30 Minutes Flat to a Sterilized Germ Free Home!

30 minutes flat to a sterilized germ free home

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time, the government and health authorities keep telling us. Stay at home, they keep telling us. Practice social distancing, they keep repeating. Most of all, they’ve been instructing us to sanitize, and stay as safe as possible from something known as the coronavirus.

Wondering why we’re getting all these instructions from bodies like the World Health Organization (WHO)?! Well, it’s not for nothing, especially when you see 2 million global positive COVID-19 cases along with 120k+ deaths across the world. It’s a grim situation where we’re fighting against an invisible enemy and thus, the more cautious we are, the better.

People say cleanliness and hygiene begins at home. So, instead of worrying about COVID- 19 fomites outside your home, let’s focus on your home first. If you do a regular hygiene check- up at home, there’s no chance of the virus staying active within the four walls of your house. Thus, ensuring the health of your family members!

One way of looking at it is to buy a box of alcohol-based wet wipes and sanitize every platform in your house. These include chairs, tables, cabinets, door frames, shelves, bed frames, mirrors, cupboards and much more. Another way of looking at it is the more professional approach, getting experts like HiCare to sterilize your house!

Do You Just Clean Your Home or Disinfect It?

People may not truly understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Your daily routine of sweeping and mopping the home is no guarantee of getting rid of the virus. Cleaning activities like wiping, dusting, washing removes germs, dirt, and other impurities from different surfaces at home.

However, it’ll be completely ineffective against the corona virus. Disinfecting on the other hand works by the use of chemicals for killing germs and viruses on different surfaces and/or objects. That’s where brands like HiCare come into the picture. Now, you’re one call to 8828333888 away from disinfecting your home!

Why Disinfecting is Important?

It’s not for no reason that items like antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers are getting sold out in minutes. When at home, an infected person’s coughing or sneezing can bring the virus into the air of a clean home. Similarly, parcels or deliveries from the hands of an infected person could have the same effect. The virus can stay active on most platforms for days at a time, hence disinfecting and killing the virus is the best option.

HiCare’s Steri-Home Care Service

1. Protecting Your Home The Right Way

Combating an unseen enemy is never easy and that’s why you should let the experts do the job. HiCare offers a comprehensive disinfection service aptly called the Steri-Home Care service. An advanced microbial risk elimination service, we use an advanced water-based chemical spray to conduct this process.

The proactive service disinfects possibly contaminated surfaces, equipment and fixtures in a safe, compliant and effective manner. HiCare has built trust among Indian customers for years, and it’s now more than ever that we realize the importance of stepping up and being a leader. Being the best in the home hygiene space, it goes without saying that we had to offer a COVID-19 special service!

2. Easiest Access To Book A Service

Being India’s number one pest control and home hygiene brand, everything under the HiCare umbrella points towards the better health of your homes. While other services and industries may be on hold, our Steri-Home Care service is available to all across the country (government-permitted).

And as usual, it’s the smoothest process ever if you wish to book this disinfecting service. A call to our hotline on 8828333888 will let you book the service in a matter of seconds. Alternately, a visit to the HiCare website will help you book it with a 10% discount only for those who pay online as well. Apart from that, say hello to Alexa and your virtual assistant will also help you book a service and keep coronavirus away.

3. 3x Steri-Care Features

Our teams are working around the clock to find effective methods to battle COVID-19 and the virus that’s causing it. While there’s no vaccine out yet, it’s our responsibility to control the escalation of this problem. Just like we stop termites and bed bugs from spreading, it’s now time to stop coronavirus from spreading. The 3x Steri-Care service is better in every step of the process:

  • 3x Safety – The water-based chemical is 100% safe for your home, not causing side-effects among kids, senior citizens and pets.
  • 3x Efficiency – The treatment is completed in a single service and there’s no need of follow-ups and second visits.
  • 3x Quicker – Based on the size of your home or office, the service is done withing 20-40 minutes only.
  • 3x Protection – The areas covered in the services are your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms which are the main hot-spots.

PS: The areas not covered include cabinets, cupboards, electronic items, gardens. Before the service begins, do help us out with a little bit of preparation. Keep your kitchen platforms clean and empty, keep food and medicines away, keep clothes, toys/gadgets and other valuables away, and make sure there’s enough ventilation happening. A normal service would require between 60-90 minutes from drying as well.

4. Germ Free Virus Free Homes @ lowest of prices!

Being India’s number one in home hygiene, we have studied the markets and the average amount each household can pay for our services. All of our services have the most reasonable prices and the coronavirus service is no exception to this at all, with the service beginning at as low as INR 1,999!

  • 1 BHK – INR 1,999
  • 2 BHK – INR 2,499
  • 3 BHK – INR 2,999
  • 4 BHK – INR 3,499
  • 5 BHK – INR 3,999

Top 10 Scariest COVID-19 Facts

  1. Studies suggest the virus can stay active on plastic and stainless-steel objects for as long as 72 hours!
  2. You can’t tell if you’ve got COVID-19 immediately, as it takes between 1-14 days for symptoms to start showing!
  3. The longest incubation period was observed by Hubei Province – 27 days until reporting positive!
  4. First million cases were reported over 2+ months. Second million was hit in less than 2 weeks!
  5. One infected person can lead to thousands being infected through this chain reaction disease!
  6. Coronavirus can even be transmitted through kissing a partner!
  7. Unlike many fake reports, COVID-19 won’t come to an end with warmer weather!
  8. Pain medicines like ibuprofen don’t work and can even worsen your case!
  9. Coronavirus can be transferred from people who don’t even have the disease themselves!
  10. South Korea’s patient #31 infected more than 50% of the country’s total number of cases!

The above facts have definitely given you goose bumps and that’s why you should consider getting a Steri-Care service too. It will stay effective for approximately a period of 1 week, provided there’s no external contamination. While it is a one-time service, we always recommend you get this service once every couple of months, as we never know what viruses and bacteria we’re exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. In such hard times, it’s better to be safe and protected, rather than sorry.

COVID-19 hasn’t spared anyone, whether you live in Karachi or in Melbourne, whether in Delhi or in Mumbai. The world is fighting together, fighting to save its citizens. However, the only ones who can help us is ourselves. Hence, we ask you to stay safe, stay home, keep sanitizing and call HiCare to sterilize your homes. This is the only way we will fight coronavirus, together!

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30 Minutes Flat to a Sterilized Germ Free Home!

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