Intensive Cleaning

Service Details 

OfferingsInspection of the entire premise along with customer consultation 


Step 1 – Wet Wiping / Vacuuming of Walls, Ceilings & Furniture 

Step 2 – Externally Wet Wiping of Windows, Glasses, Furniture and Cabinets (Only if they have been emptied by the owner before the service begins) along with Scrubbing of the floor only (Side & Top walls not included) 

Step 3 – Wet Vacuuming to extract moisture 


  • One time Service 

Duration : 8-9 hours (depending of the house configuration)

Before & After :  

Terms & Conditions 

  • HiCare team will not move any heavy furniturehas to be done by the client 
  • We do not guarantee removal of old stains / hard stains, however, we will try to remove it to the best of our ability without damaging the surface 
  • Customers are requested to provide Ladder, Water and Electric connection 
  • Customers are requested to lock all valuables during the service 
  • Bedroom Cupboards will cleaned internal only if they have been emptied by the owner before the service begins& Kitchen Loft will be cleaned only externally 
  • Inaccessible areas are not covered in the scope of work 


Safety Precautions

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Being a housewife, I used to clean my house daily. However, I was still not able to clean the corners properly. With HiCare, my house now shines beautifully. Thank you!-Mrs. Reema, Delhi

I have always been fond of cleanliness and hygiene for my house. I had been on vacation for a long period. When I returned, I was shocked to see the amount of dirt due to a storm in my absence. By hiring services from HiCare, I was able to get my entire house cleaned properly in no time. Thank you! -Mrs. Geeta, Chennai

Our professionals are adept at delivering in-depth cleaning services. You can expect anywhere between 7-8 hours of detailed cleaning of each & every corner of the house. At the same time, it is also important to note that the total duration might vary depending on the amount of cleaning required and the size of the house.

In addition to covering all the accesible areas of your house, our hygiene experts would be doing a wiping of all the walls and ceilings provided the painted walls are washable. Along with wiping of walls, our hygiene experts would also clean the internal areas of your cabinets and cupboards provided they are emptied before the service.

Intensive cleaning is meant for the interiors of the house only. However, exterior cleaning can also be arranged by our experts separately. We can cover exterior areas separately, including patios, garden areas, open terraces, pathways, and so more.

Our expert team puts together complete efforts for removal of even the toughest stains. Still,we do not guarantee the removal of hard stains at the cost of damaging the surface. We do not guarantee the complete removal of old/hard stains in the process of cleaning. We will try to the best of our ability without damaging the surface.
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