Benefits of Hiring Professional Bed Bug Control Service

benefits of hiring professional bed bug control service

“Home” is a space where we feel most comfortable and safe. However, when some uninvited guests, like crawling pests, intrude into our home, their presence often annoys us. Among many others, bed bugs are one of the most irritating and difficult infestations to get rid of entirely. Yes, there are multiple do-it-yourself and over-the-counter measures available in the market. But the question is – are their chemical composition safe for all of your family members?

If the safety of your loved ones is at the top of your priority list while choosing a method to get rid of bed bugs, hiring a professional Bed Bug Pest Control is a one-stop solution for you. In today’s digital era, all you need to do is head to the web and type – “Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me”. But many of us drop the idea because of some doubts and choose over-the-counter or DIY methods.

Well, this comprehensive guide will explain why hiring professional bed bug control services is necessary.

Living with pests like bed bugs is not only irritating but also intimidating. Although bed bugs are small in size, these crawling creatures can cause health hazards to our loved ones and ailing family members. Moreover, if you leave them to breed for too long, you might hit a real hassle soon. Remember the old saying – “precautions before cure” as soon as you spot a bed bug in your home, and even irrespective of an infestation having taken place, plan a Bed Bug Pest Control Service.

5 Main Places from Where Bed Bugs Come

However, before that, we need to first understand how and why they invade our home. Though they are named bed bugs, they don’t just chill in bed all day. As they like to live around people, they always look for an opportunity to find a home for themselves. And, as they are pro at hopping into people’s stuff, they often travel on them to find nice, warm beds, clothes, or furniture to live and breed in. The most common spaces from where they can enter your space are as follows:

  1. hotels
  2. hostels
  3. dorms
  4. motels
  5. public transport modes

12 Common Places Where Bed Bugs Live

After entering your space, they are most likely to hang on the following indoor objects, such as:

  1. mattresses
  2. box springs
  3. sheets
  4. blankets
  5. around your bed frame
  6. piles of clothes
  7. beneath peeling/cracking paint/wallpaper
  8. underneath carpets
  9. seams of upholstered furniture
  10. beneath plates covering electrical outlets
  11. luggage items
  12. cardboard boxes

How to Identify Bed Bugs Invasion?

If you are not sure that your home has turned into a hotbed for bed bugs, here’s a checklist to help you out with identifying the signs of bed bugs invasion. (Note, if you answer yes to the majority of the following signs, you’re likely dealing with bedbugs)

  • Red, itchy spots on the skin, which are slightly darker in the middle.
  • Small, unexplained blood spots on your mattresses, pillowcases, bedding, carpet, or other upholstered surfaces.
  • Pepper like sheds on sheets and bed corners.

Top 5 Reasons of Hiring Professional Bed Bugs Control Services

  1. Long Term Relief
  2. Safety is the Priority
  3. Value for Your Money
  4. Avoids Pesticide Hazards
  5. Targets the Cause

1. Long Term Relief

One of the top reasons why opting for professional pest control for bed bugs is that they ensure to give long-term relief. Most of the over-the-counter or DIY approaches are generic in nature and how long they will help is not guaranteed. If a product worked out for someone, it does not mean it will show positive results in your case too. And, as mentioned earlier, over or less use of those regular methods may give visible evidence but the damage could continue.

2. Safety is the Priority

During the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, the only thing that bothered us the most was keeping our family and loved ones safe from the virus. A little inconvenience to any of your family members can disturb your mental peace. Now, just imagine, if you try a DIY method to get rid of bed bugs and it backfires on your family member, what would be your call? Pesticides used in over-the-counter measures often cause sore/itchy throat, skin allergy, rashes, blisters or difficulty in breathing. But, hiring a pest control for bed bugs can set you free from this tension.

Opting for HiCare’s bed bug treatment caters to your this need. The trained technician makes sure to use the most convenient pest elimination technique.

3. Value for Your Money

The most common misconception about hiring professional Bed Bug Pest Control Services is that they are costly. To counter this, we have an example. Now think, you use a specific product to manage bed bugs. It shows a visible effect, but after some time those tiny creatures re-invade your area. Once the product is sold to you, the manufacturer or seller does not shoulder any responsibility. And, like this, you may get stuck in a loop.

However, that’s not the case with Bed Bug Pest Control. They provide a warranty and also free audit check-ups to ensure that your space is bed bug-free.

For example, HiCare’s bed bugs treatment offers a two-visit service along with a free complaint service.

Also, many believe that a professional company has a universal plan and charges. But, HiCare provides various options with the overall costs depending on your property size, the number of treatments and the degree of the infestation, among many other factors.

4. Avoids Pesticide Hazards

Here, I have a truth bomb for you! Did you know that the majority of over-the-counter products for bed bugs, such as spray, coil and gels, have pesticides? And, persistent exposure to these pesticides can lead to potential health risks. On the other hand HiCare promises to use products that are safe for you and your family.

5. Targets the Cause

Before starting any treatment for Bed Bug Pest Control Service, experienced technicians thoroughly examine your space and locate the origin of bed bugs. Their integrated pest management approach makes professional services superior to traditional methods. Under the two-visit bed bug treatment of HiCare, the technician comes for the second round, a few days after the first round. The purpose of the second round is to eliminate the rest of the eggs of bed bugs as they can be destroyed completely only after they’re hatched.


As the above-stated explanation clears all your doubts regarding your query of “Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me” or hiring a “professional Bed Bug Pest Control Service”, check out HiCare’s Bed Bug treatment plan and get clean and bed-bug free homes or call our hotline at 08828333888 and book a service right away!

Benefits of Hiring Professional Bed Bug Control Service

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