Is Pest Control Safe for Babies?

Top Side Effects & Precautions for Babies During Pest Control

Baby Safe pest control is a must with kids toddling around. It will keep away those pesky pests to come in contact with your young kids, toddlers and newborn babies. Remember to hire professional and child-friendly pest control services for preventing the ill-effects of chemicals. You might avail a much cheaper pest control company than an expensive one. But the efficiency is short-lived while worsening the pest problem. You might save on your fortune but spent more on your health bills.

Imagine you spot your little one playing with an ant or running behind a small bug. Is it a pleasant sight for you? Of course not, you will get horrified and try to kill or sweep off the bug. Young children and toddlers generally have a tendency to play or run around the small living creatures. Here are some risks with incorrect pest control practices.

5 Pest Control Side Effects on Child Health

  1. Pest control is essential to keep your family and kids healthy. One may opt to DIY pest control products or home remedies. The chemicals used in DIY products are not environment-sensitive and causes severe health issues for children. Bug spray or mosquito repellent contains strong chemicals which are harmful to your kid’s immune system. Newborn babies and children are still developing their immune system with less tolerance than of an adult.
  2. Kids usually sneak into the kitchen for sweets or in the storage room to play. Incorrect or improper labelling and storing of pest control products even organic pesticides can cause poison incidents at your home. Children may consume the pesticide liquid thinking it to be a food or juice product.
  3. Home remedies pose severe health risks for children. One might opt to fix chemicals and apply it under kitchen sinks, cabinets or seal the crack and crevices. Toddlers or children play on the floor or run to the kitchen to grab chocolates this leads to exposure to the pesticide. Generally, the exposure is not only through the skin but also inhalation can cause health problems like asthma.
  4. Lack of knowledge on pesticides and even natural pest controlling methods will only lead your kids with high health risks. Babies while toddling put things in their mouth and this poses a great risk. The safest option is to hire a professional and safe house pest control expert.
  5. Research has shown that certain pesticides have severe health issues like learning disabilities, childhood cancer and more. Your little carelessness can lead your child to suffer from such health-troubles.

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7 Benefits of Choosing A Baby Safe Pest Control Company

  1. Hiring a professional and baby safe pest control experts is a one-time investment. A good investment can be expensive at the start but are profitable in the long run.
  2. Professionals are trained and certified before servicing your homes. They have knowledge about the products to be used with kids around.
  3. Professionals treat your home with kid-friendly pest control treatments to prevent health issues. Your health and safety are their only priority. They make your home pest-free with safe pest control services
  4. Professionals are very sensitive towards newborn babies and kids as a small mistake can cause harm to the little ones. Therefore, they only utilize baby safe pest control services to help you get rid of pest troubles.
  5. Most of the pest control company provide you with suitable advice or suggestions about the preventative steps to be taken with kids around.
  6. With the use of kid-safe pest control treatments, professional will help to keep the pregnant mother and newborn safe, as even inhaling pesticides during pregnancy carries its own risk.
  7. It’s important for parents to do thorough research on the pest control company before they hire their services. Inquire about their products or treatments being child-friendly and safe for newborn babies. With kids around, ensure that you inform about it to the pest control company. Safe pesticides will lead to a healthier future for your child.

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Is Pest Control Safe for Babies?

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