Mosquitoes: The Deadliest Animals!

Have you ever wondered what one of the world’s deadliest animals is? You may say snakes, sharks, crocodiles, and so on, but the answer depends on your definition of hazardous.

Have you ever wondered what one of the world’s deadliest animals is? You may say snakes, sharks, crocodiles, and so on, but the answer depends on your definition of hazardous. As a result, based on the number of people that die each year, the answer is Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes, yes! 


Mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet, killing 725,000 people each year and infecting millions more. They are the most lethal creatures on the planet. It may appear incredible that something so little can kill so many people, yet it is real. Every year, mosquito bites kill millions of people!


The tiny, long-legged bug that bothers, attacks, and leaves you with an itching blister is more than just an annoyance; it’s also one of the world’s most dangerous animals. The most dangerous mosquito kills more people than any other species on the planet by spreading illnesses such as malaria, dengue, West Nile, yellow fever, Zika, chikungunya, and lymphatic filariasis.


Here’s the list of the illnesses spread by a mosquito- 


  1. Except in times of major war, mosquitoes top the list of the deadliest animals every year. Malaria is one of the most dangerous and prevalent diseases carried by these little pests, infecting 200 million people each year. Half of the world’s population lives in locations where malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquitoes are seeking a blood meal — and infecting their food supply in the process.

  2. About 70 to 80% of people infected with the West Nile virus have no symptoms. Those who do become ill typically experience a fever along with other symptoms such as headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, or rash — and then recover.


That doesn’t rule out the possibility of it becoming fatal: The greatest danger is that the West Nile virus can cause severe encephalitis, or brain inflammation, which happens in less than 1% of patients. West Nile virus is carried by various mosquito species, including those from the Anopheles, Aedes, Culiseta, and Culex genera.


  1. Dengue fever is most prevalent in the tropics, where it is a primary cause of mortality. An estimated 400 million dengue infections occur each year in over 125 countries, with 40% of the world’s population living in dengue-risk areas. In around half of the infected people, symptoms vary from nothing to high fever, rash, severe headache, discomfort behind the eyes, muscular pain, and joint pain. 


How do mosquitoes spread the virus?


Mosquitoes bite humans in order to feed on blood, which permits them to lay eggs. While feeding, the mosquito pierces the skin like a needle, injecting saliva into the flesh. This allows the disease-causing virus to propagate throughout the body, making them one of the deadliest creatures. As a result, always avoid being bitten by a mosquito!

Mosquitoes enjoy the monsoon season, thus it is their main attraction. They breed in damp and humid climates, making your life problematic. These pesky animals spread a variety of deadly illnesses, including malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, and others. 


Best ways to get rid of mosquitoes- 


  1. When you have mosquitoes in your house, look for any holes in window screens, doors, or the exterior of your property that the pests may have entered through. Inspect your home for any gaps or holes and repair them.

  2. Consider purchasing a mosquito net if you routinely open your windows to air out your home or if you sleep with your windows open. Mosquito nets are simple to hang around your bed and are quite efficient at keeping mosquitos away from you while you sleep for a while.

  3. Mosquito repellent essential oils include lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, clove, and peppermint. Keep in mind, however, that essential oils may not be as successful as standard insecticides.

To make your own mosquito repellent spray, combine a few drops of one of the above-mentioned oils with one cup of water in a spray container. 


Professional Pest Control Service


If you only have a small mosquito problem, DIY mosquito control solutions can provide temporary solutions. However, if you have a large number of mosquitoes, you should certainly contact professional pest control services. Our professionals have the knowledge and skills to effectively eliminate mosquitoes, including mosquito eggs and larvae, so you don’t have to deal with the problem again. We are also aware of basic safety precautions and which chemicals stay eco-friendly. 


With that being said HiCare’s integrated approach to mosquito pest control mosquitoes consists of the three most common methods. Before diving deep into HiCare’s mosquito control plan, let’s know what are the three common methods to control mosquitoes and their bites. They are namely:


  • Prevention
  • Source Reduction 
  • Larviciding 


Here comes a comprehensive mosquito control treatment that gives a long-lasting and safe solution for this problem. HiCare is one of those hygiene solution providers that have developed this approach of the 3X Mosquito Control service that provides effective mosquito pest control services at pocket-friendly prices. Our one pest control mosquitos service lasts for 90 days. 


Apart from having the first-of-its-kind all-inclusive approach to win the war against these six-legged creatures, there are multiple other benefits the subscriber of HiCare’s 3X Mosquito Pest Control Service enjoy, and they are as follows:


  • The dispenser, wall spray, and anti-larval treatment give a mosquito home for 90 days. 
  • With the aim of giving complete satisfaction to the customer, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Divided into 3 steps- Smart Air, Smart Walls and Smart Water which ensure to kill the breeding mosquitoes as well as the existing ones.


Choose our modern solution and stay safe with our mosquito treatment for home!


Mosquitoes: The Deadliest Animals!

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