What Determines the Cost of a Termite Treatment?

7 Key Factors that determine the cost of Termite Treatment in India

It must be a shock to see your wooden furniture and flooring sounding hollow due to a termite infestation. These tiny termites can eat up your entire house foundation, making it hollow deep within. But, sadly not everyone considers booking a termite treatment fearing it is a costly affair.

It is not always that to avail the best termite killer treatment, you will need to poke a hole in your pocket. You can also book affordable termite treatments from reliable pest control services near me with a little online search.

Let us dig deeper to understand what determines a termite treatment cost in India. In this post, we will also discuss when and why to book a termite control treatment at home.

Why Book a Termite Treatment at Home?

Before discussing anything else, we want you to be aware of the main reasons to hire pest controllers for a termite killer treatment. 

Here are the main reasons to book an anti-termite treatment at home:

  1. Prevents Structural Damage: If you have spent a lot designing that beautiful house, then make sure to preserve it too with a timely termite control treatment. 
  2. Prevents Wooden Furniture Damage: Termites are fond of wood and for this reason, they usually attack wooden furniture at home. Do not let this happen with regular anti-termite service. 
  3. Prevents Allergies Caused by Termites: Although termites appear harmless to human beings, they can cause allergies and respiratory issues. It happens when you do not control termite spores with a regular pest control service
  4. Offers Complete Termite Protection: With a regular termite treatment you can harness complete termite protection at home. It will reduce the chance of any such infestation in your wooden works or foundation.
  5. Saves Time: Why waste time indulging in a home remedy to get rid of termites, when you can leave this time-consuming task to professionals? Save time by booking a pest control near me for termite control at home. 
  6. Cost-Friendly Solution: Unlike, a DIY termite remedy, a professional termite control treatment is a cost-friendly solution. You spend money, and the outcome is guaranteed, which is complete termite removal. 

When to Book a Termite Treatment at Home?

Allowing any kind of pests, be it rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, or termites to stay inside your home can be fatal. They can cause you physical, emotional, and monetary trouble. Following are the instances which will help you decide when to book a termite pest control at home:

  1. Live or dead termites
  2. Wooden dust near the furniture
  3. Termite eggs or larvae
  4. Hollow furniture
  5. Damaged wooden structures
  6. Mud tail marks on walls and flooring
  7. Dampness in walls, flooring, or wooden structures
  8. Musty smell in your house

How is an Anti-Termite Treatment Price Calculated?

You now know why and when to book a termite pest control near me. It is time to learn what is the cost of termite treatment and how it is calculated.

The following are some key factors that determine the cost of a termite pest control treatment:

  1. Area of Your Home: The first thing that is taken into account to calculate the pricing of a termite treatment is the size or area of the house. Remember, the total square foot area of your premise will play a major role in calculating the total cost for one such pest control service. 
  2. Location of Your Home: Apart from the size of your house, the location of your house also matters when it comes to calculating the cost of a termite control service near me. Termite treatments in highly developed urban cities may cost higher than treatments in small towns or cities. 
  3. Type of Termites Detected: The price of a termite treatment may vary depending on the type of termite detected inside your home. Some types of termites are easy to deal with, and some are not. Due to this variation, there may be a slight variation in the pricing of an anti-termite treatment. 
  4. Type of Damage: Another important factor that may affect the price of termite treatment in India is the type of damage. Termites can infest your walls, and wooden structures, and cause structural, as well as cosmetic damage. You will spend less to get cosmetic damage treated as compared to structural damage caused by termites in the house. 
  5. The severity of Infestation: One of the biggest parameters to determine the pricing of a pest control treatment is the severity of the infestation. At an early stage, the cost might go lower, and vice-versa. The higher the severity of termite infestation inside your home, the higher would be the price for the treatment.
  6. Condition of Your House Foundation: The foundation of your home plays a crucial role in determining the cost of a termite control service. Experts usually ask for a layout of your house before such a pest control treatment, because they look for loopholes in your house foundation that invite termites for an infestation. 
  7. Type of the Treatment: It is the primary factor considered to calculate the amount to be paid for termite service. A pest control company may use different termite treatments like a bait station, liquid termiticide, or any other method to control termites. All may vary in pricing.


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What Determines the Cost of a Termite Treatment?

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