Cockroaches Hide In Your Toaster, Coffee Maker & Microwave

Know tips to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen and also the kitchen appliances. Get the best methods to remove cockroaches from your kitchen at HiCare.

Kitchen and kitchen appliances are the best hideout places for cockroaches. Regular home and kitchen cleaning will not help to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen. These pesky roaches hide in remote areas, especially in the kitchen as it is the main source of food. Their flattened bodies make them flexible enough to fit in narrow areas. Kitchen appliances like coffee maker, toaster, fridge, microwave, rice maker, waffle & sandwich maker, mixer grinder, juicer, etc are the ideal place for food and shelter.


We utilize kitchen appliances to make our life easier and convenient. But these pests can make our life hell by infesting the home appliances with over 30 different types of bacteria that they transmit, causing various health issues. Thus it is very essential to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen. Did you ever wonder why your home appliances suddenly stop working, there is a chance of cockroaches hiding on the circuit boards and are damaging electrical wires.

Keeping your kitchen and appliances clean is a temporary solution. Your best bet is a regular year-round professional cockroach pest control. To completely eradicate the roaches from your kitchen appliances get an annual HiCare Cockroach Control Service. It is effective and efficient while controlling the cockroach-problem in no time. The new age gel is environment-friendly to maintain the hygiene standards of your home and get rid of cockroaches. The gel is applied in the most suspected areas to prevent breeding and infestation and eradicating the problem.

Did you know?

Cockroaches not only feast on food but also eat books, cartons, magazines & newspapers, and thin plastic containers.

Your household appliances damaged due to cockroaches nesting on circuit boards and damaging the wires will void the warranty of your appliances.

Commonly damaged kitchen appliances include Coffee maker, toaster, fridge, microwave, rice maker, waffle & sandwich maker, mixer grinder, juicer, and even washing machines.

Irregular pest control service can not make your home cockroach free.


If your children have frequent stomach upset in spite of all precautions you may want to get regular cockroach pest control done as cockroaches cause food poisoning.

Tips to keep your kitchen appliances pest-free :

Get regular cockroach pest control done at your home even during winters when you seem to notice them less.

Toaster, microwave, and oven retain heat due to their regular use. Not only the heat but the fallen food crumbs become a food source for them. Thus, cleaning it with soapy water on a regular basis is very essential.

Use a closed lid dustbin to prevent the entry of cockroaches into your kitchen.

The refrigerator has a sufficient amount of warmth with the back engine, i.e. one of the ideal spots for roaches. Everyone realizes that cockroaches adore water. So you ought to haul the food crumbs or dust from underneath of the fridge or behind the cooler.

After all, a pest-free home is a healthy home!

Cockroaches Hide In Your Toaster, Coffee Maker & Microwave

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