Spring Cleaning: Assembly Line Vs. Room by Room

A lot of people might wonder what can be the best, fastest and efficient way to approach spring cleaning? A few of us might go room by room cleaning it from top to bottom. A few might think of taking it one task at a time so that the house is efficiently cleaned. We all will try whatever ultimately will work for us as there is no magic solution for cleaning.

You can consider assembly line style this spring cleaning and today we will share with you how to spring clean a room, any room in the most simple, effective way.  It is not necessary to complete the whole home cleaning task in one day unless you have little spurts and stains in a couple of places.

Before you begin with your home cleaning task, ensure to remove all the hanging curtains, drapes, shower curtains, etc. and put them into your washing machine if they are washable.  Once your drapes and curtains are washed in the machine, dry them on a low heat setting and re-hang them for complete drying. With this method, you can minimize the workload of ironing and keep your curtains away from shrinking.

  • Put all the pillows for laundry.

  • Put your mattresses for laundry. If not necessary, rotate or flip the mattress and sofa pillows.

  • Begin your dusting job from the top and gradually move down. The ceilings and corners are the first things that should be cleaned. Wipe or dust your walls if you need to.

  • Vacuum or wash vents.

  • Vacuum floors.

  • Wash baseboards.

  • Vacuum corners and baseboards.

  • Wash floors.

  • In case you are planning to clean your bathroom, ensure cleaning the tub, toilet, shower, and the sink.

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