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Termite Treatment

HiCare’s termite treatment services are among the best in the pest control business and that’s why it’s a bestseller in Indian markets. Termite colonies get washed away due to the Drill-Fill-Seal technique of termite control which has turned out to be fool-proof so far. If you have a termite infestation at home, don’t waste too much time before you call for termite pest control as the damages caused by these insects are very expensive to repair. Instead, call HiCare and have our technicians inspect your homes for white ants and termites. We drill holes in 45-degree angles, fill them up with TERMIN-8 solution and then seal these holes with white cement, thus leaving no chance for existing termites to survive, while also repelling new ones.

Service Details :

  • Termite treatment uses a DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement.
  • Holes are drilled at 45° angles above skirting tiles at precisely 1 Foot distance along walls, filled with TERMIN-8 solution & sealed with chalk & white cement.

Benefits :

  • Warranty Backed Service, free treatment of infested areas during the warranty
  • It completely kills termites unlike regular pest control that just repels them.
  • Highly effective, hassle-free and a safe treatment used in all developed countries.
  • Protects infested woodwork with chemicals that will not just kill the existing termites, but also protect it from future termite infestation.

Service Timeframe :

  • 1 Year contract includes 1 treatment and 1 check-up in the 4th month.
  • 2 Year contract includes 1 treatment and 2 annual check-ups. 1 check-up in the 4th month and 1 check-up in 13th month of the contract.

Warranty :

  • 1 Yearly Service gives round the year protection.
  • 2 Yearly Service gives 2 year protection from Termites.

Customer Testimonials

Service is good and I am very satisfied as I do not have any termite problem any more.

There was a lot of termite issue I was facing before and with this service I was able to control termite to a great extend. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

I didn’t have any dimak problem after the termite service. It’s a great service by HiCare which could really add value to the termite problem I was facing.


I live on the 17th floor. Is my home safe from Termites?

No home is 100% termite-safe. These pests enter homes from the building foundation and hence cause damage to walls and wooden structures. Termites eat furniture, papers, books, and even documents kept in lockers and safes, thus causing colossal damage within just a few months. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attacks. Termite workers storm our properties in millions and they work 24x7, so termite control is a necessity always. HICARE’s professional termite treatment will completely kill even the last termite present; within fifteen days, your property will be termite-free.

Does water seepage attract termites?

Termites need moisture for their survival, hence damp walls, leakage and water seepage are like open invitations for them.

How do I get rid of a termite problem?

Always invest in a preventive termite pest control service to protect your valuables and furniture, because being safe is always better than being sorry! While shifting into a new house or apartment, get a professional inspection and invest into a preventive termite control service, like that of HiCare. While looking for houses on rent, ensure to get a termite inspection to safeguard your furniture and other valuables. Old furniture is prone to termite attacks, so it’s good to get an expert termite inspection.

What is it that attracts termites? When should I get a termite Inspection done?

Termites feed on cellulose found in wood, paper and cotton in forests. As forests disappear, termites enter our homes from the soil through walls to eat furniture, structural wood, paper, books, currency notes and even valuable documents kept in safe and lockers. If your society and building do an unprofessional termite treatment or anti-termite treatment at the foundation level, chances are you will get termites at home. Homes with water seepage and dampness are more prone to termite attack. Book collections and libraries at homes attract termites. They are so swift and quiet that the damage is done before you even know of their presence. Hence, termite pest control should be done every few months or once a year. Termites usually build multiple colonies. So, even if you’ve found one and have managed to eradicate it, there’s a good chance they are already busy destroying some other parts of your home as well.

What do termites eat and damage?

Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood, paper, cotton and on trees in the forest. As forests disappear they invade our homes, from the soil through the walls to feast on our books, papers and furniture. Even currency notes and valuable documents in safe are not free from them. Consider termite pest control from HiCare to avoid such unwanted outcomes at home!

Does the termite treatment service take long? Will it affect the aesthetics of my home?

An average 2-BHK home will take approximately 2 hours for termite treatment and home décor is not affected as we seal the holes perfectly.

Meet Termites - The Twilight Vampires

There are three types of termites

The Subterranean type

  • They build their colonies underground. They need a regular source of moisture and contact with the soil. They are found in jungles, forests and mainly rural or semi-rural areas and they come in many sub-species. They are also found in homes which makes termite control necessary when you find them!

The "Dry wood" type

  • These guys colonize wood above the ground, that is trees. They don’t need contact with the soil to survive. Found extensively in urban areas, they miss the trees that once occupied your housing colonies. Deprived of food, they live under your foundation, eat through the foundation and your walls and then proceed to destroy your furniture and precious belongings, from art to books to wooden antiques. Again, termite treatment becomes your first priority!

Dump wood termites

  • Typically living in damp and decaying wood, they require regular contact with water ad well as high humidity. Swampy areas and colonies near mangroves (eg. Mumbai - low lying areas) attract these termites that are largest in size. Since these voracious eaters and hard-working pests are hyper-active 24/7, they cause severe damage before you even know it! Living on higher floors won’t protect you as they are great climbers.
  • Termites are social insects that live in colonies and multiply fast; so, it’s like a secret, vicious enemy army attacking your home and possessions before you even know it! These home wreckers are looking for cellulose (wood, paper, clothes) and can eat through concrete and bricks. Destroy them with termite pest control before they destroy you: with HICARE’S professional anti-termite pest control service.

How do I eliminate Termites Permanently ?

  • Eliminate or reduce moisture from in or around your homes by repairing leaking faucets (taps), water pipes and A/C units. Also keep gutters, drain pipes and downspouts clean and free from debris or clogging.
  • Get rid of stagnant water on the roof, repair rotten or broken wooden shingles or roofing tiles and make sure your building basement or foundation is properly sealed.
  • Do not keep too many plants or haphazard bundles of papers as dampness and cellulose attract termites.
  • Regularly check foundations, windows, door frames and wooden furniture for termite damage.
  • Routinely check for ‘mud tubes’ on your walls, windows and wooden items.
  • Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil/mud and wooden partitions of your home.
  • Schedule a professional termite inspection regularly.
  • Finally, call the experts from HiCare if you notice signs of termite infestations, as effective termite control requires deep application of termicide (Termin-8) along your foundation and infested spots. All of your problems can be eliminated with proper termite control.

Termites: Did you know how scary they are?

  • For such wee little creatures, termites are a terrible threat to our homes and valuables. These scary little termite armies are a mighty force of nature, as relentless as an ocean current. DIY methods won’t work against them, so termite pest control is the best option.
  • Champion eaters, they chomp their way through wooden doors, windows, furniture, newspapers, books, clothes and art or wooden antiques in their quest for cellulose.
  • These home invaders play an important part in nature: they quickly eat and digest wood, dead trees and vegetation in the forests.
  • But when their insatiable hunger drives them to eat all the cellulose in your home, it is beyond scary. Unlike us, they work 24/7, eating, eating, eating! Ask HiCare for a thorough termite treatment service!

Benefits of HICARE Termite Control

  • Termites are such destructive pests that you want your termite treatment to result in termite extermination. These are many termite control companies, but only HICARE uses best-in-class chemicals: HICARE’S TERMIN-8 is a non-repellent chemical that completely kill even the last termite present.
  • Local pest control services use cheap chemicals that only repel termites, causing them to spread further and cause extensive damage to your property. Our trained technicians after a thorough examination will drill 450 holes at exactly 1-foot gaps, across all edges touching the floor. These are filled with TERMIN-8 and sealed with chalk and white cement.
  • Our water - based Drill fill-seal (DFS) Technique was created after years of research, so the chemical in the walls keeps on killing termites, making it a fool-proof termite treatment solution.
  • A 2BHK home would need two hours for termite treatment and home décor is not affected. Termites disappear in 10-15 days. You are safe, sure and secure with HICARE’s termite pest control services.

Don't DIY: Give professionals termite control a try

  • Say no to Do-It-Yourself aka DIY. Our homes usually a haven of peace and comfort, filled with family and precious possessions. Some people have valuable book collections, art or antiques. Yet, the simplest home has a favourite sofa set or a cherished cabinet, filled with crockery, photo albums and wonderful memories.
  • But secret armies of minute, yet mighty termites are waiting to invade your home, eat away your valuables and rob you of your peace of mind. Tomorrow may be too late, so get termite control today!
  • Prevention is better, but termite cure is a must. Examine your home for termite infestation. Better still, let our experts inspect your home professionally and block potential access points. These ‘hungry home-wreckers’ march in silently; through just and minutely small crack and eat away everything.
  • If you do it yourself it can only treat outwardly visible symptoms; certainly not the root cause. Our professional termite pest control treatment promises termite eradication with utmost safety. You deserve the best termite pest control: HiCare provides that!
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