Benefits of Pest Control Services- Is It Worthy?

pest control services

Not just children, even adults get scared seeing a cockroach, rat, or any other insect at home. These ugly-looking small organisms can play big havoc on your health and property. So, timely pest control is a must, and it should be booked the moment you detect their presence in your home. 

Let us figure out what exactly is pest control, and whether pest control is beneficial for your home.

What is Pest Control?

Before we discuss anything else, we feel it is important to elaborate a bit more about pest control’s meaning. It means controlling the pests through thorough detection, eradication, and prevention. All these steps are taken into consideration in effective residential or commercial pest control. With effective pest control measures, one can shoo away all kinds of pests, be it cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, wood borers, or ants. 

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7 Benefits of Pest Control Services

If you book pest control services from any professional company that adheres to the standards announced by Pest Control India (PCI), you can expect to enjoy the following advantages of pest control:

  1. Complete Detection of Pests: The prime reason for anyone to hire pest control services should be to detect the pests hiding in different nooks and corners of a premise. This task cannot be done by yourself, and for this, you need professional home cleaning services, and the right tools along with the appropriate skills. Failing to get any of these, will allow these pests to spread all across your premise within no time. 
  2. Complete Eradication of Pests: After a thorough detection of what kinds of pests are hiding in your home or office, a trained pest control professional will suggest you the best pest removal treatment. Such companies and professionals aim to remove pests and leave behind a pest-free home or office for the client. 
  3. Saves Your Property and Belongings: One of the most remarkable of benefits of pest control services is that it helps save your property and belongings from damage caused by pests. For instance, pests like termites, if not controlled on time, may damage your entire wooden structures and furniture. Rats may chop off your electrical wires, clothes, and other belongings. 
  4. Saves Money: Once you prevent pests from your property, you automatically save money that might otherwise go wasted on the damages caused by the pests. Indulging in pest control through a DIY may also be a costly affair, so save money by hiring trained people for the same. 
  5. Saves Time: Pest control is worth it because it helps you save time. Just imagine the time that will go wasted if you let pests go out of control, and one day you need to shut down your business or vacate your home to remove the uncontrollable pests! It will consume a lot of time, and the same time will be wasted if you indulge in a DIY pest control method. 
  6. Minimizes Chances of Falling Sick: When discussing whether or not pest control is worth it, one cannot rule out the fact that with pest control you minimize the chances of contracting diseases caused by pests. Keeping pests away will prevent various bacterial, and viral infections that can be transmitted to you through pest droppings, bites, feathers, and dead skin.
  7. Keeps Pests Away in the Future: Do not forget that one of the biggest benefits of a pest control service is that it helps keep these pesky insects away in the future. Professional pest control companies share future pest prevention tips, and regular check-up plans to stop pests from recurring in your commercial or residential premises. 

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DIY vs Professional Pest Control Service

DIY pest control is following instructions for creating homemade mixtures to regulate pests.

Doing so could seem sort of organic, but did you recognize that what you’re mixing is taken into account as a pesticide? A pesticide is any mixture formed to kill, repel, or mitigate a pest. This can only be done by pest management services carrying years of experience in treating different pests. They have different chemically well-researched compositions that help you stay away from the pests. DIY causes more harm than betterment as it affects:

  • Human health
  • Damage Plants
  • Not safe for pets
  • Pollute the environment

Whereas, professional companies have a well-researched mixture of chemicals that is safe and good for you:

  • Health
  • Plants
  • Safety
  • Environment

When to Book Pest Control Services?

So, now the question comes when is the right time to book professional pest control services? Whenever you detect pests at home, do not delay in booking a pest control service from an experienced company. 

Some of the east signs to detect pest infestation at home or office are:

  • Pest droppings or urine
  • Constant gnawing sound of rats
  • Live pests like rats and cockroaches
  • Scattered wings of pests
  • Wooden dust on the floor
  • A hollow sound coming from the floor or furniture on tapping
  • Mud trails on walls and furniture
  • Constant foul odor
  • Family members experiencing frequent skin allergies
  • Dead skin of pests like cockroaches, termites, etc
  • Larvae or eggs of cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, etc

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10 Tips to Book a Pest Control Service

We assume you are pretty sure about what is pest control and whether it is worth it or not. Now, we want to extend a helping hand by acquainting you with how to book the best pest control service to get over the pest menace at your home. 

So, here are some useful tips to book a pest control service:

  1. Search online for pest control services near me
  2. Shortlist the best service providers by researching their websites
  3. Look for experience in the field
  4. Inquire about staff expertise and knowledge about pests
  5. Ask for different pest control methods offered
  6. Check the customer care support
  7. Get online price quotes
  8. Compare the price quotes with other similar pest control service providers
  9. Check client testimonials
  10. Book pest control service online to fetch advantages of pest control services at great discounts from HiCare

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5 Things to look while choosing a pest control company

  1. Positive Reviews – Check the professional pest control service company’s online presence. Read the reviews and dig into the company history and see the clients they have had, the work they have done and the reviews they have got. It gives you sufficient information to deduce and have an opinion.
  2. Knowledge of Pests – The technicians that provide professional pest control service to you must have enough knowledge and expertise in matters relating to all kinds of house pests and how to deal with them effectively for a long time.
  3. Chemical Knowledge – A professional pest control service company has the newest techniques and technologies developed to ensure your safety and hygiene. Opt for the best pest control services in Mumbai that want to help you have a pest-free home without deteriorating the environment.
  4. Responsiveness on Approach – You will be able to analyze the quality of work you can anticipate from a professional pest control service provider merely based on how competently the experts who work at the company are oriented to communicate with the consumers or potentials who inquire about their services.
  5. Follow-up pest control services – An effective pest control company will be aware and concerned enough to tell you that chemical efficacy diminishes with time. As a result, they will advise you to schedule a follow-up visit or sign a yearly contract so that they can provide you with follow-up services. These follow-up sessions are essential for maintaining your home’s pest-free status.


Confused about whom to approach for professional pest detection and control? Say hi to hygiene and no to pests with HiCare pest control services that are available in more than 30 Indian cities at very affordable pricing. You can choose to book specific pest control treatments for termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, wood borers, rodents, and mosquitoes. 

HiCare is the proud launcher of India’s 1st 3X Mosquito Control and 4D Cockroach Control Treatments. You can easily rely on home pest control from the trained hygiene experts of the company who are trained time-to-time with the latest technologies and methods of pest control. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What are the advantages of pest control?

Benefits or Advantages of pest control services are mentioned below:-
1. Protects health
2. Prevents property damage
3. Improves hygiene
4. Increases comfort
5. Saves money

What types of pests can be treated through the pest control services?

A variety of pests including rodents, insects, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and more can be controlled through professional pest control services.

How frequently should I get pest control services done?

The frequency of pest control services depends on various factors including the type of pest, the severity of the infestation and the location of your home. Regular examinations and pest control treatments should be done every 3 to 6 months.

Does routine pest control services help avoid property damage?

Yes, routine pest control treatments can aid in preventing property damage, particularly when it comes to pests like rodents, termites and wood borers that can harm your home's structural integrity.

Can pest control services be done on commercial property?

On commercial properties including offices, restaurants, and warehouses, pest control services can be performed. Pest control services can assist in shielding your company from the damaging effects of pest infestations.

Benefits of Pest Control Services- Is It Worthy?

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