Is There Any Permanent Solution For Bed Bugs Problems?

Permanent bed bugs solution: Check out this article to know the step by step solution for eliminating bedbugs permanently. These tips will definitely work!

If you’ve read the title, let us tell you a big, fat YES. There is obviously a bed bugs solution and not just a temporary one, but a permanent one. You’re probably fed up of all those age-old DIY methods. You’ve probably tried and tested all ways of keeping the bed bugs away. You deserve better than these sleepless nights caused due to bed bugs. That’s why we’re going to let you in on some bed bug solutions today.

Prevention is better than cure

This saying is apt in almost every aspect of life. Here too, it’s better to educate yourself about the origin of bed bugs. In this way, you can know what NOT to do to keep bed bugs away. Prevention is easily the best permanent bed bugs solution. If you’re one of those frequent travelers who has spent many nights in hotels and motels, watch out. Chances are you’re the most vulnerable to bed bugs.

Probably smaller than a millimeter each in size, bed bugs are found dime a dozen in hotel rooms. They hitchhike into your suitcases and other luggage and travel back home with you. However, every other public place is equally dangerous. Our everyday office cabins can also send bed bugs home with us. Even commutes in public buses, trains and taxis can be the start of our bed bug issues.

Steps to best bed bugs solutions

Now if you’re on this article, chances are you weren’t very good at preventing bed bugs. Once an infestation has begun, you must be very careful as they reproduce fast. Remember, each female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. You must also be careful because you may think they’re gone. But they may still be there because it’s difficult to notice with their small body sizes. Let’s take you through some ways of working towards bed bugs solutions today:

1) Know the signs

Firstly, you should ensure you know they’re bed bugs. Ever wake up in the middle of the night with red and itchy bumps? They bite in lines, circles or other patterns. They excrete a type of anesthetic fluid so it’s only a while later that you feel the bites. When you look at the itchy spots, you may not find any insects. In the morning, you might find red or brownish stains on your sheets. These are bed bugs.

2) Vacuuming always helps

One of the best bed bug solutions is vacuuming. However, caution must be taken here too. Once you’ve completely vacuumed the suspected areas, dispose of the vacuum dirt bag. Make sure the bag goes straight out of your home so there’s no chance of even one of them making their way back. Clean the vacuum cleaner parts as well before putting it away.

3) Hot washes

Take all your clothes and bed linens and throw them straight into the washer or dryer. Turn it on to the highest heat setting to eliminate all signs of bed bugs and their eggs and larvae. This is as good as boiling them, so there’s no chance of survival of these parasites.

4) Pest control

Professional help is the only permanent bed bugs solution as all of the above options have a few loopholes. HiCare has bed bug solutions beginning at just INR 3,690 for a 1BHK home. The HiCare technicians return after 15 days as the chemical being used doesn’t affect the bed bug eggs. Hence, Round 2. You can book a service in a matter of minutes by calling on our hotline – 8828333888. These are some of the reasons we’ve become India’s most trustworthy company for bed bugs solutions!

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Bed Bugs Problems?

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