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There are about 2,750 known species of termites distributed widely across the globe. And, approximately 300 species are found in various regions of india | HiCare

Termite – the word itself is enough to give a nightmare to a homeowner. That’s why whenever a house owner spots even one termite, they should immediately start looking for the best Anti Termite Treatment. Amid all the chaos, many homeowners pick Do-It-Yourself remedies or over-the-counter products over pest control services for termites. However, this can cost them an arm and a leg in the future.

The logic behind this assumption is clear, the DIY remedies and over-the-counter products are customizable. Therefore, they fail to help you to get rid of these pests, who are also known as silent destroyers. With that being said, it is quite obvious that you might wonder – why do pest control services for termites need to be customized?

Well, you may not know, but there are numerous species of termites in India and across the globe. Hence, before you decide to go with any DIY remedy or product, it is essential that the Anti Termite Treatment is effective in the case of the type of termite infestation in your home. Have you ever thought about how many species of termites there are across the world?

Interestingly, if online reports and claims are something to go by then there are about 2,750 known species of termites distributed widely across the globe. Approximately 300 species are found in various regions of India. It is believed that out of 300 species of termites known so far from India, about 35 species have been reported as damaging agricultural crops and timber in buildings.

It may sound surprising to you, each species of termite has unique traits and habitat preferences. Another surprising fact about termites is they thrive and survive everywhere in the world, except in the regions in Antarctica.

Coming back to the spices of termites in the Indian context, out of those 35 known spices, only four of them are the most common during an infestation. So, before you flood your browser history with pest control near me for termites, let’s briefly understand the types of termite spices and where they are commonly found.

Common spices of termites

  1. Drywood termites
  2. As the name suggests, drywood termites usually attack anything made of wood such as furniture, cupboards, doors, and parts of a wall made of wood. They do not require soil or high moisture content for survival. They only want the wood to infest for a long time and can also be found in woods that quickly decay.

    Talking about their appearance, they are generally smaller termites, not more than the size of a rice grain. They are brown or cream-colored termites. However, a swarm of flying drywood termites can appear white. To detect their presence by scraping the surface of their infested wood, and if you can’t, call the pro from pest control for termites.

  3. Subterranean termites
  4. They are the most popular termites to infest households. Subterranean termites usually live underground in large colonies with almost 2 million termites in a single colony. Typically they are a quarter to half-inch in size and brown or black in color. They have equal sized two pairs of wings. The soldier and worker termites are cream in color with no wings.

    Along with wood, these termites also eat anything that is made with cellulose like books, newspapers, etc.

  5. Dampwood termites
  6. Contrary to drywood termites, dampwood termites need high moisture content to survive, which is why they mostly attack decaying wood. They are the longest among all the termites, being nearly 1 inch in size. By the time the homeowner detects the infestation, the damage done to the area is irreparable. So, it is very much necessary to hire professional termite control services.

    They can be detected through their fecal signs and discarded wings. Those woods that have direct contact with moisture or water on a regular basis are prone to be infested by these types of termites.

  7. Formosan termites
  8. These may be listed as the last but they are dangerous termites that cause the most damage to the structure of the house than any other termites. They usually live in underground colonies and can create mud tubes on the walls for transport. They are often called “super termites” owing to their highly aggressive nature.

In appearance, they are usually half-inch long and pale or brownish-yellow in color. The hygiene partners of termite control services detect them through their swarms. Flying Formosan termites can be found near light sources. Another trick to detect their infestation is by tapping on suspected wood items; they sound hollow if attacked.

However, as you are not an expert, you are likely to make a mistake in your judgment. Therefore, without wasting any time, immediately call pest control for termites.

While the problem is huge, finding its solution will not be as easy as typing pest control near me for termites. Finding the best termite pest control that is not only effective but fits your budget as well could be a bit tricky unless you are considering HiCare’s Anti-Termite Treatment. As we are India’s first digitally operational hygiene brand, you may not get us on the top when you search for “termite treatment near me”.

However, the years of experience and quality service provided by us to over a million residential and commercial spaces across India are enough to prove why we stand out from the crowd when it comes to giving hygiene solutions. Throwing some light on our Anti-Termite Treatment , here are a few key features of this service:

  • A thorough examination by a well-trained and equipped professional.
  • The three-step process to deliver effective results is a drill, fill, and seal.
  • The results of the warranty-backed service will be visible in 21 days.
  • Experts strictly follow all the COVID-19 appropriate behavior with the 3-line of defense policy of HiCare.
  • An additional discount of 5%, specifically for online payments.

A single termite may not seem like a problem to you. However, if they create a colony in your home, they can cause you financial and health threats. Thus, as soon as you spot any signs of termite infestation, it is strongly recommended to call a pro like HiCare Termite Pest Control to deal with those silent destroyers.

Termite Species And Where They Are Commonly Found – HiCare

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