How To Kill Termites From Your Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

best ways to kill termites

Noticed termites inside your home at a wooden structure? Then, don’t assume that these tiny wood-feasting creatures will not spread to other areas of your home. Wood termites may soon make their way to your beds for a perfect hiding spot. Once they reach your bed, they might not only damage your bed and mattress but might also make you suffer from allergies due to termite spores. 

Curious to know how to remove termites from the bed? The best solution is to leave this task to the experts of the best pest control services near me. Read on to learn about what else you can do to control termites from your bed.

Choose Anti Termite Treatment for Home from HiCare

Book Termite Treatment for your home from experts like HiCare and you will have to try no other DIY termite control remedy to deal with these silent destroyers anymore. Termite infestation can be best dealt with by professionals trained in this field, and HiCare has been offering termite control treatments for over 3 decades, so it knows the secrets of giving you a termite-free home using the best techniques. 

If you want a long-term and effective termite solution at affordable prices, then HiCare is the best option for you. The company offers 100% safe termite treatments using approved termiticides and advanced Drill-Fill-Seal technology. In this technique, the HiCare expert will dig holes at the vulnerable spots, fill them with a termite killer and seal them leaving no scope for termites to escape. Eventually, they are killed due to dehydration after coming into contact with the termite solution. 

Top 8 Benefits of Termite Pest Control Services

Remember, termites often target wooden structures and furniture inside your home and your bed can be a prime target. But, worry not because there is always a solution for a problem and HiCare can be your solution provider in this case. Whether you book Termite control services in Mumbai or any other Indian city or state from HiCare, you will fetch the same benefits everywhere and every time like:

  1. 3 Decades of Experience
  2. Verified and Highly-Trained Professionals
  3. Certified and Safe Chemicals
  4. Digital Monitoring to Fill the Gaps
  5. Warranty-Backed Services
  6. Advanced Techniques like Drill-Fill-Seal
  7. Less is More Approach
  8. Comprehensive Treatment within Affordability

5 Best Tips to Kill Termites from Your Bed

Your bed belongs to you and your family, so do not allow bugs like termites to snatch it from you and cause you trouble. Try termite control at home especially from your bed through the tips mentioned below:

  1. Book Termite Pest Control from Experts: Protect yourself, your family and your home from the wrath of termites by calling upon experts from HiCare for a termite treatment. They will use the right technologies to detect, eliminate, and prevent these silent destroyers using safe chemicals and the latest technologies. 
  2. Do Not Panic: It is very important to stay calm and not panic after detecting termites inside your home, especially in the most comfortable areas like your beds. It is because out of panic, you might end up disturbing the termites and they will soon spread all over your home.
  3. Isolate the Affected Area: Till the time you are not sure what to do to get rid of termites from your bed, avoid sleeping on it. In fact, try to isolate that affected area to avoid further spread and keep it under control. 
  4. Avoid DIY Treatments: While we understand it is a serious issue to notice termites infested in your beds, we do feel you must not take the risk of trying any DIY in this matter. Termites are challenging to eradicate on your own, so do get assistance from experts like HiCare.
  5. Replace The Affected Item: Another thing that you can do to get rid of termites from your bed, is replace the affected bed. But, this will obviously incur a lot of expenses, so do this only when the infestation is severe and is not possible to cure. For this, consult an expert pest control company and take the right call. 


When you choose experienced pest control companies like HiCare, you need not worry about anything, be it the termite treatment cost, procedure, professionals, side effects or techniques used. The expert hygiene team of HiCare will not disappoint you with its flawless pest control solutions that come with warranties to offer you complete peace of mind. Feel free to choose a 1-year or 2-year warranty pack for termite control from HiCare and get rid of termites from your bed and elsewhere inside your home.

How To Kill Termites From Your Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

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