Why do mosquitoes bite?

She doesn’t care whether you are a male or female. She doesn’t care what your preference is. She relentlessly stalks you. Follows you wherever you go

She doesn’t care whether you are a male or female. She doesn’t care what your preference is. She relentlessly stalks you. Follows you wherever you go. You try to wave her off and even get rid of her friends, but she continues to pursue you. This drives you to the point where you ask yourself these questions you never thought you would ask  Am I really that delicious? How tempting am I? And finally, why on earth, does she keep biting me? Mosquitoes and their bites are just like that. It’s like being in an abusive relationship that literally sucks the blood out of you. In order to truly be able to free yourself from mosquitoes, you need to understand the psyche of a mosquito and why they do what they do to truly.


She Sucks Now it’s unfair to hate the entire lot. Not to be sexist and all, but seriously, female mosquitoes suck, we mean they are the only ones who bite people. For once, males are off the hook since they only feed on nectar and water and live only for a week. The female bloodsucking villainesses drink our blood cocktails because it is filled with a ton of good stuff.  The proteins and iron in our blood are needed by female mosquitoes to get the nutrient she needs to make the eggs. So, in essence, you are the bloody lifeline for the next generation of bloodsuckers!

You Are Just Her (Blood) Type

Bad news for folks with blood type , you are like a complex-sounding, unpronounceable French wine versus the A&B blood type people who are like a cheap, carton wine to mosquitoes. Yes, they’ll drink them all, if desperate enough but on a night out, between you (an O-type) and your friend (an A-type), chances are you are swatting yourself silly before the night is up.

Dark is Just Not Your Colour

Wearing dark clothes is one way to attract mosquito ladies. Dark clothing is more attractive to mosquitoes than light coloured outfits. Why?  Because mosquitoes have problems flying in even a slight wind, and so they stay down to earth. Down there, they zero in on their potential hosts by comparing your silhouette to the horizon. Dark colours stand out, while light shades relatively blend in. 

It’s Not Just Working Out

Lots of motion, moving around distinguishes you from your surroundings. It helps you stand out for the flying vampires. So in case you are working out or dancing, thanks to the increased body heat and sweating, you might as well be shouting, Hello! I’m right here, ladies! It’s snack time.”

From One Pregnant Female To Another, Ouch!

Though the jury is out on why female mosquitoes (who need blood protein for their eggs), prefer to drink the blood of pregnant women, there is a theory that pregnant women breathe more heavily, releasing more carbon dioxide and effectively, become a magnet for the disease-transmitting pregnant female mosquito.

What Would You Like to Drink? Not Beer, Please!

If research is to be believed, it was found that drinking a single beer increases the mosquito’s attraction to you. One reason why is that it’s possible alcohol raises the body temperature of drinkers and makes them sweat more, both known lady mosquito magnets. Also, the C02 that fizzles out of a beer bottle when its top is popped could be an attraction factor, too. Because mosquitos use CO2 to get close to humans. Know your pesky mosquito, what kind of stuff she is into and then like a good human DO THE OPPOSITE and stay safe! Or you can reach out to the professionals to get rid of her, in an insidious way.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

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