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Here Are 11 Best and Effective Ways to Kill Cockroaches Instantly with the Help of Our Cockroaches Pest Control Services | Best pest control for cockroaches.

The problem of cockroach infestation is quite common in Indian households. While the permanent solution to get rid of them is professional Cockroach Control Services, multiple methods can give you quick relief from these nuisance-creating pests. So, if you can’t wait until the best Pest Control for Cockroaches comes to your doorstep to deliver the benefits of them, these home remedies can be a savior for you in the short run.

Note, that all the ingredients of the above-listed raw-knuckled roach-killing recipes can be found in your kitchen, and if not, they are easily available in the market. So, let’s dive into it!

  • Baking Soda and Onions
  • Starting from the quickest among all, take out some baking soda and onion to prepare a trap for the six-legged crawling insects. Dice a handful of onion, and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Place it on the hotspot areas or anywhere roaches like to dine. Though the effectiveness of the remedy is not promised, it works the majority of the time.

  • Boric Acid and Peanut Butter
  • Boric acid surpasses even baking soda at killing cockroaches. Boric acid performs as an all-natural toxin that kills unclean roaches in just a few days with a couple of sprinkles on the floor. Put another way, dust a paper plate with flour and bait it with a piece of orange peel in the center.

  • Roach Cookies
  • All it will take to make the delicious yet deadly roach cookies is 20 minutes of your day! Here are the ingredients you need to get on the table to prepare them:

    • ½ Cup Sugar
    • ½ Cup Flour
    • ½ Cup Crisco Shortening
    • ½ Cup Boric Acid Powder

    Note, when you make these cookies, make sure you are not preparing them in the kitchen or in an area where you generally make meals. Also, perform the entire activity while wearing latex gloves.


    • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make a thick dough.
    • Press into jar lids or roll into shapes and place on wax paper squares. Now, wipe down your work area and wash your tools.
    • Place on floor areas away from pets and children: for example, under the stove, under and behind the fridge, under sinks and cabinets.
    • Scout out other areas including corners and gaps or cracks in walls.
    • Inspect locations every couple of weeks, and replace when the cookie dries out.
    • You can also dust the remaining boric acid near areas of infestation.
    • Duct Tape

    For a sticky surface, take one upside-down strip of duct tape, and stick some food that can act as bait. Spread these strips all over the house.

  • Borax
  • There’s one more super-powerful powder that’s easy to come by, simple to use, and effective: borax. From sugar and borax to cocoa dust and borax balls, use this laundry product as one of the ingredients in several roach-killing recipes.

  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Get an empty glass jar and place a small amount of bait in the bottom. Then spread petroleum jelly all over the inside of the jar. Tape a bookmark or a straw to the outside. Roaches can easily crawl in for food, but they can’t get out!

  • Bay Leaves
  • The stench of bay leaves has been proved to deter roaches from entering cabinets, closets, and kitchen areas. To get the most out of bay leaves, make sure they’re combined with a thorough cleaning.

  • Vinegar
  • Mix vinegar with tea tree essential oil or cedar oil for a powerful roach-repellent solution.

  • Cucumber
  • Get some cucumber peels and a can of aluminum. Petroleum jelly should be applied to the inside of the can to prevent the cockroaches from escaping. Place the cucumber in the can and store it somewhere handy.

  • Soda bottle trap
  • Get an empty soda bottle and cut off the top. Fill the bottom part with something to lure cockroaches. You can use sugar or mix coffee and sugar together. Turn the top part of the bottle upside down and place it inside the bottom part to create a funnel shape. Place around the house and revisit after a few hours to see how many roaches it has trapped.

  • Soap and water spray
  • Getting rid of roaches with just soap and water can be effective. Simply place a few drops of soap into a spray bottle filled with warm water and shake it well. The roach might continue to run after being sprayed but will die after a minute or so.

  • Hairspray
  • Though it is not a home remedy, buying a cheap bottle of hairspray can be a great way to kill off roaches. Interestingly, spraying them with hairspray will cause their wings and legs to stick together; this will further suffocate them.

Well, these methods may help you in the short term, but as mentioned earlier, to get rid of roaches in the long term, there is only one solution: hiring the best Pest Control for Cockroaches. However, Googling cockroach control services near me won’t help you much.

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11 Best And Effective Ways To Kill Cockroaches Instantly- HiCare

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