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While the world has found solutions to combat the ongoing global pandemic, Indian households are struggling with their oldest enemy – cockroaches! Well, these crawling creatures are not only the last thing you would like to look at but also their nagging habit of roaming in our home, walking on food, and hanging on our clothes will make you feel disgusted. The TV pest control cockroaches ads may manage to convince you to opt for DIY use of over-the-counter products. However, that’s not the end of the cockroach war. The best way to deal with a cockroach infestation is by hiring professional cockroaches management services.

Now you may feel that the cockroach infestation is not that big deal. To clear this misconception, through this comprehensive guide we would like to bring the problems to notice that can be caused by these notoriously irritating insects. We will help you to understand your enemy and how to book a session of cockroach control services with the best pest management service provider.

History of cockroaches

Before planning the move against your enemy, it is important to know them inside out! It is not a surprising fact to many that cockroaches are older than human beings and they can survive even a nuclear apocalypse? But, that does not mean your home can’t get rid of them. It is estimated that there are more than four thousand species of roaches (that too only in India!). If these facts are making you worried, just chill! Cockroach pest control services have got your back.

Where do they live?

They might have made a space in your neat and tidy home, but they love to stay at the dirtiest spots. And, as being Indian, we are aware of the countless numbers of open drains, potholes, gutters, and sewage pipes.

How do they occur?

Continuing the above point, most of the homes, buildings, and apartments are situated close to each other and close to such gutters and drains. So, the sewage pipes make a perfect way for them to enter our home. You are likely to spot them near the dustbin or gas cylinder, under the fridge, and in the pipe sink and cabinets. They are so good at hiding that they can often save themselves from your regular and monthly kitchen cleaning regime.

Why is living with cockroaches risky?

Do we even have to explain it? The pathogens they carry and spread through saliva are simply audacious. The food contaminated by them can cause food poisoning, a stomach infection, and other diseases. And, it is also believed that cockroaches are carriers of various intestinal diseases, including dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever. Considering that now you know that these unwanted roommates can trigger quite a few diseases, pest management services for them are a must! And, once they make a home in your domain, creating havoc, disturbing your peace, and also scaring your kids will be part of their daily routine. This makes cockroach pest control services inevitable for your homes.

Now another question that may have made rounds in your head could be – why professional pest control for cockroaches is better than over-the-counter products? Here is our explanation for you!

Cockroach Service: Over-the-counter vs Pest Management

Yes! The chemicals used in cockroach repellent sprays are not harmful to humans but using them continuously for a long time has its own share of health hazards. Whereas, the pest management services provider promises to use the safest chemicals for your kids and ailing family members.

Once the over-the-counter products are sold to you, neither the manufacturer nor the seller will assist you with their use. And, if, by mistake, you use it incorrectly and it harms you or your loved ones, no one is going to help you! On the other hand, professional pest control services are more focused on consumer safety and satisfaction.

Why is HiCare’s Cockroach control plan best from the rest?

Comprehensive 4D treatment

Believe it or not, HiCare uses an integrated pest management approach, a designed formulation that acts on the cockroaches and eliminates them effortlessly. A regular pest control service uses gel bait insecticides to control and eliminate cockroaches. Whereas, HiCare’s 4D cockroach control treatment consists of the following:

  • Deny Shelter
  • Deny Food
  • Destroy and Control
  • Digital Monitor

The 4D cockroach treatment is scientifically designed. Also, the green-seal certified chemicals used in their cockroach service plan the minimum amount of synthetic chemicals that make them 100% safe for kids, elders, and pets at your home.

HiCare’s 4D Cockroach control plan will not create a hole in your pocket for sure! The pest control services provider also gives complementary ant treatment along with a warranty (Note: Warranty is available only on contracts of a year or two). On the other hand, HiCare also promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. We also provide a supply of 100% natural mint fragrance and 100% biodegradable Garbage bags that repel cockroaches from your dustbin area.

How to book HiCare’s 4D Cockroach control plan?

We, at HiCare, believe in helping our customers throughout the customer journey map. Anyone willing to hire our professional pest control services can directly head to our website that gives valuable insights into our brand, our service, and the service experiences we have provided. As per your choice, you will find various pest control and hygiene solutions.

If you are looking for a 4D cockroach treatment, click on it in the “pest control services” section. Our interactive website will help you to navigate and select a suitable plan that accomplishes all your needs. By making an online payment, which also offers a 5% discount, you can make the entire process of hiring a pest control cockroaches service digital! And, if you have any doubts regarding the plan you are choosing, our executive can call you and assist you with that as well. However, always remember, it is a two-way process; after our executive has completed all the mandatory visits prescribed under the plan, we request you to maintain the hygiene of your home for best effectiveness.

As now you know the pest, who has infested your home, take quick action and say bye to them for once-and-all! Book HiCare’s 4D Cockroach and Ant Treatment Plan within a few minutes! Call 8828333888 or visit our website to book Pest Control for Cockroaches today.

Choose The Best Cockroaches Management Services In India

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