How To Keep Pigeons Away from your place

How to Keep Pigeons Away

The fearless, pesky, pervasive pigeon

The pigeon-bird was raised for food in America since the 1600s, but grew so fast and multiplied so rapidly that they have formed feral, fierce populations in all their major cities.

This is a huge problem in India too, as most people feed pigeons: since they do not fear humans and eat only grains, seeds or breadcrumbs, they are considered “pets”.

However, this “pigeon bird” is actually a dirty, filthy menace; a pest that messes up statues, homes, and balconies with stinking, gooey droppings.

But that’s not all! Pigeons are a real nuisance: they damage your property, break-in by breaking window-glasses and carry a host of dangerous pigeon borne diseases and parasites.

Some people, who are ignorant of science, medicine, and pigeon borne diseases even build pigeon-houses for them! Pesky, pervasive, disease-carrying pigeons: how do they rule the roost in our cities?

As the pigeon-bird population grows, the nestlings return to their homes to build more pigeon nests and raise more pigeons (on ledges, balconies, gables, pipes and “chajjas”). They always, always find their way home.

Pigeon droppings are tar-like and heavy as a binding agent (like mortar) for their pigeon nests: it is extremely difficult to remove.

Pigeon droppings and nests do more than dirty and stink up a place:  they clog gutters, pipes, eaves, and water-spouts degrading your property. Pigeons are bad for business especially the food or hotel industry. They are “bully-birds” who keep smaller song-birds (like bulbuls) away!

How to scare pigeons or keep pigeons away

Pigeons do not like wind-chimes, aluminium foil-pans (as used for fast food), shiny rubber snakes or balloons. Some commercial gel bird-repellents will keep pigeons away but must be constantly replenished.

Pigeon nets for balconies are advised, but most netting sags and gives way: pigeons peck holes in them too. How to get rid of pigeons poses a vexatious problem as most solutions are stop-gap measures.

Some people attach new-fangled coiled “slinky toys” on balcony rails to deter pigeons from finding a comfy spot! Mesh screens also act well.

There are some organic, home-made pigeon repellents that are effective in keeping pigeons away from balcony or windows sill.

Place “pomanders” (cheesecloth pouches)| of cayenne pepper, black pepper, chilli powder or strong spice powder mix along railings or window sills. Keep your trash covered and do not keep scrap or bird-feeders handy for pigeons.

How to clean up the pigeon-bird mess

You can’t simply hose off lethal, heavy pigeon poo. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi love pigeon droppings. Wear a mask and gloves to remove debris and throw the pigeon-bird nests away. Next, with a strong anti-bacterial cleaner, or chlorine bleach, scrub the area with the utmost care. Then hose off the dust.

What is the safest, permanent solution for pigeon birds?

Some people swear by chilli-powder or honey. Bird-netting is better, but there are many varieties. If you have a business that is getting affected or stay in a tall high-rise, where you can’t reach pipes and ledges where pigeon-birds root, breed and defecate.

HiCare’s professional bird-netting (strong and secured) and HiCare’s bird spikes (pigeon spikes) will give you a permanent, hassle-free, quick and safe solution.

Finally, do discourage people from feeding these nasty, disease-carrying pigeon-birds, so that the next generation is free from this menace.

Hicare has a pigeon netting service that can help you with pigeon problems at your home. Click on this link for more information on Hicare’s pigeon netting service.

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