3X Mosquito control

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Just @ 275/- per month per room


Service Details

  • 1X - Smart Air: Automatic wall dispenser to repel flying mosquitoes
  • 2X - Smart Walls: Encapsulated wall spray treatment to kill hiding and resting mosquitoes
  • 3X - Smart Water: Anti-larval treatment to kill mosquito eggs and prevent breeding

Hygiene expert will guide you about necessary service precautions

No. of services for AMC - 4


Why choose us?

Get rid of mosquitoes with India's 1st ever 3X mosquito control treatment

  • Keep your windows open 24x7
  • 4X times less chemical release
  • Stay mosquito free for 90 days with just one service
  • 30 days money back guarantee*


Terms & Conditions

  • Substantial reduction of biting mosquitoes and breeding site
  • Inaccessible areas are not covered in the scope of work
  • Dispenser should not be altered from installation settings
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Hicare Genie

I do recommend HiCare’s mosquito control service as it is completely worth your money. They use very safe chemicals that got rid of the mosquito problem in my home premises. Plus, their technicians offer free advice on how to stop mosquito breeding around my home. Their customer support is also very professional and offered me free service.-- Kunal Sharma, Delhi

I have tried several pest control services before. Post the service, there would be no mosquito problem for a few weeks, but after that, mosquitoes would start breeding again. HiCare not only got rid of the mosquitoes, but their technicians also performed a complete survey of my premises checking the common breeding places for mosquitoes. They performed disinfection of those places, and also gave us tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.- - Chaya Kothari, Thane

I have been calling many pest control services to get rid of the mosquito menace in my home. HiCare set up an appointment for the service according to my convenience. I found their technicians to be very professional and patient in answering my queries. Their spray-based treatment is very quick and effective. Keep up the good work.-- Sanjeev Patil

The HiCare team is trained to use safe chemicals in the right manner during the 3X Mosquito Control Services. They use an automatic wall dispenser, encapsulated wall spray, and 100% safe chemicals to destroy mosquito eggs and larvae from standing water near your house.

You can keep the mosquitoes away by destroying their breeding grounds, wearing protective clothing, and using the best mosquito-repellent machines. Apart from these mosquito control measures, you may choose to book mosquito pest control services and leave the stress of removing mosquitoes to professionals.

You can enjoy a substantial reduction in mosquitoes inside your house with a 3X Mosquito Pest Control Treatment from HiCare. This excellent mosquito control service is offered at a very affordable price in over 30 Indian cities. The price may vary in terms of the size of the house and the number of services opted in the plan.

HiCare offers 3X Mosquito Control in two options. You can either choose a single-service treatment or a 4-visit service from the company. Both plans promise to make your house mosquito-free for the next 90 days after the service.

Yes, you will be left with a mosquito-free home after the 3X Mosquito Control Services from HiCare. The company ensures 90 days without mosquitoes after this mosquito control service.

HiCare offers India’s 1st ever 3X Mosquito Control that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The HiCare team takes three essential steps to conduct this service to make your house mosquito-free. All this is done using 100% safe chemicals at affordable pricing.
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