Why Termites Swarm and 6 Ways to Stop Them

Only a homeowner knows how dreadful it is to see “Deemak” or termite at home. These tiny bugs are often misleading due to their size because the damage they can pose to your house can be enormous. At some point, termite colonies grow too big in number, and a group of adult termites called a swarm leaves the colony.

Termites swarm once a year, but not all types of termite swarm at the same time. If you want effective termite control at home, you should know why termites swarm and how to stop them from swarming. 

This post aims to enlighten you about why termites swarm and 6 ways to stop them. We will also acquaint you with the benefits of booking a termite treatment for your home to get rid of these wood-eating bugs.

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Consider Termite Treatment at Home from HiCare

Termites in furniture or elsewhere in the house can be dealt with effortlessly and safely by seeking professional help from experts like HiCare. No need to look for ways to identify swarmer termites and how to prevent them if you book a termite treatment for home from HiCare. 

The Drill-Fill-Seal Termite Treatment conducted by the highly trained team of HiCare can help you detect termites deep within furniture, walls, and floors of your home by drilling 1.2cm diameter holes. Once the holes are drilled, they are filled with powerful termiticides. These holes are then sealed using sealants. 

Why do Termites Swarm

Whether you know it or not, swarming is a natural and necessary stage in a termite’s lifecycle. The moment termites outgrow their colony, they need further space to expand, and for this, both male and female termites swarm in huge groups of hundreds or thousands. 

House termites are known to swarm during the spring or summer when the condition outside is perfect for them to mate and build a new colony. Swarming is a short period that takes place for only about 30 – 35 minutes, and this is the duration when these termites can infest your homes because they are looking for a new place to build a nest. 

How to Prevent Termites

You may not be able to spot the wood termites during swarming, and even if you spot them, how to prevent them from infesting your house? So, here are some tips to prevent termites during swarming:

  1. Thorough Inspection: Begin with thoroughly inspecting the home and all the vulnerable spots. Do this regularly to detect swarmer termites hiding inside your home to make way for timely termite control.
  2. Repair Water Leakages: Water is a prime attraction for termites and other bugs. Therefore, if you wish to prevent a termite infestation, make sure to fix all your leaky pipes, faucets, and clogged drains. 
  3. Boric Acid: Not only can cockroaches be eliminated using boric acid, but it also works as an effective termite repellent. You must spread it in termite-infested areas to dehydrate the termites and lead them to death. 
  4. Direct Sunlight Method: Termites are delicate bugs that can’t tolerate extreme temperatures. Therefore, if you detect wood termites in some furniture, try to keep their piece in direct sunlight to kill these bugs.
  5. Cardboard Trap: A smart way to trap termites infested inside the home is by using a cardboard trap. For this, use 2-3 pieces of wet cardboard and stack them up in the termite-infested area. Within a week, you will see termites and other bugs attracted to it. Then, remove the cardboard and discard them away from the home. 
  6. Book an Anti-Termite Treatment from HiCare: Do none of the above things to prevent termites; just call the HiCare team for a termite pest control treatment at home. It will be an all-in-one solution to detect, remove, and prevent swarmer termites from your home. 


In a nutshell, seeing swarmer termites inside the home is the right time to book a termite pest control. HiCare, with its rich legacy of 3 decades in providing warranty-backed pest control services with no false promises, can be the right choice for an anti-termite treatment at home. So say hi to hygiene and bye to swarmer termites with HiCare’s holistic approach and expertise.

Why Termites Swarm and 6 Ways to Stop Them

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