7 Genius Ways to Keep Birds Away From Your Home

tricks to keep birds out of my home

For ages, humans have enjoyed a close relationship with birds. Whether it’s pigeons, who were once used as messengers, or colourful birds like parrots and mynas, which make for an enjoyable and fascinating company as pets.

Many people are passionate about birds and participate in different bird-related hobbies such as bird watching and bird feeding, to mention a few. However, some urban birds, particularly the wild pigeon and sparrow, have been known to wreak complete chaos in our daily lives.

They are so accustomed to living among humans that they rely largely on their basic needs, such as food, water, and nesting, deliberately or unknowingly. It is because of these desires that they have broken into our homes, which is a major problem in India’s metro areas.

The noise and clutter they make in the form of loose feathers and droppings can ruin the mood in your home. As a result, respiratory illnesses and allergies may become more prevalent. Pigeons are the most violent birds, so precautions must be made to ensure that they do not disrupt our tranquil life.

7 ways to keep birds away from your home

With that being said, this comprehensive write up of HiCare will shed some light on 7 simple yet effective tricks to keep birds away from your home.

  1. Blocked entry points

    To begin, make sure that any probable entry points for these birds into your property are blocked. Closed windows and doors greatly reduce the likelihood of these birds accessing your home. If this isn’t possible, close the blinds and drapes.

  2. Seal small holes

    Inspect the house for small holes, such as those for gas pipelines or air conditioning systems, and seal any that you find.

  3. Avoid Food

    Some animal lovers put bird food or bird baths on their windows or balconies at all times. Although this is an excellent practice, make sure they are maintained away from your home’s entrance.

  4. Plastic hawk

    Hang a plastic hawk or other predator mural to the window if the house will be closed for an extended period of time to keep pigeons from nesting on the window grill. They have been shown to be effective at scaring away birds. Make sure it hangs down low enough to swing in the breeze. Birds are extremely intelligent and may develop resistance to an immovable threat.

  5. Shining objects

    Other items that could be hung include shining objects such as CDs, broken mirrors, or any reflecting metal. The bird is also scared away by the sound of wind chimes. There are a few bird impediments on the market, such as sticky bird repellent, that makes it difficult for birds to land on flat surfaces.

  6. Cover window

    Cover your window with a reflective film that is transparent from the inside of your home but opaque to the birds. They are readily available in the market’s hardware stores.

  7. Keep nest away

    It is honourable to wait until the eggs hatch and the hatchlings fly away after discovering a nest with eggs on the window. It will take up to a month, but after that, dispose of the residual nesting material and sanitise the entire area. If a nest is discovered within the house, carefully relocate it to a new site, but not too far away.

Birds, particularly pigeons, are usually intelligent creatures. Pigeons have been observed to recognise individuals in studies. During World Wars 1 and 2, the species played a critical role in saving the lives of many soldiers.

Their ability to learn quickly allows them to adjust to new situations quickly. As a result, the preceding methods may only be temporary. It is best to seek professional assistance for a long-term solution.

HiCare is a fully certified professional in this sector, with many years of experience in bird control. Pigeon netting solutions are available for both residential and business venues across the country.

Key features of HiCare’s Bird Netting service 

  1. Product and service of high quality

    HiCare uses bird netting made of high-density polyethene (HDPE) to keep birds out of your personal space. The UV Resistant and Highly Durable GARWARE nets used in HiCare’s services, on the other hand, are soft, sturdy, and tangle-free, and may be used with or without a frame. Furthermore, non-rusting stainless steel (SS) robust wired metal framework for proper fit extends the net’s lifespan.

  2. A three-year warranty

    Our Anti Bird Netting Service comes with a three-year warranty, which means that if you have a complaint or require a repair within three years after installation, we will fix it without charging you anything more.

  3. Assure safety

    Our bird deterrent is both gentle and effective, ensuring your protection. Our nets do not contain any dangerous chemical repellents or sharp edges that could harm humans or birds. Our executive, on the other hand, who will install the net at your location, will adhere to all Covid-19 protocols and will wear a mask, face shield, hand gloves, and shoe covers.

  4. Various plans

    The cost of bird netting becomes a major factor in the decision-making process. We have classified our service into two categories for the convenience of our consumers. The first is Pigeon Netting, which will include a 50mm (2 inches) by 50mm (2 inches) square gap for pigeons and other birds of similar size. Meanwhile, the second is called Sparrow Netting, and it will have a square gap of 25mm (1 inch) x 25mm (1 inch) for sparrows, pigeons, and other tiny birds.

Install HiCare’s Bird Netting and protect your balcony!

7 Genius Ways to Keep Birds Away From Your Home

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