Kitchen Cleaning Habits You Need to Start Right Now to Ensure a Clean Kitchen This Diwali

kitchen cleaning habits for clean kitchen in diwali

After Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri, it is time to ring in the Diwali festivities. With Diwali comes the thought to clean the house to welcome Goddess Laxmi. However, we believe that the thought of how to maintain cleanliness should not bother you only during Diwali time. Cleanliness should be a habit that must be followed all throughout the year.

Although one should make all efforts to clean the entire house, one specific area of the house that needs thorough cleaning is the kitchen. So, how to keep the kitchen clean? You will come across various kitchen cleaning tips on the internet, but what works and what does not, is still a debate!

In this post, we aim to acquaint you with the best kitchen cleaning tips and tricks to ensure a clean kitchen this Diwali.

10 Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Methods for Diwali 2023

Do not let your kitchen destroy the celebration of this Diwali by ignoring its cleanliness. Kitchen if left uncleaned will soon invite cockroaches, rats, and other pests within no time. So, regular kitchen cleaning is a must. Worry not, as we are now sharing with you the best hacks of how to clean the kitchen are given below:

  1. Schedule a Regular Kitchen Deep Cleaning: The prime tip for those interested in kitchen cleaning is to schedule a regular deep cleaning. Doing it once in a while won’t make any sense, as you will have a lot to clean in that case. So, efforts should be made to schedule a kitchen deep cleaning at regular intervals. 
  2. Declutter Your Countertop: One of the best kitchen cleaning tips shared by pro chefs is to declutter your kitchen countertops. It will make it easier to clean the stuff and make it look tidier and cleaner. Try to keep things inside drawers and cabinets instead of scattering them everywhere on the kitchen countertop. 
  3. Use Less Utensils and Containers: To ensure a clean and spotless kitchen, you must minimize utensils and containers. Remember that the more stuff you will use in the kitchen, the dirtier it may appear after some time if you miss a regular cleaning. Using less utensils and containers means wasting less time cleaning them. A quick trick here is to cook one-pot meals to minimize utensil usage. 
  4. De-clog your Kitchen Sink: One of the most crucial things of a kitchen is the kitchen sink. This is undoubtedly one of those places that can make or mar the whole look of your kitchen. Often a clogged kitchen sink is the reason for the ugly look and pest infestation in the kitchen. So, ensure de-clogging your kitchen sink regularly using baking soda and vinegar or readymade drainage cleaners available in the market. 
  5. Don’t Leave Plates with Leftovers: Not just for the sake of cleanliness this Diwali, but also to prevent pest infestation in your kitchen, you must not leave food leftovers on your plates. Ensure throwing the leftovers timely in the dustbin. Also, try pouring some water on the used plates and utensils, before placing them in the kitchen sink to minimize pest infestation. 
  6. Wash Your Oven Rack After Every Use: Whether you agree with this or not, your oven is one of the main kitchen appliances. Ensure keeping it spotless by cleaning or washing it after every use. For this, try to soak the oven rack in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and scrub lightly to remove all the stubborn stains.
  7. Declutter your Refrigerator Before Refilling it with New Groceries: Most of us have our refrigerator installed inside our kitchen. So, fridge cleaning should also be taken as part of a thorough kitchen cleaning. Ensure decluttering and sorting things already stored in the fridge before filling it with fresh new groceries. While you do so, ensure wiping down the fridge shelves there and then maintaining the beauty of this most important appliance in your kitchen.
  8. Clean Before You Start Cooking: Here comes a smart kitchen cleaning tip from a pro chef, who suggests cleaning the mess in the kitchen before cooking up your next meal. This will reduce the efforts of cleaning and also encourage you to cook tasty meals in a hygienic and clean kitchen. 
  9. Clean Your Kitchen Appliances: When it comes to kitchen cleaning, it means cleaning everything present in your kitchen, be it the cabinets, flooring, tiles, or kitchen appliances. Do not ignore cleaning the appliances you use in the kitchen, irrespective of the fact, whether you use them daily or once in a while. Clean your toasters, grillers, ovens, blenders, and mixers regularly. 
  10. Pay Attention to Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal Bin: One thing that we usually forget while indulging in a kitchen deep cleaning is the garbage disposal bin. If ignored for a long time, this is one place that will not only start stinking but will attract all kinds of pests to your kitchen. So, do ensure keeping the kitchen garbage disposal bin clean. For this, try using frozen ice cubes made of lemon juice, water, and salt. 

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If despite trying all the above-mentioned kitchen cleaning tips,you are not able to get the desired results, then it means you need to consider kitchen deep cleaning. HiCare, India’s 1st digital hygiene company offers not just pest control solutions but ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Services to give you a sparkling clean kitchen this Diwali. The company offers kitchen cleaning services in over 20 Indian cities at very affordable prices. So, this Diwali if you wish to have a spotless kitchen, and are fed up with trying different cleaning hacks, book a kitchen cleaning service from HiCare.

Kitchen Cleaning Habits You Need to Start Right Now to Ensure a Clean Kitchen This Diwali

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