Tips To Clean Up Pigeon Droppings

If there is something that makes the birds filthy in nature, it is their dropping. The waste matter of birds is responsible for various type of diseases and allergies like the bird keeper's lung, irritation in air passages and other respiratory diseases. Bird droppings are not only responsible for diseases but they are also erosive in nature, damaging the property in the process. The faeces dry down hard like cement staining the surface area so tough, it can get very difficult to clean it up. The acidic nature of the pigeon droppings can corrode away metal, plastic, laminate flooring and the outdoor furniture causing expensive damages to your house. The pigeon's excreta can lead to the development of a lot of bacteria and fungi making it absolutely important to follow a proper method while cleaning up the mess. Below are few tips to get the pigeon droppings effectively off your property.

Here are Tips to Clean up Pigeon Droppings effectively

  • While cleaning the area, cover your entire body with full clothing. Wear a proper face mask and cleaning gloves. Cover the room appropriately so that the stirred up dust of pigeon poop doesn't spread to the other room.
  • Next up, slowly brush the surface where the waste matter is dumped.
  • If it is a Tile or any other stone flooring, hose up the area in full force to get it slightly dampish, then use an all-purpose cleaner while scrubbing the area and then hose it up again. This trick works perfectly fine on any type of tile flooring and stone flooring.
  • For Wood, scrape off any hard particles of excreta as much as possible. Dip a scrubber in water and scrub off the excreta residue. Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on to the infected area and keep on scrubbing until the stain goes away. Another quick remedy is the use of toothpaste to scrub off the dropping stains.
  • On a carpet or any upholstered furniture, sprinkle some baking soda over the blotch and let it sit for at least an hour. Wipe the stain with cold water continuously for at least 5-10 minutes. Then for a couple of minutes, gently scrub the stain and then wipe it again with cold water. Follow this process until the stain is completely clear.
  • Later, clean the balcony by mopping the floor, or just wipe with a wet cloth, the floor or the furniture. In case of carpet, wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.
  • A professional and an easy option would be to employ an expert with legit experience to help you clean the carpet, upholstered furniture or an entire home cleaning services. Our technicians have access to machinery which removes the stain quickly and effortlessly without damaging your property.
  • If your car has been a victim of pigeon poop, use a water sprinkler to loosen the excreta stains. With a car cleaning fluid, wipe off the smudge until it is clean. For stubborn stains use a hose directly onto the smudge and continue wiping until it totally fades away. For better results though, check our Car cleaning services. If you have a new car or want to make sure the car's looks are not spoiled in the process, hire a professional.

Prevention is better than cure and especially so in the case where cleaning up the mess is dirty and tricky. Make sure that you totally avoid the pigeons from entering your house and dirtying the place. If you are a victim of constant pigeon problems, call us and let us help put together a proper pigeon deterrent plan for you. Visit our bird control services now.