Protect Your Home This Summer with Bird Proof Netting

protect your home this summer with bird proof netting

Residential bird netting in Pune or anywhere for that matter is not just a luxury but a necessity these days, especially for those who love to decorate their windows and balcony with their favourite plants. You may love birds, and everyone should, but if their presence creates a sense of discomfort to you or your ailing family member, you may not like them. Apart from creating nuisances, birds’ faeces, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis, can lead to many health problems. Thus, anti bird netting is a must.

However, when it comes to hiring a company that provides the service of anti bird netting, the overall bird netting price becomes an integral aspect of the decision-making process. When birds make their home on a residential property, their droppings can ruin expensive products, exclusive fabrics, and much more that are dearly for you. The bid netting price seems nothing in front of this loss. It is one of the most important reasons a homeowner should opt for bird proof netting.

Those looking for affordable bird control netting know that typing bird netting near me on Google is not enough. Opening the website of each option, if they have one, could be tedious at times. Since Google only lists the companies for your query – bird netting near me, you can not rely on their credibility.

With that being said, we have curated this compact guide for you if you are looking for anti bird netting service for the first time. This guide will list all the possible benefits you may enjoy after enrolling in the bird proof netting service.

Top 4 Benefits of Bird Netting

  1. Keeps Your Residential Space Safe
  2. Your Balcony & Windows are Clean
  3. A Sign of Relief for Your Inner Gardener
  4. Effective-Yet-Affordable Plan

1. Keeps Your Residential Space Safe

Well, that’s the whole point of hiring bird control netting for many of us. Bird control netting installed at a residential space ensures that the birds are no more vulnerable to enter your home and scare you or your ailing family member or litter here and there.

2. Your Balcony & Windows are Clean

With bird netting installed on the premises, you can see that your windows and balcony will look superb and free from droppings. The bird droppings are responsible for ruining the cleanliness. Also, the nesting materials clog the gutters and create a mess with the production schedules. Bird proof netting prevents all such issues.

3. A Sign of Relief for Your Inner Gardener

Owing to the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, the plantation has become a common habit of many of us. However, the ones who were already a member of the clan always ensured that their plants, fruits, veggies, etc., were safe from every potential threat. With bird control netting, you will have one thing less to worry about.

4. Effective-Yet-Affordable Plan

Last but not least! Bird control netting is one of the most effective and humane measures of getting rid of birds from your residential space. Once a professional install the bird netting, there is no extra maintenance cost. Provided that the best net quality has been used, you don’t have to schedule the next installment anytime soon.

HiCare’s Bird Control Services

Now, as you know the benefits of bird netting, we won’t be surprised if you head to the world of the internet and start looking for the service online. As we mentioned earlier, this task could be a bit tricky unless you know about the key features of our bird netting services. Our services tick all the boxes of the above-listed advantages. Scroll down to take a brief look at it.

HiCare’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bird netting is ideal for giving protection against many types of birds. We use UV Resistant and Highly Durable Garware nets that are soft, strong, tangle-free, and are suitable to use with or without a frame.

Another premium benefit that only HiCare customers get. HiCare’s Anti Bird Netting Service comes with a three-year warranty. If you have any complaint or repair that needs to be done within three years of installation, we will send our trained technician to resolve your issue without charging any extra amount.

As we know what that balcony or window space means to you, HiCare offers two colours that maintain the aesthetic look of your space; white and black. You can choose the net colour that suits you the best with your requirement.

There are no hazardous chemical repellents or sharp edges on the nets that could cause injury to neither you nor your ailing family members nor birds.

To make our service more effective, we focus on the specific demand of our customers. Some need netting for the sparrow, while others for pigeons; depending on the locality they live in, the demand is different. That’s why we have divided these types broadly into two categories. Specification of each is described below:

  • Pigeon Netting: The dimension of this netting will be a 50mm (2 inches) x 50 mm (2 inches) square gap for pigeons and other similar size birds.
  • Sparrow Netting: The dimension of this netting will be a 25mm (1 inch) x 25 mm (1 inch) square gap for sparrows, pigeons, and other small-sized birds.

How to Book HiCare’s Bird Control Service

  • Step 1: Click on the prompt reading “Bird Netting”.
  • Step 2: The website will redirect you to a new page for the Bird Netting service
  • Step 3: Select the type of service
  • Step 4: Fill your details in the required fields
  • Step 5: Once the above step is done, hit on the “Call Back” prompt, and that’s it!

Here comes the bonus point of hiring HiCare’s Bird Netting service. We provide an additional 5% discount on Bird Netting price to customers who make an online payment.

Head to HiCare’s official website and shower some love on your balcony now!

Protect Your Home This Summer with Bird Proof Netting

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