HiCare Launches India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

Now get cockroach repellent mint garbage bags and enzyme drain cleaning with your cockroach control service from HiCare. India’s leading pest control and home hygiene brand, HiCare, through its continuous research and development, has now launched cockroach control annual services that include threefold protection.

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India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service includes :

  1. Pest control
  2. Yearlong supply of cockroach repellent, biodegradable mint garbage bags
  3. Organic drain cleaning for kitchen

The company’s latest 3X Cockroach Control Annual Service is better than ever, now offering great value to ensure 100% protection from cockroaches through the year. The annual cockroach control contract now includes 12 packets of Cockroach repellent mint garbage bags (12 packets x 30 pcs = 360 bags) plus 3 times kitchen drain cleaning. Launching in Mumbai and Chennai, the annual service is available starting at INR 5,750 for a 2-BHK house.

Book your service now: 8828333888 at HiCare. Alexa, Open HiCare”   “We believe in protecting your home the right way and that’s why we have set a new benchmark with our latest Cockroach Control services. It wasn’t too long ago that we launched Alexa Skills, allowing you to book services instantly. Now, with our new 3X Cockroach Control service, we bring you to value for money with 3X protection yearlong”

So, what’s different?

In today’s world of high competition, fast-changing trends and low consumer loyalty, INNOVATION is key. That’s what we’ve done with this latest offering. It has been noticed that cockroaches are still attracted after service due to food crumbs lying around in drains & garbage area and. That changes now. Here’s what’s different in the new 3X Cockroach Control Annual Service:

1. Bayer gel and spray treatment

HiCare uses only the world-famous Bayer brand chemicals for its organic cockroach repellent services, which leave your house safe and protected throughout the year. We apply the Maxforce gel in the kitchen at every suspected area which doesn’t just kill one cockroach, but the entire colony of cockroaches, followed by spray in the rooms.

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2. Cockroach repellent, mint garbage bags

Wet garbage boxes/bags attract cockroaches even after treatment, due to food lying around. Now, we’ve introduced patented cockroach-repellent garbage bags which come as a part of the service. These exude a 100% natural oil mint fragrance, while also being 100% biodegradable. They are designed to keep cockroaches at bay while also being safe for family members and pets.

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3. Kitchen drain

Kitchen drains are the biggest reasons for cockroaches in your homes. So, we’ve solved that too by adding kitchen drain cleaning to our cockroach service. The powder used is 100% organic and is also an odour eliminator while unclogging the drains. The non-corrosive powder keeps cockroaches and fruit flies away and also eliminates all odours. Pour one sachet of this enzymes-based powder and leave it in your kitchen sink for a good 30-45 minutes. That’s all!

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Total Benefits:

  • A clean, hygienic kitchen.
  • Value for money.
  • Zero cockroach hiding zones all year long.

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About HiCare Home Hygiene Services

HiCare, since 2004, is India’s leading home and institutional hygiene company that’s delighting customers with its advanced pest control, home cleaning, bird management, air purifiers, and product solutions. Serving over 10 lakh homes across 200 cities and 5 million sq.ft. of commercial complexes. HiCare’s innovative approach and safe advanced technology enable long-lasting and impeccable hygiene for homes and commercial premises.

India’s only HACCP Certified Pest Service Provider, HiCare enforces stringent guidelines for pest control ensuring all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to while offering complete safety for all including children, pets, and elders. Visit HiCare or call 8828333888 .

HiCare Launches India’s First Triple Protection Cockroach Control Service

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