant baits provides only temporary relief and professional pest control is a longer-lasting solution. Because despite their deceptive appearance, ant bites can be pretty painful and can cause allergic reactions like hives.  


Professional business owners like yourself should never compromise on the health and hygiene of your restaurant. So, at the first sight of a pest, it is prudent to get in touch with a professional pest control. Also, rather than going for a local pest controller, who might end up using older technology or harmful doses of chemical for quicker but unsafe results, go for a national brand that has a local presence. This way, you get someone who understands local pest issues and has proven, safe and government approved chemicals and solutions.   For further details on the special pest control system for restaurants, food chains, and corporate canteens, give a Missed Call to HiCare at 022 48967977 or email us at Enterprise@HiCare.in  

5 Common Food Pests Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

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