Why are homes in India so often infested with Cockroaches?

Cockroach infestation in Indian homes is a significant problem. Discover the major reasons for infestation of cockroaches in Indian houses at Hicare.

They’re not the best companions but we often find ourselves stuck with cockroaches. India is the world’s second most vastly populated country after China. It’s understood that this land will then not only be populated by humans. We have plenty of animals and annoying insect and reptile species in this country. That brings us to our question. It’s actually a question of the masses. Almost every second household often ends up wondering why Indian homes are infested with cockroaches? So much so that in many homes, it’s not even a big surprise if you see a cockroach or two scurrying through your kitchen. However, that’s not the way it should work. A literate man/woman will know the benefits of maintaining a clean home at all times. He/she would also know the dangers of a cockroach infestation and how many diseases these bugs carry. Thus, we should always beware of them and look to get rid of them either via household methods or through the help of professional pest control.

Cockroach infestation in Indian homes

  • Infrastructure – India may not always get a full-mark rating for their infrastructure developments. While we do have a few beautiful roadways across the country, the situation in most semi-urban and rural areas is bad. We’re talking about open and broken gutters, drains, sewage pipes and more. Not only does this spread the chance of disease by itself, it becomes home to cockroaches too. Roaches thrive in such areas and more often than not, we have gutters and drains near our homes too. When in search of food, they enter our homes.
  • Joint families – Another major reason for cockroaches is untidiness and clutter. While you may have a habit of keeping a clean personal space, other members of your family may not. In India, joint families with 15-20 members are not uncommon. Even if a couple has a habit of leaving food on plates or in the sink overnight, it attracts cockroaches. The scavengers come in search of food mostly!
  • Monsoon season – Unlike most other countries, we don’t have irregular rainfall through the year. We have 4-5 long months of rain each year. What this means is during this time, it’s very difficult to maintain a dry home. Cockroaches can do without food for a month but without water for just a week. They come in search of water too and it’s very easily available in homes through pipes, wet bathrooms, leaky taps, etc.
  • Poor garbage disposal – As we said earlier, they love the sewers and drains. Also, they love your garbage bags, primarily because it’s their main source of searching for food. This is not the Americas where you have the truck swing by and get your garbage each morning. Here, we tend to have overflowing garbage bags each night, and these are more often than not disposed of incorrectly, somewhere close to the home itself. Hence, cockroaches find their way back home.

Getting rid of them, HiCare style!

These are some of the reasons why cockroach infestations are very popular in India. However, there’s a solution to almost every problem in this country. HiCare recently launched India’s first Advanced Cockroach Control service, giving you a fool-proof cockroach ‘bhagawat’ option. Their 3-step service includes first getting rid of cockroaches using their gel and spray treatment. Next, they eliminate their chances of coming back with a non-corrosive kitchen drain cleaning. Finally, they give you 100% biodegradable and mint fragrance cockroach-repellent garbage bags. Call 8828333888, book yourself a service from HiCare and begin your journey to a life without cockroaches, starting at INR 5,175!

Why are homes in India so often infested with Cockroaches?

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