Mosquito Control

Hidden Risks of Unattended Shoes as Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Those seemingly harmless shoes can unwittingly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, harbouring hidden risks that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Little do you know, those very shoes have now become prime real estate for mosquitoes seeking a cosy spot to lay their eggs. The anatomy of shoes provides the perfect environment for mosquito […]

How do Mosquitoes Manage Long-Distance?

Mosquitoes, the tiny monsters that suck our blood and often make us miserable during the nights with their constant buzzing are poor in flying, yet they manage long distances? Wondered how? Knowing this will help you plan for effective mosquito prevention strategies such as a pest control service. This post will help you understand how […]

Is Mosquito Fogging Safe?

Is the persistent humming of mosquitoes bothering you? Not just botheration, these tiny pests also pose a great risk to our health, so we recourse to various tricks of mosquito control. We keep searching for effective ways how to get rid of mosquitoes. One such way that many people consider comes in the form of […]

Crane Fly vs Mosquitoes: What Is The Difference?

When it comes to airborne pests, crane flies and mosquitoes often share the spotlight, buzzing around and causing a stir. However, beyond their common features of creating a nuisance in and around us, these two flying insects have some differences too. A cranefly differs from a mosquito in terms of behaviour, habits, potential risks, and […]

Mosquito Tornado in Pune – What Caused it? And How to Protect Oneself from the Aftermath of it.

Mosquitoes should not be taken lightly! Take heed of our warning, every precaution must be implemented to shield oneself from these minuscule bloodthirsty insects. Should you doubt this, continue reading, and you will undoubtedly concur with our stance. In a recent incident in Kharadi Pune, people witnessed an unusual mosquito tornado swirling over the Mula […]

How to Enjoy the Holi Festival without Mosquitoes?

Excited to celebrate the festival of colors, Holi? Kids, adults, and almost everyone likes to celebrate Holi with loved ones. But do you know who else loves this festival of water and color? Mosquitoes! The species best known to breed in water are seen enjoying the festival too biting and sucking the blood of those […]

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

To arm yourself better against mosquitoes it is important you know about general mosquito behavior. For instance, when are mosquitoes most active? Knowing the activity pattern of these tiny insects can help you plan the best mosquito control measures. Mosquitoes are one of those pests that are most active when they get favourable conditions and […]

Mosquito Life Cycle Facts

Do you know that mosquitoes the tiny insects seen everywhere around us play a significant role in the ecosystem of the world? Hence, it is important to understand about the mosquito lifespan. Moreover, understanding the mosquito life cycle will help plan proper mosquito control measures to keep the risk of vector-borne diseases like chikungunya, malaria, […]

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